Online dating zombies

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In our Love App-tually seriesMashable shines a light into the foggy world of online dating. It is cuffing season after all. I don't accidentally tap into their Stories, or stumble upon their posts as I aimlessly scroll through my timeline. But I unexpectedly trip on the graves of my failed romances while scrolling through a sea of smiling selfies or humble-braggy holiday snaps from my friends because of an unnerving Instagram feature. Instagram's "Suggestions For You" feature, which pops up from time to time in timelines, shows you profiles it thinks you might be interested in following.

Save the odd face of someone I went to school with, this particular feature is largely dominated with photos of men I've matched with on dating apps, gone on dates with, and decided, for whatever reason, that I'd rather not pursue a relationship with.

Once the WhatsApp messages have been archived, dating profiles unmatched, and all evidence of their existence destroyed, you'd think it'd be safe to say I'd never see hide nor hair of these people ever again. But Instagram seems to have other ideas. No matter how many times I tap the tiny "x" over their faces, these zombies keep coming back. The most unwelcome zombie of all is the face of a man who not only stood me up for a dinner date at my favourite restaurant, he Online dating zombies blocked me on WhatsApp and Hinge as I waited in the queue for our table.

I met Matthew not his real name on Hinge last summer and we quickly established a mutual interest: Italian food. He asked me if I fancied going to Padella a very popular, very delicious pasta restaurant in London with him that week. Salivating at the very idea, I said yes. Fast-forward a few Online dating zombies — and many flirty Online dating zombies later — I fired off a cursory "be there in 20! What I hadn't known was that as I'd been changing into my date outfit, Matthew had been blocking me on every app we'd ever communicated on.

Now, to add insult to very humiliating injury, his pasta-loving face keeps showing up in my feed as a suggested friend. Put mildly, I'd sooner cross the street to avoid seeing him than follow the guy on Instagram. Another familiar face constantly lingering Online dating zombies this weird Instagram feature is a less egregious former date, who would only ever text me about his household chores.

The relationship was headed precisely nowhere. Try as I might to rid myself of these online dating zombies, they just won't go away. It's upsetting to be confronted with periodic reminders of failed romances and, at times, really unsettling and deflating experiences, like the one with Matthew. But it could be a lot worse. This feature is irksome for those of us who encounter people who ghost us or stand us up, but what if something more serious had happened?

This feature could be even more disquieting for people who've been in abusive relationships.

Online dating zombies

Scott Muska, who works in advertising, says he is greeted by zombie dates on Instagram all the time. I was Online dating zombies says Makowska. As a rule of thumb, I'd never follow someone I'd only just swiped right on. And I'm pretty sure a lot of daters follow this rule. So, why the hell does this keep happening? According to Instagram, the app mines data from your Facebook and Instagram usage to Online dating zombies who appears as a suggested friend, but, it also taps into other data sources, like your phone contacts. If you've synced your contacts with Instagram, those contacts might also appear as suggestions.

You might also spot people who've followed you on Instagram, but who you haven't followed back, as well as Facebook friends who you haven't followed on Instagram. Instagram doesn't use data from dating apps. As someone who has never permitted Instagram to sync my mobile contacts with the app, I'm baffled as to why these failed dates — who I've never followed on social media — continue to haunt me. So, is there anything I can do to minimise this recurring irritation?

Sara Tasker — an Instagram expert who's written a book called Hashtag Authentic about building communities on the platform — recommends blocking anyone you really don't want to discover you, which should prevent them appearing as suggestions.

Online dating zombies

In instances where Online dating zombies might not be necessary, check your permissions to make sure you haven't agreed to share contacts and delete contacts that you'd rather not see as suggested friends from your phone and your WhatsApp contacts. Once our failed online dates are dead and buried in the recesses of our minds, we'd rather not dig them back up.

If the cemetery of suggestions is too much for you, the age-old block might need to be deployed. Either that or you'll need to regularly purge your phone contacts. My terrible online dates live on as zombies on Instagram. Finstas make online dating so much more complicated. Here's the dating app for you, based on your zodiac .

Online dating zombies

More in InstagramSexSocial Media. Social Good. Bad dates, back from the dead. The last thing I wanted to see was Matthew's pasta-loving face in my Instagram feed. What the 'Suggestions for You' feature looks like. Credit: rachel thompson. Use this guide to figure it out. Related Video: This finger is for the Tinder super users out there.

Online dating zombies

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Online dating zombies

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Online dating zombies

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Zombies: the latest dating faux-pas that’s worse than ghosting