Phat ass list

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A big backside, like the ones belonging to Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce or Kim Kardashian, could help fight diabetes, say top Harvard Medical School researchers.

Phat ass list

The increasing popularity and megastar fame of women like Kim Kardashian and Serena Williams, both of whom have had their posteriors lauded all over the world. As some big backside can be weight issue. Scientist and Doctors researched shows majority of men said IT'S not so much the size of a backside that is important, but its shape. J-Lo put big booties on the map and that brings her one on our list of the best backside in Hollywood.

She is credited with bringing b u t t back into fashion and for that we will forever be grateful. She Phat ass list showed off her assets on the cover of Stuff magazine's Sept.

Phat ass list

No implants, no injections, no anything to my backside. Take a wild guess who She models, sings and acts, but she owes much of her recognition to her body. There is no doubt that Mrs. Ice- T, Nicole 'Coco' Austin, is very proud of her body.

She is constantly defending herself from rumors that she had her backside enhanced. My best friend and sister would call my backside their crystal ball and they could see the future. Buffie Carruth, also known as Buffie The Body, or simply Buffie, is a model from Phat ass list, Georgia best known for posing for hip hop-related magazines and video appearances.

Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara has the whole package. The former Colombian model is current one of the most search celebs on the internet and has huge media attention. She's ranked 3 Askmen. Model-actress Melyssa Ford has also been blessed with a magnificent tush.

Phat ass list

In fact, many refer to the insanely curvaceous Melyssa Ford as Jessica Rabbit. She's known to be one of the most beautiful black Ladies in the world. Eva Mendes' backside is enough to turn a g a y man straight we think. We like! The Phat ass list was unveiled in Rockefeller Plaza, but city authorities asked organizers not to reveal the exact time or place of the event because they were in fear of creating a mob scene.

Her roles in Swordfish and Monster's Ball solidified Halle Berry's place in Hollywood and on our list of the big backside around hollywood. Now that's good TV! She has one of the most voluptuous bodies on the big screen and Scarlett Johansson is proud of it.

She finished third in WENN. By TheRichest Published Feb 17, Share Share Tweet Comment. Related Topics Entertainment.

Phat ass list

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