Pillows for cars

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It does the job makes my back feel a lot better on long drives good price good value. This pillow is comfy and pushes me out on the car seat enough that my legs don't fall asleep. Great for the car. This cushion works very well for me in the seat of a car. It helped it really helpd me to get back pain relief. Used for every day commute to and from work. My drive is usually 35 minutes one way. Love it! I bought this for my car and let me tell you, it works so good! Got this for my husband's older car for additional lumbar support and he loves it.

Yes it helps. I Pillows for cars it all the time in my car and in my office more than 5 hours in continuous and I didn't feel any pain.

Pillows for cars

It does soften up while you lean against it. Mine gets much flatter in the car than at my desk, probably due to the way I sit. But after getting up, it poofs back out. Good comfortable pillow used for driving. I drive over an hour to work each day, between my job and the car Pillows for cars my low back would be killing me by my ride home, this helps so much.

Cushion works very well in car to relieve back pain. I use it without the strap, in fact I am considering cutting it off, as your body pressure will keep it in place in the car or an arm chair. I'm not sure about an office chair.

Pillows for cars

Enjoy comfort and productivity with precisely molded memory foam that allows you to sit for hours at a time in your office, car or wheelchair comfortably. Protects you from sitting wrong in harmful positions. Nope to deed for the bath tub or water.

Pillows for cars

If you it in water that's up to you, but the manufacturer don't recommend it! Great lumbar support for low back pain. It is great in the car.

Pillows for cars

My Pillows for cars liked the first one on his chair so much that I bought a second for his car. I use it on the lower part of my cars seat, I was having problems with slumping forward but with the pillow in place, my back stays straighter and it helps lessen the pain. Perfect lumbar support for car. Very happy with the cushion. Drove miles and used it for the first time and it gave me good support on my back. I have been experiencing lower back pain since January so this is welcome relief.

Great in the car! I have been using it in my recliner and works great. Also in the car.

Pillows for cars

I use mine in the car, on the golf cart and at home in my recliner and dining room chairs. My answer would be yes. We now have two of these back support pillows for our car. They are great and they look so nice in our grey car. This pillow contours to your back and offers great lumbar support while you're driving.

Prevents me from slumping and slouching while I drive which in the past has cause me lower back pain. I am using this pillow as a seat booster for my Mitsubishi Spyder, being on the short side I was looking for something that would help me see better while driving. Works very well, just what I needed, plus very comfortable.

Would buy again. Not sure. But think it would be a good idea to strap it to a bed pillow, the kind with arms. I bought one for my 95 yr old sister, who said her back was bothering her sitting on the couch. She thought Pillows for cars helped. I like that lumbar support. All depends on your back and the chair you are going to put it in. I like the support pillow. My sister came to visit and put one of my throw pillows off the couch.

Wow that helped me much better. I was Pillows for cars a car accident so trying to do anything to help my back. He says it really helps and it is nicely made. Bought this for my car and although it pushes my legs a bit closer to the pedals, my back feels amazing.

I use mine in the car but the strap does fit over the seat. The cushion is heavy enough it doesn't go far. I hope that helps. I have not tried it in my car.

Pillows for cars

However, I use at my computer chair and it really helps my back. Do note, I do not have a herniated disc but for years I've had a bad back and this back support as been great.

Pillows for cars

Great product for the car, and for the office as well. Great for the car! Great for home or car use. I own 2 and keep one in the car. I have been comfortable using it both in the car and in the home. No sweating noted. Depends on your comfort level sitting in the car. The seat in my car does not bother me, the lumbar support does so this back pillow helps a lot! My posture is so much better and more comfortable driving now.

Used on a 3 Day Dr. Very comfy. It probably depends on the height of your seat cushion. However, you can adjust the Samsonite back support above the seat cushion and it may work for you. I strapped this on the passenger seat since my wife loves to sleep while we drive around and she said that this has made sleeping in the car much more comfortable and it prevented the usual stiff necks as well.

It doesn't slip and it stays in place even if I move around when I sleep on the car. Helps give me neck support when sleeping in the car fills in the missing Gap. I use this back pillow for my daily drives. While sitting in the driver seat, I've always felt unsupported in my lower back area. This pillow is absolutely perfect. It has improved my driving experience so much. I Pillows for cars mind my work commute now that I feel less pain. Only been using Pillows for cars for a week but definitely helps my lower back. Stays in place well. No it doesn't u have to adjust your back seat u will sit forward.

Haven't taken it in car yet, but plan to this summer.

Pillows for cars

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