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But one of the most interestingly unique power couples in comics are a duo that were never intended to be partners at all, an unlikely pair of Gotham super criminals with little in Poison ivy car hook up other than their hatred of being mistreated by Patriarchal society. Pamela Isley great for each other. But before the demented doctors started referring to each other as " Pam-A-Lamb " and " Peanut ," the two super criminals began their villainous partnership as friends.

And after two decades of being gal pals, the DC fandom began passionately shipping the two, and writers quickly took notice. The two women have enjoyed an intimate partnership across the DC Multiverse, from sharing birthday kisses and showering together to the time they got married in the Injustice comics.

Their open relationship is one that fulfills their romantic needs, but also grants them the freedom they both require as costumed outlaws. The two unlikely partners first met in an episode of Batman: the Animated Series titled "Harley and Ivy" in The story begins with Joker literally throwing Harley out onto the street after handing him a prank long-barreled pistol instead of his real one, which nearly gets them captured by Batman. To get even with the Joker and possibly win back his affectionHarley steals the Harlequin Diamond from the Gotham museum, but her escape is interrupted when another burglar trips an alarm in the museum's Poison ivy car hook up.

That burglar turned out to be non-other than Poison Ivy, who was stealing plant toxins for her bio-arsenal. After berating Ivy whom Harley mistakenly calls "Poison Oakie"the former henchgirl lo her pop-gun with a vial of poison spores and shoots it at the police. Together, the two escape in Ivy's pink convertible named Roesbud with over a dozen vials of poison and a 3 million dollar diamond. Not bad for their first heist! The pair spend a majority of the episode rooming together at Ivy's dream house in Toxic Acres, an abandoned suburb in Gotham so polluted with toxic waste that Ivy has to inject her new friend with her special immunity serum, making her impervious to most forms of poison.

When Ivy realizes that Harley is still obsessed with her abusive Puddin' a sore spot in their relationship for decades to comeshe plans a series of heists targeting men's clubs throughout Gotham, showing the heartbroken harlequin how to rise above male societal dominance.

This point is driven home in an iconic scene where Harley fires an RPG at a car full of catcalling men. But this wouldn't be the last animated series team-up between the eco-warrior and the jolly jester. They show up together again in the Poison ivy car hook up "Holiday Knights," where they drug and kidnap Bruce Wayne for a six figure shopping spree. They also appear as partners one final time in a Superman crossover episode titled "Girls' Nite Out," where they team up with Metropoilis super criminal Livewire. Flash forward to Y2K and the two become reacquainted in Harley Quinn 1.

Poison ivy car hook up

Much of their animated relationship remained intact in comic book canon, with Ivy still insistent on Harley leaving Mr. To prove that her friend's relationship with the Clown Prince is abusive, Ivy disguises herself as Harley and takes a bullet from the Joker that was meant for her. Realizing that the Joker intended to kill her, Harley lashes out at him and strikes out on her own unfortunately, her newfound independence doesn't last very long. Harley's pattern of leaving or being dumped by the Joker and then getting back together continued for many years, until she eventually formed a gang of her own--the Gotham City Sirens.

For awhile the femme fatales were a force to be reckoned with, but when a heated argument with Catwoman triggers years of trauma at the hands of the Joker, Harley storms Arkham Asylum with the intent on killing her ex and ending the pain once and for all. Unfortunately, Harley is unable to pull the trigger and again Poison ivy car hook up under the Joker's spell. Harley's inability to let go of the Joker is ultimately what breaks up the band, but it also revealed something about Ivy that had only been vaguely hinted at--that her love for her wacky gal pal was more than just platonic.

In their final story arc together inthe Sirens end up fighting each other during a massive riot in Arkham, and Ivy gives her longtime friend an ultimatum; either she choose her or the Joker. Harley Poison ivy car hook up to get the upper hand on her genetically-enhanced friend by asking why she's so obsessed with trying to save her, whispering seductively in Ivy's ear that Poison ivy car hook up because she is in love with her.

The psychological low blow works, and Harley uses Ivy's stunned reaction to pummel the hell out of her and escape with the Joker. The heartbreaking betrayal almost causes the flora-controlling redhead to viciously murder Harley in her cell in Arkham, but Pamela comes to the conclusion that Harley is like a strangler fig growing on a giant tree--only able to support herself with the help of someone stronger, but also keeping the tree from growing too tall and falling under its own weight. Gotham City Sirens ends the three women going their separate ways, Catwoman remains in Gotham while Harley ends up getting "recruited" into the Suicide Squad where she has a brief dalliance with the mercenary Dehot and Ivy temporarily s the Birds of Prey.

But unlike stories, Connor and Palmiotti didn't shy away from Queer coding the two characters, with Harley literally referring to her green-skinned partner as " my hot girlfriend " in issue 0. What was ly only implied between panels was heavily featured in their comic. In fact, Connor and Palmiotti were so overt in their portrayal of Ivy and Harley being more than just friends that in they made it official over the DC Comics Twitterdeclaring that " Yes, they are Girlfriends without the jealousy of monogamy. Though their relationship remained stressful and at times argumentative, they were now out of the closet and free to be as gay as many of their fans always wanted them to be, openly showing physical affection and regularly flirting with each other and occasionally going on dangerous date night heists.

Poison ivy car hook up

In issue 2 of Harley Quinn, Ivy leaves her botanical lab Poison ivy car hook up Gotham to help her " li'l Daffodil " break into a Brooklyn kill shelter to liberate the condemned animals. When Pamela arrives to her girlfriend's swanky new Coney Island loft, Harley asks her if she wants to see her beaver, which elicits a clear and enthusiastic yes from the redheaded villainess--not realizing Harley was referring to her stuffed beaver friend Bernie. Some fans criticize the non-monogamy angle of their relationship, claiming that if they are in love they ought to be exclusive.

But many nerds also argue the contrary, that it's because they love each other that there is no need for labels or jealousy. Considering that the two women are both law-breaking super criminals, it stands to reason that neither would feel bound to the traditional rules of love.

While they typically don't spend more than a few issues together at a time in any particular book, both characters claim to prefer quality over quantity when it comes to their time together. Even though their love seems a bit one-sided at times, with the goddess of the Green constantly coming to the madcap's rescue, when Ivy was killed during Heroes in Crisis the normally irresponsible Quinn took it upon herself to nurse her partner back to health after her floral rebirth. Ultimately, what makes Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn work as a fictional couple is that their relationship happened organically pun intended.

Poison ivy car hook up

They were created decades apart from each other and in different mediums. Their relationship blossomed through years of pop culture cultivation among dozens of writers and a generation of Poison ivy car hook up fans. And like all great romances, the two unlikely partners found love where they were least expecting it.

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Poison ivy car hook up Poison ivy car hook up

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