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Because we believe that family is the foundation of every thriving community. Family connects us all, and we welcome you into ours. Helping you understand the subtlety of your own cycle is both empowering and the first step in answering why and how when approaching fertility treatment. What could be going on? Why does age matter? When should I seek treatment? The recommended approach to infertility testing is more straightforward than you may think. Helping you understand why the tests are important and what your mean is step one. How do you know if you have a fertility problem?

What should you do if you suspect you have a problem? If you suspect you have a problem with infertility, you have Preg greenville sc options to consider. This is not a hopeless road. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve the result you want. IUI is one of the most non-invasive ways to get pregnant. In-vitro fertilization, or IVF, is a complex series of procedures that is used to treat infertility issues in patients who are struggling to conceive.

Preg greenville sc you are interested in pursuing fertility treatments, but want to do so with less medication, then Minimal IVF might be a good option for you.

Preg greenville sc

Simply IVF is a tremendous advancement in treatment with multiple benefits to patients. Onco-fertility is simply any fertility service provided to a recently diagnosed cancer patient who wants to explore options for having future children. Have you had your tubes tied tubal ligation after a pregnancy and now seek to be pregnant again?

Preg greenville sc

If the answer is yes, then having a tubal reversal may be the best way to achieve that. PESA is a minor procedure in which sperm is aspirated with the use of a small needle from the area of the testicle where sperm is stored epididymis. Women who are unable to produce eggs of their own, carry a genetic disorder or have poor egg quality are encouraged to explore the option of the egg oocyte donation program at PREG.

Although our main focus is on infertility treatments, at PREG we also offer many other services to diagnose other gynecological challenges. IVF cycle 5 years ago gave great quality 4 embryos. Our first transfer blessed us with our 4 year old twins! Our second transfer, one embryo of the two transferred stuck, and we had our 3rd child, a sweet little boy 7 weeks ago!! We are so thankful for PREG and all that you all made possible and the beautiful family we have been blessed with!! McCoy who we regularly saw and Preg greenville sc.

Payne who did our transfers and the retrieval procedure. Hello Catherine and Dr Fru!! I cannot thank you all enough for making this possible for us. Truly and thoroughly an absolute miracle. There is not enough thanks in the world I can express for your role in beginning this life. We are so thankful for PREG and all they have done to help us Preg greenville sc our little family! We have the two sweetest little boys thanks to you all! Everyone in the Greenville office is kind and Preg greenville sc just what we needed as we battled through infertility! Everyone there was so kind!

We particularly love Dr. Payne and Ms. Thank you for these blessings! We just found out today what we are having. Its a boy!!! Words cannot explain how blessed we feel to have been able to get through this with the wonderful staff we encountered at the Greenville office. Thank you so much!

Preg greenville sc

Simply IVF was our light to hope! Best decision ever! We were immediately treated like family and I have recommended several family and friends to this group because of the care you gave! Her father, big brother, and myself cannot express how grateful we are!!! Miracles do come true! Seven years.

Preg greenville sc

For seven years, we prayed Preg greenville sc this miracle baby. We knew IVF was our only option. We could not afford the procedure when we first went to PREG. So, we waited, and God, who is so incredibly faithful, provided in the most beautiful way. Mommy, Daddy, big brother, and big sister are so incredibly thankful for our sweet, beautiful baby boy, for our good, good Father, and for PREG!!

Happy Thanksgiving friends!! After multiple miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy, failed IVF, and years of infertility we were told my wife would be unable to have a baby of our own. By the grace of God and with the help of Dr. McCoy, Lindsay, and the entire PREG staff a last ditch effort to conceive gave us the baby we had been dreaming of for so long. It was eleven long years, but we are so grateful for the journey that brought us our precious bundle of joy.

Through all the heartache and pain, we kept the faith and hope that God would bless us with of our own. After one failed IVF with another group, we decided to try one more time. And here we are, our hope fulfilled in Hope Alexis. Thank you PREG for your kindness and support through this journey. I am forever grateful to Preg greenville sc We finally have our little miracle boy! Payne and the staff at the Spartanburg office are amazing. Especially Julie M. They were some of my biggest supporters! I always recommend PREG to anyone struggling with fertility issues.

Nichols and Dr. Nichols being voted one of the best doctors in America is well deserved! We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help in our infertility journey! She is our perfect miracle baby!

Preg greenville sc

Thank you for all the staff at PREG did for us! We have not been very good correspondents since our twins were born in August. Payne told us we were having twins!! We were very surprised and are having such fun with our sweet miracle babies! We made it! We were working with Dr. Nichols and were going to start IVF after 4 miscarriages.

One month before IVF we found out we were pregnant with our miracle baby and now he has a sister on the way due in July! Christopher has Preg greenville sc such a blessing and we thank you PREG for helping us through our hardest times! Thank you for giving us our biggest miracles!

A year ago, we walked into your office in Asheville feeling like we will never have our own babies— and today our sweet girls turned 3 Preg greenville sc old! We are forever grateful for your team! My husband and I got married in It was decided that IVF was the best path for us. I did all the shots, pills, and appointments while my husband provided the payments for it all. We worked as a team together and with Dr.

We value family. And we strive to do all we can to provide compassionate fertility care in a supportive, inclusive and forward-thinking environment to all couples and members of the LGBTQ community. West Columbia, SC P: Your Cycle. Understanding Infertility. The Male Factor. Fertility Evaluation. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss. How Long Should I Wait. Intrauterine Insemination IUI. In-Vitro Fertilization. Minimal IVF. Simply IVF.

Elective Fertility Preservation. Tubal Reversal. Post Vasectomy. Embryo Adoption. Embryo Donation. Additional Services. Our 3 PREG miracles!

Preg greenville sc

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