Prostitution in halifax nova scotia

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Prostitution in halifax nova scotia

A Dartmouth councillor says a Supreme Court of Canada decision striking down key laws concerning prostitution could open the doors to brothels in the Halifax area. It said the laws infringe on the rights of prostitutes because they force sex workers onto the streets and threatens their safety. Gloria McCluskey says the decision could make brothels a reality and, until Parliament passes new laws, the Halifax Regional Municipality needs to be prepared with new zoning regulations.

Clarence Stevens lives in the north end of Dartmouth. He says he has seen the violence sex workers can be subject to. Sex workers in Halifax have told staff at Stepping Stone — an organization that provides support and resources for sex workers — that working inside would be much safer. But Stepping Stone chair Fiona Prostitution in halifax nova scotia says any discussion about Prostitution in halifax nova scotia or new laws must include those who work on the front line.

She says, if brothels are established, concerned citizens can turn to the Safer Communities and Neighbourhood Act. Advocates of legalized brothels say that with, careful regulation, they can be much safer for both sex workers and the people who seek their services because security measures can be taken to prevent both violence and the spread of the disease. They also say harm reduction is the best approach, because the business of selling sex can never be fully eradicated.

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Prostitution in halifax nova scotia

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Prostitution in halifax nova scotia

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Prostitution in halifax nova scotia

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Prostitution in halifax nova scotia

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Prostitution in halifax nova scotia

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Prostitution in halifax nova scotia

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How changes to prostitution laws shifted the way police tackle the issue