Pulling away from a relationship

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So…you were in this perfect relationship where you enjoyed each others company. You texted each other back and forth. You enjoyed spending time with each other. You shared long phone conversations and where you could never get enough of each other.

Pulling away from a relationship

And suddenly one fine day, you find your man pulling away and now you are the last thought on their mind. One minute you had the most amazing relationship in the world and the next minute your man went cold as turkey; a complete stranger.

Pulling away from a relationship

The connection evaporated into thin air; as if it never existed. Does it sound familiar? Trust me I have been there, and it is the worst place. Now you are confused and fear of unknown kills you with each passing day. But pulling away may not always be as bad as it may sound. Space is healthy and every being needed it to continually keep up their individual personalities and to have a life outside the relationship.

Understanding your scenario may help in deciding better in this aspect. Men are different from women. Men are biologically driven — by feeling needed, of importance and to protect their women. Men are territorial not only with things and people in his life but even with their space. But before getting into details of why men pull away. It is important to know Pulling away from a relationship pulling away looks like.

Sometimes it is as subtle as delayed to no response to text, dry texting, to not returning the phone calls. This may also involve not following through with the plans- as simple as when he promises to call back or cancelling dates. But the funniest part is our gut can sense and smell this avoidance. We know, we understand and yet we choose to ignore these red flags under the fantasy of potential that it could be. And we continue to play this game just to avoid heartbreak or repetition of one more failed relationship.

We keep on giving our best to the dead-end relationships until we are depleted. The underlying reason for this behaviour is unhealed trauma, abandonment issues, insecurities and past fears that are born out of lack of self-worth and self-love.

I must admit, that I too have been in that place. And men can smell this easily even before we Pulling away from a relationship it.

Pulling away from a relationship

Now it would be interesting to know why men pull away. There can be many reasons while I have listed a few which are most commonly observed in the dating world. He is scared of admitting his feelings- This is one beautiful relationship you would have ever been in and everything seemed perfect. You both feel the connection and as you grow together, he realizes that he is with someone who loves him unconditionally unlike his earlier partners.

But now comes the twist, as he starts to get more aware of his feelings. He gets the fear of the unknown; fear of the potential of what this relationship could be. And even when he is in love; he pulls away as he is afraid. The idea of a relationship is appealing to them but the feeling that comes along with it are harder for them to digest.

Men prefer being in control of their life and with the women around, they fear that they might lose their independence, hobbies, friends, routine, freedom etc. Pulling away from a relationship feel life may not stay the same and that they might lose their identity; and everything that makes him. And hence the pulling away. He feels Inificant- There are times when women are equally at fault; especially when we make a man feel inificant.

Pulling away from a relationship

Men live by pride and they would always want their women to appreciate and respect them in every situation. There are women who invest in men but just enough. They are either closed off or act hard to get. They play games and take men for granted rather than being clear and transparent about their fears and expectations.

Pulling away from a relationship

And the idea of being in a connection where he is always second-guessing your feelings makes him lose interest in you. No matter how independent and successful women are; a man still wants to feel important and needed in her life; also called hero instinct. So the best way is to be yourself. When women present themselves on a platter — I cannot express how many times I have committed this blunder with some amazing men. In a relationship, women catch up feelings way before men.

And then women try Pulling away from a relationship to present all the wonderful aspects of her to him; for him to see her worth. This is a of a lack of self-worth. No matter how progressive men are; men still carry their primitive instinct to chase and hunt. So if there is no thrill for him, then it kills him. Men love to see their women as a prize that they have worked for and earned. They need to feel that they worked enough to woo the woman in his life.

He is just not that into you- This is painful as hell; when women keep on giving into a relationship that is nothing more than a dead-end. It depletes her energy.

Pulling away from a relationship

This kind of connections starts with butterflies fluttering and shotguns in the air just within few weeks Pulling away from a relationship the relationship. But now as the honeymoon phase gets over, he realizes that your connection went zero to sixty in a short span and now he is back paddling without saying a word, hoping that you will get the message. The movie got me to view the reality by removing my rose-colored glasses. But overall to avoid saying it to you on your facehe just pulls away. He is a player- You should never involve yourself with this breed.

Rather, run in the opposite direction as soon as you spot one. The one on prowl ,women are nothing more than a conquest for them. A charmer, smooth talker and overtly confident.

Pulling away from a relationship

He would say everything right and perfect; to get you into bed. He will play with your dreams and then play with your emotions to leave you scarred in the end. Usually these men are playing the field; talking to many at the sometime. They vanish and reappear as per their convenience. Sometimes Pulling away from a relationship you in a rotation in their list. One day Mandy, the other day Sandy and if he remembers you; you might reappear in his list by Thursday or Friday.

No matter how hard you try, you can never tie them down. They are wolf in lamb skin. A pure snake. Thanks to dating apps these days; which is bringing out more of these into light. He is Mr. Commitment phobic- A man who never had any serious long relationship; and thought of an intricate relationship can scare him to death. He may feel he is not good enough for you and struggle to accept no matter how hard you try to make him feel good; and he leaves before he gets hurt. There could be more grave issues beneath for this man.

From childhood traumas, ugly separation of parent, bad divorce, negative past relationship, insecurities. There are could be many reasons. They fear that their partners can leave them for their flaws and shortcomings. Pulling away from a relationship may also means that he is lingering on to past and issues in the earlier relationships; and how he felt unloved, unappreciated, less attractive that he loses the confidence.

He is fearful he might get hurt again. Well there is also a likelihood that he is commitment phobic with you. It means that he will skim through women after women until he realize he is no more afraid of commitment. Because with the right one heart just says yes and there is never the fear of commitment.

Pulling away from a relationship

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