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Resident judges Robert Linford and Simon Carr and other guest judges and recorders have dealt with crimes spanning the criminals spectrum, from a baby murder trial that was followed all around the country to the all-too-common tales of sickening sex monsters who have ruined lives for their own gratification, as well as everything else in between. So here it is, it's taken a long time to put together but here is the list of all the criminals Cornwall Live has reported on who were jailed at Truro Crown Court this year.

Please note that Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged Live strives to cover every criminal sentencing at Truro Crown Court but it isn't always possible due to staffing issues and unexpected listings. A sex offender who was spared jail for grooming a schoolgirl online breached the terms of his sentence by fleeing to The Philippines to meet a woman he met on the internet. In March Mark Wyatt, 42, was given a month prison sentence, suspended for 24 months, after he was caught in a sting operation while attempting to meet a year-old girl he had groomed over the internet.

Wyatt, then of Higher Tower Road, Newquayhad believed he was meeting teenager "Holly Stephens" at a hotel on January 19,but was instead confronted by an undercover police officer. Wyatt had contacted a fake profile set up by the police and arranged to meet a girl he knew was under age, but on his way to meet her at a Premier Inn hotel miles away from his home, he was arrested by officers.

Wyatt returned to Truro Crown Court on January 4 to be sentenced for failing to comply with a sex offender programme and failing to attend appointments with the Probation Service. Prosecuting, Ramsay Quaife said that until November the Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged had been going well until Wyatt disappeared causing police to issue and execute a warrant. He was detained in December and spent a year in a detention facility in Manila before he was eventually returned to this country and Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged at the airport. Sentencing Wyatt for the breach, Judge Simon Carr noted that he had spent a year in detention in the south east Asian country and some time in prison in the UK since his return.

The court gave you the opportunity of a suspended sentence and appropriate treatment but you made the decision to go to The Philippines, one that cannot be justified. It would be wrong not to acknowledge that you have now served much of this sentence. Dangar appeared at Truro Crown Court on January 7 for sentencing after ly pleading guilty to nine counts of possession of extreme pornographic images. Opening the case, Philip Lee explained that Dangar was first arrested on May 30 when his mobile phone was seized, before he was arrested for a second time after police swooped on the pub on November 2.

His device revealed 47 extreme pornographic images of which 14 were videos, all created between September and May It is clear the defendant had a preoccupation with strangulation, stabbing, torture, drowning, asphyxiation and death. There were images containing asphyxiation and hanging in which there was a real risk to the human subjects. During police interview Dangar admitted carrying out the searches but said he believed the genital mutilation and strangulation to be staged.

They contained acts such as strangulation and asphyxiation and were as extreme as any image of this sort can be. He thinks that at least three of the people being tortured were dead by the end. Judge Carr sentenced Dangar to 15 months in prison. Upon release he will be managed by a sexual risk order which will carefully monitor his internet usage. It later emerged that Dangar was being investigated regarding the death of a young woman who died after an internet sex game went wrong.

He was later found dead in prison. The trio appeared at Truro Crown Court on January 8 and admitted their various roles in the criminal process. At the hearing, Harrison, 40, who is currently incarcerated at HMP Dartmoor, pleaded guilty to two burglaries in Newquay. Chenoweth, 38, of Cusgarne Hall in St Austelladmitted handling stolen goods and fraud by false representation and Parr, 31, of Treffry Court in Newquay, held her hands up to a concealing criminal property charge. She woke up at 3. She saw the front door open and then went and did some knitting, waiting for a carer to arrive.

There had been an untidy search and a purse containing cash, bank cards and family photos had been stolen from under her bed while she slept. Mr Lee then described how it was apparent that one of the PIN s had been found and used to access her bank s. Soon after, on November 10, two bank cards and a Post Office were all used in local shops and at cash machines. The court also heard how Harrison committed a second burglary a month later, also in Newquay, where he broke into Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged detached bungalow before leaving empty handed.

She also stated that her life is no longer worth living and that the lockets had pictures of her ex-husband, sister and brother who was a pilot killed in the Second World War. Harrison has 59 offences on his record including several for burglary, Chenoweth has 30 mainly for thefts and Parr one for drugs. Representing Harrison, Chris Andrews said that he has limited mitigation apart from his early guilty plea.

I could see the colour drain out of his face and he wishes to express his sorrow and hopes an apology will be sent to the victim. He has little recollection of events. Michael Gregson, mitigating for Chenoweth, said he has a longstanding drug habit and was at the time homeless and drug dependent. Mr Gregson said Chenoweth was given the bank card by those who he knew through the drug trade. He was told to go and try it after it had been declined and hand over whatever he got from the transaction. At this point in the proceedings Judge Linford interrupted and questioned how much Parr and Chenoweth knew about how the card was obtained.

Both of their legal representatives denied they had knowledge of the source of the card and Judge Linford ruled that there should Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged a separate hearing to determine whether they knew the card was stolen from an elderly victim.

You took a purse containing bank cards and cash from beneath her bed as she slept as well as very precious jewellery and even ate a small amount of her food. I forced you to watch her victim personal statement because just maybe seeing the consequences of your offending may cause a change in your life.

Judge Linford jailed Harrison for four and a half years. Chenoweth and Parr were later spared custodial sentences. A judge commended a burglar on the efforts he has made to turn his life around — but jailed him anyway. Lawrence Hiscox, 32, of no fixed abode, appeared at Truro Crown Court for sentence after ly admitting an attempted burglary, two burglaries, three counts of fraud and possessing a Class B drug. Hiscox attempted to break into the first property in Victoria Street while the occupant slept, later being identified from DNA left at the point of entry.

Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged

Then Hiscox moved onto Downs View where he stole tools and keys from an outside shed after gaining entry via an insure lock. Robert Monks, 39, and Kelly Pearce had been drinking at various pubs and at the Mevagissey Feast throughout the day on June 25,before being involved in the crash that killed Ms Pearce and damaged a total of 22 cars parked on the forecourt at Andrew Toms Car Sales. Monks, who lives in Hewas Water, appeared at Truro Crown Court January 15 when he was due to stand trial for causing death by dangerous driving whilst over the drink drive limit.

After some negotiation, the prosecution and the defence agreed Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged accept the lesser charge of causing death by careless driving whilst over the drink drive limit, prosecution barrister Piers Norsworthy noting that both convictions would have attracted a similar sentence anyway.

Opening the case, Mr Norsworthy said that Ms Pearce was 40 at the time of her death but was due to turn 41 the following day.

Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged

Members of the public and paramedics did what they could but Ms Pearce died at the scene. They left the Dolphin Inn in Grampound at pm before meeting friends for lunch at the Polgooth Inn. They arrived at pm and went to the Fountain Inn where they got a further drink. The collision as reported just over five minutes later when residents rushed to the scene to assist. The legal limit is 80mcg. His speed at the time of loss of control was calculated at 77mph in a 50mph limit and neither Monks nor Ms Pearce were found to be wearing a seatbelt.

The drivers had even spoken to their passengers about the manner of his driving. There were no environmental or mechanical reasons that could have caused the crash. She would have been 41 the next day. Nothing this court can do will minimise the pain. You were drinking at a of different pubs and events. You must have known you were over the limit and by some distance.

Any sensible driver would have had their lights on but you did not. You drove very close behind other vehicle before overtaking. You damaged at least 22 vehicles and collided directly with The pictures of your own car are truly chilling. I accept your suffered Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged injuries yourself and lost your partner of 10 years but it was through your own decision. A Newquay-based drugs gang was sentenced for an operation which saw thousands of pounds worth of incredibly high purity cocaine trafficked into Cornwall.

Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged

Between them Jack Ozkan, Rhys Bryce and Laura Delemere transported and laundered large amounts of class A drugs and its proceeds, even stashing some of it on the top of a wardrobe in a house lived in by Delemere and her two young children. Last summer Ozkan, 26, of Henver Road in Newquayappeared at Truro Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine, conspiracy Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged supply cannabis and possession with intent to supply cocaine.

Bryce and Delemere had been due to stand trial earlier this week but both entered guilty pleas at the last minute, sparing the need for a trial. Bryce admitted identical counts to Ozkan, whereas Delemere pleaded guilty to two converting criminal property charges. Opening the case, Philip Lee described how the incident that gave rise to the prosecution took place on May 4,at around pm when police stopped a Hyundai on the A30 at Victoria. They also found smaller amounts of cocaine and cannabis. Rhys Bryce was the father of the two young children and he had also stayed in the property.

Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged

There were multiple transfers between the s. Mr Bryce was the front seat passenger. An examination of your Ms Delemere shows you were active in the laundering of money. Your refusal to provide your pin code almost tipped the balance. Delemere was given a one year prison sentence, suspended for two years and made subject of a four month, Thursday to Sunday 8pm to 6am curfew. A fraudster was sent to prison for going on spending sprees with two stolen bank cards. Polish national Kuc denied two counts of burglary but had at hearings admitted fraud charges relating to using the bank cards.

Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged

The prosecution alleged that Kuc entered two properties in Rosevean Avenue and Trenance Road in May and June of last year and took the cards. However after a period of deliberation a jury said they were unable to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that Kuc was responsible for entering the homes and found him not guilty of the burglaries. He then moved on to Tesco where, at 7pm, he made further use of the card with contactless payments.

In relation to the Rosevean Avenue break-in Mr Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged claimed he found the card on the ground. When questioned about CCTV footage 40 minutes after the burglary showing him using a Halifax card he said he must have found it somewhere. He was in recent possession of the stolen items, lied during the court of his interview about finding the cards in the street and never said how he worked out the PIN to withdraw the cash.

Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged

Prosecuting the case, Emma Cross, described how Leicester and his partner Danielle Bull visited the home of neighbours Mr and Mrs Smith for the festive celebration in December just gone. Mr Leicester drank the most and was unsteady on his feet. Mr Leicester was asleep on the sofa and when Miss Bull woke him up they began arguing. The children were frightened and Mr Leicester and Miss Bull began to hit each other. When Mrs Smith tried to turn them off Mr Leicester turned and headbutted her before punching her in the face.

Mr Leicester kept coming at Mr Smith Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged he then picked up a smashed plate and slashed down his hand. Miss Cross added that all of this took place with children present and that Mr Smith stuff suffers pain from the injury he sustained. Regarding the restraining order breach, the court heard how Leicester had lived with Miss Bull for a year despite being barred from doing so by the court.

Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged

What started as a minor agreement turned into violence. Judge Carr proceeded to rap Leicester for his history of violence and failure to adhere to court orders. Leicester was jailed for a year and made subject of a restraining order preventing him from approaching Mr and Mrs Smith. The restraining order for Miss Bull remains in place until it is removed via the official channels. A paedophile reconnected with an old friend so that he could go on to film himself abusing her young daughter.

David Carroll, who had already served time for being in possession of indecent images of children, wormed his way back into the life of the old companion before going on to perform the sick act on the. Carroll from Pengegon Parc, Camborneappeared at Truro Crown Court for sentencing after ly admitting three counts of failing to comply with his notification requirements as a relevant offender, causing or inciting under 13 to engage in sexual activity, two counts of taking an indecent photograph ofrape of under 13 and three counts of making indecent images of children.

Prosecuting the case, Philip Lee, said that Carroll was cautioned in for making indecent images of Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged and possessing prohibited images of children. In March he was sentenced to two years in prison for similar offences and as a result subject to notification requirements on his release, as well as the terms of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order. When the police arrived the defendant appeared to be deleting material. The mother had been close with the defendant but they drifted apart. She had no idea of his convictions or the risk he posed to her children so he carried on visiting.

A victim personal statement from the mother detailed how she was physically sick when she learned what Carroll had done and has since carried a huge burden of guilt for not suspecting he had a sexual interest in children. I have no doubt a ificant part of the reason was so you could have access to children. Judge Carr added that he had no hesitation to conclude that Carroll poses a ificant risk to children and as a result passed an extended sentence of 19 years, consisting of 14 in custody and five on licence.

Daniel Reigate, 38, from Ruddlemoor in St Austellappeared at Truro Crown Court to Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged sentenced on January 31 after ly pleading guilty to two counts of sexual assault. Reigate, who has no convictions, denied the allegations to police and in a victim personal statement the victim spoke of anxiety in the build-up of the scheduled trial fearing that she would have to give evidence.

Dad-of-one Matthew Adams, who last lived at the Freshstart housing project in St Austellappeared before Truro Crown Court via video link from Exeter Prison, and pleaded guilty to seven burglary offences. Adams, 39, formerly of Newquay, was only released from prison in September after serving two years of a four-year prison term for other offences.

After his release Adams stayed out of trouble for over two months as he made attempts to gain employment, but he began reoffending after using Class A drugs again. Between November 22,and January 1,Adams committed a series of burglaries in locations across Cornwall. His target was the No.

Quintrell Downs girl you got flagged

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