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Contemporary Christian music singer Ray Boltz has sold more Ray boltz wife one million albums, the result of songs and albums which charted repeatedly throughout the s and s. His inspirational songs have been sung by a of his colleagues, and Boltz in turn has contributed to popular compilations by multiple artists. In the late s, he assembled a rock-flavored band, thus expanding his inspirational repertoire. Boltz has successfully distinguished himself for his sincerity and integrity in the commercially hyped music culture.

Ray boltz wife

In his religious zeal, he undertook a regular battery of public concert tours even as he embraced traditional missionary travels beyond the realm of his musical ministry. In his devotion to the Christian ideal, he embarked on a series of expeditions that sent him to Africa and Asia. While on tour, he collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for food to feed starving people in Calcutta, India. Boltz, a native of Muncie, Indiana, was born in the mid s. He attended Indiana's Ball State University where he studied a business curriculum and graduated with a degree in business and marketing.

Even as Ray boltz wife teenager in the early s, Boltz embraced a commitment to Christian ministry. He employed his musical talents to bring a Christian message to shut-ins including prisoners, hospital patients, and convalescent home residents.

Likewise, he performed concerts for Christian youth groups. Ray boltz wife dozen years passed, and by the mid s Boltz's commitment to a musical gospel ministry was firmly entrenched as the basis of his career. When he released his first album, Watch the Lamb inthe message of Christian commitment was clearly evident.

Ray boltz wife

Thank You and The Altar followed by the end of the decade, in and respectively. He released Another Child to Hold in Boltz released Seasons Change on Word Records in Also that year, Boltz emerged as a presence on Christian radio. Among his popular recordings that gained distinction were Ray boltz wife series of one airplay hits including "Seasons Change," "The Altar," and "Thank You. He issued a follow-up album, Allegiance ,accompanied by a re-release of Thank You in Parallel with the advancement of his musical career, Boltz nurtured his missionary work and eventually combined the two pursuits.

When his teen-aged daughter made a six-week missionary visit to Africa in the mid s, Boltz and his wife were inspired to contribute their own talents to the youth organization that sponsored the trip. Ultimately, Boltz penned a spiritual, "I Will Tell the World," which sparked the administrators of the youth group to authorize a video performance of the song to be filmed on location in Africa.

The experience of the African shoot left indelible images in Boltz's memory, and he subsequently sought further opportunities to contribute to missionary programs worldwide, both in person and financially. His enthusiasm drove him to step up the glitzy media effects on his live stage shows in order to attract larger audiences. His fund-raising efforts, which occur largely at his concerts, were augmented in the process. Boltz, a natural baritone, transformed his musical bent into a profitable career as well as a full-blown missionary machine. As Boltz incorporated this Christian ministry into his itinerary, his missionary travels landed him beyond Africa and into India.

ByBoltz was an established talent in the Christian recording industry. Indeed, his first five records alone sold more than one million units by In September ofhis Concert of a Lifetime album premiered on the Billboard Christian music chart shortly after he embarked Ray boltz wife a North American tour by the same name. A video was released soon afterward, and in May ofthe video by that time certified as gold was released on DVD. The live concert album reigned at the top of the charts for many weeks as well. Beyond the success of his Concert of a Lifetime tour, brought Boltz to a sense of new awakening in his non-musical ministry.

With the money raised by Boltz, largely through donations solicited at his concerts, Mission of Mercy purchased food in a quantity estimated at between four and five million meals, which were earmarked for the starving population of Calcutta, India. Much of the fund-raising occurred when Reverend Wayne Francis ed Boltz's tour. Francis later assisted Boltz in arranging a trip to Calcutta to witness the charity drive in action. In Asia, where Boltz performed for free, he transported modified high-tech staging paraphernalia complete with video displays and Asian translations of the Ray boltz wife lyrics in an effort to simulate the elaborate concert productions that he performs regularly in the United States.

At every American venue, in contrast, Boltz arranged for a collection to be taken. He then deated the proceeds from the collections to be donated to Mission of Mercy. InBoltz marked his fifteenth year of musical ministry with the re-release of Moments for the Heart in a special two-volume compilation of his most popular hit songs.

The Concert of a Lifetime for Kids. Singing career began as a ministry to hospitals and convalescent homes; released Seasons Change; released Allegiance; international tour, ; No Greater Sacrifice Ray boltz wife United States and Asia; released Honor and Glory; toured eastern U. Sources Periodicals BillboardNovember Ray boltz wife,p. Dallas Morning NewsOctober 5,p. Cancel or. Ray I don't know you personally but I know you through your music. My name is Ishmael Dowdy, I Ray boltz wife listened to some of your songs but not all of them.

When I read in an article that you came out of the closet, I felt extremely disgusted. I was disappointed when I heard that. When I read in another article that you said that you prayed really hard to prevent yourself from going back to that lifestyle and you said that it didn't work. The problem is that you became impatient with yourself and with God, and you can't do that. I thought you had faith in God. Didn't James say that faith without works is dead? You have to stop doubting and own up to the truth. Homosexuality is not you.

Go back to Jesus and he will guide you you in this struggle. You just have to take it step by step. It will get better. I'm still praying for you Ray, remember when you call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that lifestyle that you're holding on to will pass away. God Bless you. I used to be a big fan. I recently trashed your cds that i owned. Thank you Ray your music speaks to me. Who Would Jesus Love?

I don't know all of Ray's music, but he has done some amazing stuff for God - especially "Thank You". I was crying, thinking about how my mom was greeted that way last week when she died.

Ray boltz wife

I don't deny the Ray boltz wife and quality of the musical gifts Ray has, but I make it a point to NOT buy anything by someone who is or claims to be homosexual. I do not agree with the lifestyle choice and will not spend money to support them. No one alive is beyond God's redeeming love, if only they repent and believe. Ray, i love your music and i love you. You were my daughter's favorite she got killed 5 years ago you are still my favorite to.

JESUS too, pls.

Ray boltz wife

Jesus loves you more than anybody else. Ray, just us your songs have won so many hearts for THE LAMB,know that this decision you've taken is also going to win so many hearts for the enemy. Ray boltz wife christians are tempted with all kinds of sins such as stealing, fornication, etc yet for the sake of Christ they try not to yield.

What have you done! Should we yield to any feelings that we have even if they don't come from God? Please, go back to your wife and children for you have Ray boltz wife commitment to them apart from God. Don't let the enemy deceive you. Just as many Christians once belived being left handed was a "choice" that would condemn to hell, just as the Bible was once used to justify slavery, Just as scriptures were quoted to prevent the legalization of interracial marriage Homosexuals are misunderstood children of God, who are just as entitled to live their life in the fullness of His creation as heterosexuals.

The sincerity of those who think homosexuality is so wrong is a goodfor those who seek do truly find

Ray boltz wife Ray boltz wife

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