Really good rom coms

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There's probably never been a better time for a movie marathon, and because we love a good emotional rollercoaster, we've rounded up the best romantic comedies to hit you right in the feels. Pull on your coziest pajamas, grab a comforting weighted blanketpop some popcorn and maybe grab a bottle of wine — something from our list of the best cheap wine brandsperhaps?

We love a good rom-com sesh from time to time especially if it happens to feature some of the best romantic movies on Netflix because it reminds us that sometimes, everything really does work out OK in the end. So Really good rom coms if some of them are so far-fetched, they'd also fit perfectly in the fantasy section? When you need to escape the real world and just want to turn off your brain for awhile, you can't beat a good love story.

Let's stop calling the genre a "guilty pleasure" and acknowledge that there's nothing wrong with having a little fun. Here are the best options you could ask for, from old classics to fun new flicks. Hit play and enjoy! We don't know if it's the '90s nostalgia, the throwback storyline, excellent soundtrack and costumes or the on-point performances Really good rom coms Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield, but this dual-timeline love story has us convinced that matters of the heart know no timeframe.

This tech-era film becomes more relevant every year. It follows a lonely writer, Theodore, Joaquin Really good rom coms who falls in love with his virtual assistant Scarlet Johansson. She's programmed to meet his every need, but that doesn't help much when he has to reckon with complicated feelings about a machine. Of course she runs into her childhood best friend, Marcus Kim Randall Park whose life hasn't exactly gone as he'd hoped. Sparks fly, banter follows, and so does plenty of drama. There's just one problem: Amy's a lesbian. This quirky rom-com delves into what happens when you fall for someone who can't reciprocate, with plenty of laughs along the way.

Scott Pilgrim Michael Cera meets his dream girl, Ramona Flowers Mary Elizabeth Winsteadbut must defeat her seven evil exes in combat before they can be together. This cult classic feels like a video game in movie form. If you haven't watched yet, it's well worth your evening. This rom-com brings every girl's worst nightmare to life: Lara Jean's secret love letters get mailed to each of her five crushes.

Really good rom coms

She has to do some serious damage control as her high school existence gets turned upside down. You'll laugh and cringe along with her as she tries to wiggle her way out of it. Calling all cynics: You'll find a kindred spirit here. Natalie Rebel Wilson has rolled her eyes at romance her entire life. So when she gets knocked unconscious by a mugger and wakes up living in a stereotypical rom-com, let's just say she's not exactly excited about it.

When a struggling New York City playwright Jessica Williams gets back out on Really good rom coms dating scene, her exceptions aren't exactly high. But she soon makes a connection with an Really good rom coms app deer Chris Dowd after getting set up on a blind date. He slowly breaks down her defenses, and the are "awww"-worthy. Romance isn't just for spring chickens. Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton star in this sweet rom-com about two older people who fall in love in spite of themselves.

Nicholson plays Harry, a music industry man who likes 'em younger. When he has a heart attack at his girlfriend's mom's house that's Keatonhe ends up falling for her. The are as hysterical as they are heartwarming. This classic ugly ducking story may be a bit stereotypical these days, but it's held up this long for a reason. After high school hottie Zack gets dumped by his pretty but mean girlfriend, he makes a bet that he can turn an ordinary girl into prom queen with a little window dressing. But the joke's on him as he begins to fall for his target, Laney.

Jessica Stein is a journalist from a very Jewish family who just hasn't found love. That is, until she meets Helen Cooper. It follows all of your favorite rom-com tropes with a refreshingly queer bent. Can men and women ever truly just be friends? That's the question this film by rom-com queen Nora Ephron attempts to answer. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal 's chemistry just bleeds through the screen, and who can forget that iconic scene at Katz's Delicatessen?

Admit it, you're humming already. So many of us sympathize with Julianne Julia Roberts when she only realizes she's in love with her best friend Michael Dermot Mulroney once he gets engaged to Kimberly Cameron Diaz. Both the hardships and surprising upsides of long-distance relationships come to light in this film about a recent widower Tom Hanks and a newspaper writer Meg Ryan who live on opposite sides of the country. It might feel especially relevant to many of us this year.

Take two of the best actors in the biz, give them some showstopper musical s and gorgeous Givenchy 'fits, and you've got one remarkable film. Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn make magic on screen and you'll be humming George Gershwin's tunes, like the iconic "S'Wonderful," for days after the credits roll. Even though there are now three Bridget Jones films, the original remains one of our favorite rom-coms of all time. The hilarious fight between Firth and Grant that spills out onto London's Really good rom coms gets us every time. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere make one cute couple, but Roberts' antics really earned this one its place in the canon.

A modern update on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrewthis teen flick pairs angsty Julia Stiles with charming Heath Ledger for a high-school romance that set the standard for so many of our real-life crushes. As if!

Really good rom coms

Based on Jane Austen's Emmathis Valley Girl classic starring Alicia Silverstone not only reveals unexpected love, but how friendships evolve over time, too. The clothes! The quotes!

Really good rom coms

The whole film is worth at least an annual screening. Everyone has a different preferred character storyline in this multidimensional holiday favorite. It follows the trials and tribulations of eight different couples: the prime minister and his assistant, two adult film actors, a couple with marital issues and a has-been pop star.

Really good rom coms

The rumors are true: love really is all around us. You've heard the saying " aways a bridesmaidnever a bride. She's already jaded when her sister gets engaged to the guy Jane has a secret crush on. Enter Kevin James Marsden a wedding writer who, as he interviews Jane for a story about her 27 turns Really good rom coms a bridesmaid, starts to fall for his subject. Reese Witherspoon is a romantic comedy master, and this one's no different. Packed with humor and RealMom jokes, Home Again is the story of a newly separated famous director's daughter, Alice who invites three aspiring film makers to live with her and her two young children.

As a romance blossoms with one gentleman, her husband makes a visit to the L. That turns out about as you'd expect. Anyone who's ever been an awkward teenager will cringe right along with this relatable rom-com. Samantha Molly Ringwald has a not-so-sweet 16th birthday, at which almost everything that can goes wrong. Luckily, all's well that ends well with one of the most iconic movie kisses on the books.

Charles Hugh Grant is always a wedding attendee, never a groom. But he keeps running into Carrie Andie MacDowelland ultimately has to consider that might finally change. This quirky comedy still feel fresh, even more than 20 years after it came out. Based on a true story, this tearjerker follows the love story of Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Really good rom coms Kazan. As they fall in love, he worries about what his traditional Muslim family will think of their relationship his mom does constantly invite suitors over for dinner, after all. When Emily becomes seriously ill, Kumail and her parents form a bond that changes everything.

Grab the tissues before hitting play. Haven't seen The Princess Brid e? This cult favorite follows the love story of Buttercup Robin Wright and Westley Cary Elweswho battle swashbuckling swordsmen with a revenge fixation, screaming eels, ROUSs Rodents of Unusual Sizeand even death for the chance to be together.

It's also one of the most-quoted rom-coms of all time, so watch if you want to be in the know. Invite your gal pals over, grab some sweet and salty snacks, and turn on this spicy flick. Be prepared for drinking, dancing and randy romance.

Weatherman Phil Bill Murray finds himself living the minor holiday over and over again in what starts out as a frustrating nightmare. But once he starts falling for Rita Andie MacDowell Really good rom coms, he realizes his seeming immortality can help him win her over.

What follows is lots of trial and error — and some personal growth too. This unlikely romance between a struggling bookshop owner Hugh Grant and a movie star Julia Roberts is a fairytale for the modern age.

Really good rom coms

You may already know its most iconic line: "I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. Product Reviews. Home Ideas.

Really good rom coms

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