Rent boy bangkok

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Forum Rules. Register or or lost password? to Your. Remember Me? Main site gallery. Quick :. List of forums. Gay Thailand. Gay Cambodia. Gay Vietnam. Gay World. Everything Else. Thread: Money for Boy's Rent. April 19th,1. Money for Boy's Rent. He is a sweet guy, very nice personality, etc. He insists that he not a rent boy but people do what they do to get by and survive. He has gone through several different careers. When I met him he was trying to do legitimate massage work sex only if he was attracted to Rent boy bangkok client. About every 6 months I send him a small present baht.

I am not sure why. Maybe it makes me feel good about myself. Maybe I want to feel like a neo-colonialist. He never asks for money and he never complains Rent boy bangkok how little money he has. We chat maybe once a month for a few days on messenger.

Rent boy bangkok

Sending messages back and for then it sort of dies out. I ask how he is doing Sometime he says yes he is busy. I checked my western union history and over the last 2 years I have sent my friend 25K baht. Not alot of money. Does anyone else have that kind of situation? If so I Rent boy bangkok curious about your motivations. Similar Thre: Gay Thailand. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and they all stink. Reply With Quote.

Rent boy bangkok

April 19th,2. Re: Money for Boy's Rent. Although I Rent boy bangkok a fairly hard stance on this due to the modern age and technology, whether I like it or not, I have to admit I have a far higher earning potential simply due to where I was lucky enough to be born, and no real other reason. So yeah, assuming your friend is genuine and honest, kudos to you for helping him out a bit. I'm sure he notices it far more than you do. April 20th,3. I have told him that we are not in a relationship as such, but i regard him as a friend now, and we talk a bit on Facebook.

Rent boy bangkok

April 21st,4. Not sure about percentages, but you can be sure the most handsome have a free monthly income. User who gave Like to post: Rent boy bangkok April 22nd, April 22nd,5. I'd be surprised if there are "many" or if, in the present climate, much enthusiasm for the Rent boy bangkok among ageing falangs. It's also an expensive way to support a Thai. I now prefer to provide my partner with support in a cash lump-sum every three-month visit.

Not something I'd recommend to anyone who doesn't know the recipient well. April 22nd,6. Originally Posted by AsDaRa. I am in the impression many boys in Pattaya have one or more farang sending money every month. User who gave Like to post: a April 23rd, April 22nd,7. April 22nd,8. Originally Posted by sglad. My impression is that the most financially successful boys and girls are the ones with the sweet tongues and who know how to use it to massage their farangs' egos. Those with the best looks tend to fall victim to their own egos. April 22nd,9. Originally Posted by Blacktouch.

Like "My Granfather is ill in hospital". The list can go on and on! April 22nd, Uhm yeaahh but I suppose those are the more obvious lines that the less seasoned ones use? It's hard to explain "massaging the farang's ego". I saw it when I lived in Thailand. It involves inflating the farang's ego, making him feel grand, making him feel special and making him feel that he is better than other farangs.

Then they make the farang feel guilty, jealous, vulnerable As it is the farangs who come to Thailand are already susceptible to these machinations, having been ignored, 'invisible' and unwanted back home. Tags for this Thread barboyRent boy bangkoketc. About us Sawatdee Network is the set of websites for and about gay community of Thailand, travelers and tourists in Thailand and in South East Asia.

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Rent boy bangkok

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