Retired fireman seeking a fwb

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Gang rivalry claims life Over dozen criminal cases pending against victim Akash Ghai Tribune News Service Chandigarh, July 18 In an incident of inter-gang rivalry, year-old Rajesh Kala was shot dead by unknown assailants at Mauli Jagran here this evening. Kala had himself been accused of two murders, including that of his wife. He had more than a dozen other criminal cases pending against him in Punjab, Haryana Retired fireman seeking a fwb Chandigarh. A junk dealer, Kala was leaning on his chair near his shop around 9.

He got up and ran, but was shot at in the back. The assailants came near him and shot at him from point-blank range, following which he fell in a puddle. Kala was shot critically in the chest, which was virtually split open. He was rushed to the emergency of the General Hospital at Panchkula, where he was pronounced dead. He sustained four bullet injuries. Surinder Singh, an autorickshaw driver, too, Retired fireman seeking a fwb a bullet injury.

There was heavy police deployment, with a dog squad, in the area to avoid any clash among residents of Rajiv Colony and Mauli Jagran because of the old rivalry, police sources said. We will soon get them out of hiding. I saw them firing from behind Kala and then chasing him, before he slipped and fell in the puddle. He was attacked with swords about two months back. Criminal cases were pending against him in Chandigarh and neighbouring towns of Punjab and Haryana.

The car, which had been deated as a general pool vehicle at the disposal of the MC top brass for official use, seemingly was in the control of the low-rung staff in the absence of any supervision. In all, the staff of these three offices had ended up expending litres of petrol at a cost of Rs 14, to the state exchequer. However, the report did not contain details of the six days in question.

Retired fireman seeking a fwb

On May 15, which was Sunday, the general pool vehicle was used by the staff of the Mayor. Records of the corporation show that there was no official event scheduled on all these six days, giving no reason for the staff to be using the car. Interestingly, the report does not mention the purpose of the usage of the vehicle by the staff on holidays. The report is also quiet about whether these employees had taken prior permission from the authorities to use the vehicle. Mayor Ravinder Pal Singh said the committee had asked MC officials to fix responsibility on those who had used the vehicle without providing any reason.

The committee has also asked the MC officials to clarify if the caretaker and the staff of the Commissioner are competent to fill the logbook of vehicles. Congress councillor Chander Mukhi Sharma pointed out in the meeting that in a councillor, Pushpa Sharma, who was the then fire committee chairperson, had asked MC officials to provide her the general pool vehicle to attend a committee meeting. She was denied the vehicle on the ground that it could not be used for personal work.

Ferrying Students High Court wants rules on safety Saurabh Malik Tribune News Service Chandigarh, July 18 Taking cognisance of the stuffing of schoolchildren in transport vehicles like sardines Retired fireman seeking a fwb a can, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has opened a new chapter in safety by directing the Chandigarh administration to set down rules for regulating the of students that can be ferried in cycle-rickshaws and three-wheelers.

Similar directions have been issued to the states of Punjab and Haryana. The Judge fixed July 21 as the next date of hearing. Contempt-of-court notice Justice Bhalla also directed the issuance of a notice under the Contempt of Courts Act to the Zirakpur municipal council executive officer and the management of Hotel Chandigarh Ashoka.

Pure sciences new flavour this season Cutoffs for BSc courses in city colleges go through roof Neha Miglani Tribune News Service Chandigarh, July 18 In a complete reversal of the prevailing trend in college admissions, the demand for the BSc bachelor of science course has shot up this year at government and privately run colleges alike, which has led to a higher cutoff that now varies between 70 to 80 percent.

Not having anticipated the increased interest in pure sciences, most colleges had earlier filled up vacant seats on a first-come first-serve basis. Class 12 students with higher marks had to be refused admission after the seats got full and the cutoff was unpredictably raised. Citing reasons for the bigger demand for science courses, educationists say that anticipating better opportunities after completing their masters with specialization in disciplines like biotechnology, chemistry and physics, students are opting for nonmedical or biotechnology specialization in BSc rather than seeking admission to a BTech course in a private institute with lesser market visibility and higher fee structure.

In the past few years placements of students who completed MSc in chemistry, physics and biotech were promising. These students either got placed in various labs or pharmaceutical firms or opted for a career in teaching.

Additionally, privately run colleges offering BTech degrees seldom guarantee a good job. Retired fireman seeking a fwb the drift towards the pure sciences is obvious. Ihas forced the GMCH authorities to rethink on the future of the journal. The journal was hit by controversy right at the time Retired fireman seeking a fwb inception when faculty members of the institute expressed their resentment on the selection of the editor and editorial committee of the journal.

Retired fireman seeking a fwb

The basic premise of the objection was that an editor with non-clinical background was not competent enough to assess medical articles. It was felt that since Retired fireman seeking a fwb GMCH was a clinical institute and most articles were related to patient care and clinical procedure, the editorial team should be headed by a clinician.

However, Vol. I of the journal was published without effecting any changes, alleged sources in the faculty. Sources in the faculty said there were papers on plagiarism but the editor did not cite even a single one from the international scientific literature. It is the prerogative of the editor what to omit or add If my learned friends have to say anything, it could have been done amicably Panchkula, July 18 Getting tough with poultry farms with insanitary conditions, the district administration today decided to shut down three poultry farms, besides registering cases against four other poultry farm owners in the Barwala-Raipur Rani area of this district, which incidentally is one of the largest poultry farm belts in Asia.

The administration took this decision in response to complaints from residents that the poultry farms were responsible for insanitary conditions in the area.

Retired fireman seeking a fwb

The poultry farm owners have been booked under Section of the CrPC for creating conditions proving hazardous to the health of the public. Thousands of residents of the area have been facing health hazards ever since the area attracted poultry farm owners for investment about two decades ago.

Over poultry farms located in this area house nearly one crore birds. The excreta and feed of the birds provide favourable conditions, particularly in rainy season, for the breeding of larvae due to which the houses in the area swarm with flies. Keeping in mind the interests of farm owners as well as local residents, the district administration has decided to adopt a long-term strategy to tackle the fly menace, said Kalson. For immediate relief, the administration had decided to increase the frequency of sprays to control the menace.

As a mid-term measure, it would be ensured that the poultry farm managements strictly complied with norms. The services of private consultancy firms would be sought to find out which medicines could prove effective in controlling flies in the area, he added. As there are no rules and regulations to regulate the working of poultry farms in the state, the district administration would write to the state government to enact an Act in this regard Retired fireman seeking a fwb a long-term solution.

Haryana Poultry Association secretary Devender Ahlawat said the association would extend its support to tackle the menace. Residents oppose upcoming poultry farm Residents of Fatehpur village of Raipur Rani area have requested Sub-divisional Magistrate Kulwant Kalson to prevent the construction of an upcoming poultry farm near their village while pleading that the presence of another poultry farm in the area would further complicate matters. Kalson said he could not halt Retired fireman seeking a fwb construction, but said he would look into the matter.

Retired fireman seeking a fwb

A final date will be decided depending on the availability of schools, official sources said. However, no final decision on the increase in the of wards from the current 26 could be taken. Also there was no decision on the delimitation of wards. These issues will be taken up after the UT Administration receives data on the Scheduled Caste population in the city. Home buyers left in the lurch Builders fail to give possession of homes in stipulated period Ruchika M. Khanna Tribune News Service.

Contrary to the general opinion being created by the realtors about a new boom in the market, The Tribune has found that the genuine home buyers in this region have been hit hard by the lull in the real estate market. With most of the builders failing to give them possession of their homes, these buyers have been burdened with Retired fireman seeking a fwb home loan rates. On the other hand, most of the realtors, having made their profits by selling anything between per cent of the project at exorbitant rates, Retired fireman seeking a fwb stopped construction at these project sites and re-invested the money in either enhancing their land banks, or ploughed money collected from one project into another.

Be it in Zirakpur, located on the outskirts of Chandigarh, or the financial capital of Punjab, Ludhiana, the slump in the real estate sector has started taking its toll. At most of these project sites, one is greeted by rows Retired fireman seeking a fwb unfinished concrete structures.

In some projects, the external development work has just begun to take off, though the projects were announced and bookings were made almost four to five years back. The Tribune has learnt that almost 40 per cent of projects in Zirakpur have put their construction on hold because of a cash crunch mainly because funds from these projects have been diverted to buying land to launch the next phase of the projectand 90 per cent of those projects where construction is still on, are working on extended time lines.

Top executive with a leading multi-national company Dheeraj Gupta, who was supposed to get the possession of his apartment in Zirakpur in March this year, informed The Tribune that he was now feeling the pinch of paying a higher EMI instalment, even though he has not got possession of his apartment. I had already sold off the flat where I was living earlier and have now been forced to live on rent as I have not got the possession of the flat.

Those in the real estate sector allege that many of these top real estate companies that launched housing projects at the peak of the boom have collected money from the investors here, but diverted it to their under-construction projects in bigger cities. In Bathinda, which is the emerging boom town of Malwa region, illegal colonies have mushroomed and many people have invested their hard-earned money in buying land there, only to be deprived of electricity and water connections as these colonies have not been approved by the Punjab Urban Development Authority PUDA.

Following footsteps of the Delhi University, the PU has set up these four colleges which will be different from conventional affiliated colleges, as they will be under the direct control of the university which will be responsible for their day-to-day working.

The colleges have been set up under a special project spearheaded by the University Grant Commission UGC and aimed at upgrading the higher education in the rural Punjab. We have already hired the non-teaching staff and most of the faculty positions have also been filled. The admissions are already on for these colleges.

The university so far only had affiliated colleges on its board, but it is for the first time we will be having our own constituent colleges. The colleges with an estimated capacity of about 1, students each will be granted an annual sum of about Rs 1.

Retired fireman seeking a fwb

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