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Your rental agreement can be verbal, written, implied, or a combination of them. Depending on how the lease is worded, you may have a new lease for the same term [like a new year] or the more common month-to-month tenancy, which happens automatically by law [Civil Code ], under the same terms and conditions except for the tenancy being month-to-month. One such law concerns your security deposit. The law requires that it be returned to you within 21 days after you leave, minus only certain legal deductions.

Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going

The law prohibits the landlord from making it non-refundable. That law is to assure that each rental unit complies with building and zoning laws. If the unit is not legal, and there are plenty of such illegal duplexes, converted garages, and assorted buildings, the landlord cannot demand or accept any rent for that structure.

In rent controlled cities like Los Angeles, the landlord is also required to register a residential rental unit and charge only a legal rent, before even asking for rent. This is under a separate public policy encouraging Day Care so that parents may be employed and not stuck on Welfare roles.

The landlord cannot discriminate against children. The landlord can restrict the of people who live in an apartment, however. The same prohibitions against discrimination for race, religion, sex, and nationality differences exist in rental laws as in other businesses. The Fair Housing Council specializes in those cases and have staff that investigate and even prosecute.

Just because a person leases out a unit or brings an eviction action does not mean that they have a right to do so. There are laws deed to make people get s and file certain papers with the government, and the punishment for failing to comply often includes the prohibition to sue for or collect on the resulting arrangement.

Tenants are sometimes the beneficiaries of this arrangement. The failure to register a rent-controlled unit prohibits the landlord from asking for rent or suing to evict the tenant. Who is that? Failure to do so bars their lawsuit — they have no authority to sue until after complying with the filing requirements, under Business and Professions Code Section See the Find Your Landlord section of this site. The punishment imposed by the law for those who manage without a is that the agreements are unenforceable. They even lack authority to evict you. Eventually, the owners would have to step in and try to take back possession, but no money.

There are too many variables to discuss in this limited space, but the examples above suffice to advise you that your rights are not limited to the piece of paper you. Consult a lawyer for more details that apply to you. When the landlord rents Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going their unit to you, they sell you the right to exclusive possession of your unit. The landlord chooses to have Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going money, rather than exclusive possession, the same as though they sold the property to someone else — they no longer have the right to possession.

If the landlord comes into your rental unit, he is a trespasser, the same as any stranger, with one special exception. Under Civil Code Sectionthe landlord may rental unit 1 in an emergency, like a fire or broken pipe, or 2 upon reasonable advance notice, and then only to inspect, repair, or show the apartment, during normal business hours.

Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going

You do not have to be home when they come, but they are are liable for anything stolen or broken during such entry. The manager who snoops in your apartment because they have a key can be controlled by practical means, even though there is no legal authority to approve or prohibit the practice.

The law now requires a landlord to provide dead bolt locks on the doors and adequate locks on the windows of a residential rental unit. Civil Code Section There is occasionally a manager who wants to evict a tenant for refusing to have sex. The California sexual harassment laws now permit a tenant to sue the manager and landlord for sexual harassment, but the law still appears to authorize such an eviction.

This is an area of landlord-tenant law which most judges now understand to be different for residential tenants. Late fees are built into many contracts to encourage timely payment, but the Legislature recently amended the law to prohibit late fees in residential rental agreements. The law does not punish the landlord for trying to steal it from you.

Civil Code Section provides that a residential rental agreement cannot contain a liquidated damages provision unless it is impossible, or extremely difficult to calculate the exact damages suffered by the breach. If it does, the late fee clause is void and of no legal effect, just like a nonrefundable security deposit clause.

Interest, Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going the range of 30 cents per day, is permissible, however, if the contract so provides. Landlords will try to justify the late fee by describing the time it takes to make extra calculations, trips to the bank, phone calls, and other varying time spent due to a single late payment.

Of course this is contrived, and the reality is that the management company gets the same amount of money irrespective of any late payment, and any additional work is negligible. Therefore, the amount incurred from late payment is not difficult to ascertain; the law defines it.

You might want to print it out, in case you have to convince the landlord or judge of your position, and you can use it for reference. Tactically, you face decisions on when and how to confront the issue. When faced with the demand, you can pay it under protest, or describe the money as an advance payment of rent, and avoid the immediate hassle.

At a later date, if you are evicted for nonpayment of rent, your prior late fee overpayment has to be given credit, and the 3-day notice is thereby made Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going for demanding more rent than was due [ie, it demands a month, but you only owe a month minus that earlier late fee payment]. You win the case on a technicality, or at least get a great bargaining position for a settlement on terms favorable to you. Rental agreements typically say that if the rent is not paid by the 5th, a late fee is due.

Functionally, the law provides a type of grace period. If rent is due on the first, the landlord cannot give you a 3-day notice to pay rent or quit until the 2nd. If that third day also falls on a legal holiday or weekend, your last day is extended until the next banking day, which can be as late as the 9th. That is, you would pay April some time in March, but think of it as March rent, even if you paid it March 15th.

It would still be early. Interest lost on that money is nothing compared to the hassle you save and the tactical advantage you create for yourself by doing that, at a time when you may need it. You may have just been transferred in your job to another city, or been laid off, or have to go back east to take care of your parents. The general rule is that you are responsible for all of the rent for the remainder of the lease period, whether you live there or not.

Be sure of what you have. If you have no legally valid reason for breaking the lease, the landlord is still obligated by law to minimize the impact of your breach by trying to re-lease the unit. The Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going tries to re-rent it, and finds someone to pay the same rate starting month 6.

You owe the rest of month 4 and all of month 5, but not thereafter. The landlord cannot collect double rents. In contrast, if the landlord does not try to re-rent the unit, and you can show that, the landlord gets nothing from you, because of the failure to mitigate damages. In between is the gray area, where the landlord makes minimal efforts to re-rent, or rents at a higher rate than you paid.

The judge would have to determine whether this was a mitigation of damages. If you have no legally valid reason to terminate the lease, your best approach is to put the fact of your leaving in writing to the landlord, and keeping a copy, mentioning that your unit will be available for viewing by prospective tenants under Civil Code [reasonable advance like 24 hrs notice, business hours only].

Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going

You can also put your own ad in the Recycler or equivalent [freebie ], and have the prospective tenants call you. Write down their names, work and home s, and then forward them on to the landlord as replacements. A legally valid reason for the termination has to do with the unit, itself. If it burns down in a fire, or is yellow-tagged after earthquake damage, obviously the lease ends. However, you can find a legally valid reason for eviction based upon uninhabitable conditions. Civil Code authorizes termination of the tenancy [of whatever kind] without notice, upon vacating the unit, where the reason for leaving is uninhabitable conditions.

The conditions do not have to be so severe as would entitle you to withhold rent. Rather, they are within the same category [and statute] as Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going and deduct remedies. That is, if the condition negatively affects habitability, you can either repair and deduct or just leave.

Most rental units have something wrong with them: missing front door deadbolt locks, missing screens, inadequate trash receptacles, defective electrical outlets, slow drains, etc. If you have a reason like this, and obviously the worse they are Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going better the reason is, you can legally terminate the lease, even if coincidentally you got transferred to Chicago. You do need to have given reasonable advance notice, but that can have been oral. Uninhabitable conditions which the landlord fails to fix in a reasonable time are legally valid reasons to terminate your lease.

And yes, pictures and witness would be nice, just in case you need to prove it later. Sometimes, the landlord will agree to terminate the lease, but for a price. Watch out for the terms. As an additional precaution, you can sub-lease the unit to someone else. This can create problems, because the management might prohibit sub-leasing.

However, since they have the obligation to mitigate damages, how do they justify evicting a paying sub-tenant? They shoot themselves in the foot. Sometimes, the subtenant ends up taking over the place, and ing a new lease. Discussed above was the requirement that the landlord identify who is the authorized manager, who is the owner, where and how rent is to be paid, and the requirement of giving this information in the lease or posting it. You may want to call the landlord to remind him that you mailed the rent to him under new Civil Code This is important for small claims cases by you, suing to get your security deposit back.

Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going

Civil Code also requires any 3-day notice to pay or quit to identify the name, address, phone, and available hours of the person to be paid [or the banking information]and the manner of payment. Even if the landlord is not insured for it, the landlord can still be sued and held liable for crimes committed in the apartment complex, such as thefts from the cars, where the landlord has been negligent, such as failing to fix the garage security gate.

They often claim they are not liable, but that is a bluff. Also, if the conduct in question was that of the resident manager or other employee hired by the landlord, the landlord is personally responsible to you as though he had done the act. Crime is a habitability issue, under the contract, not just negligence. If that worked, nobody would buy insurance.

See a lawyer about your theft, for the details. If you live in a unit where you get the utility bill for service which is also supplied to another unit, a laundry room, or garage, Civil Code Section If your landlord uses a regular pest control company, you must receive or there must be posted a notice identifying the pesticides used, their active ingredients, and a notice about possible health effects. Toxic Mold has gained attention. New Health and Safety Code requires the landlord to tell current and prospective tenants about the mold, as well as do something about it as a habitability issue.

The standards and treatment methods are Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going established yet [] although this law was enacted in The important thing is that you write a letter to your landlord about the mold in your apartment and ask that it be removed. Termite fumigation requires the tenting of the building for days, and for the occupants to be out. If tenants vacate on different days, the early birds are kept out longer. If you paid your rent for that month AND have to pay for these extra costs, you could very likely pay double rent for a month of inconvenience.

Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going

Fumigation becomes an issue for one of two reasons: either the City Inspectors require it [which is rare] or the landlord is selling or refinancing the building, in which case, you might expect a rent increase in the near future [to pay the higher mortgage]. The lenders and buyers want to see a termite report, and have the place tented if termites are a problem. If the landlord plans to cash in on the building, your landlord will have the money to be able to pay for your temporary relocation, and could apply your security deposits as an interim cash flow aid until the loan or sale comes through.

This is NOT the law, but merely a workable strategy: Get your neighbors together when you get this notice, and work out a plan. What will it cost you to be out for a few days in room and board [pick a moderately priced hotel in the vicinity], and what if it lasts longer than a couple of Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going When would this have to be done? What arrangements will you each have to make to comply?

What will the replacement food cost? Come to an agreement and have the things itemized to present to the landlord. You should also include that any extra expenses for additional days will be either paid by the landlord immediately as due or come out of future rents as a credit. His worst situation is where all but one tenant agrees to leave, because the fumigation will not proceed if even one tenant remains, due to the dangers of the pesticides.

Riverside estates free sexy 3rd whos going

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