San andres nightlife

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Have fun while reading! Curiously, San Andres is closer to Nicaragua than mainland Colombia. The distance to Nicaragua is around kilometers mileswith the distance to its own mainland being over kilometers miles. This situation has repeatedly caused tension in the past. There have been a lot of legal disputes over which territory should San Andres, Providencia, and Santa Catalina belong. The last discussion that took place with the neighboring country about these islands was won by Colombia and clear sea borders were drawn between Colombia and San andres nightlife.

San andres nightlife

Nicaragua was awarded part of the sea, which aroused outrage among the inhabitants of the islands. The fish-rich waters have a high economic value for the islands and are one of the main sources of income. Historically, San Andres was a pirate and privateer refuge during colonial times.

The most famous pirate was Henry Morgan, who hid the treasures and riches he plundered from the Spanish colonies in his large cave. The islands have experienced a real boom in recent years. The population and visitor s have literally exploded. Myopia and lack of awareness have already destroyed some of the natural treasure. In the medium term there is a risk of not only destroying natural resources, but also of losing the main sources of income through tourism.

The economy of the department of San Andres was driven on the basis of a model that promotes tourism. However, these initiatives have marginalized the island community and large corporations like Decameron and On Vacation were preferred. Most of the money flow did not and does not flow to the local culture, namely the islanders, but into the pockets of large companies. As a San andres nightlife, you can support the local culture by, for example, booking communal tourism and staying in local hotels or guesthouses. Such tourist behavior means that resources can be taken in locally, managed and reinvested.

Funds do not flow abroad or into tax-optimized structures and benefit the local community again. Another problem is the amount of waste, especially plastic. Here too, travelers can make their contribution. For example, do without plastic bags when San andres nightlife. Ask for recyclable material, do not accept disposable tableware and cutlery. Kitesurfing : There are now several providers on the island.

This area is a veritable kitesurfing paradise in terms of wind and beauty. Diving : The island of San Andres is surrounded by reefs. No wonder you can find a lot of animals, because the corals are a vital habitat for many species.

A dive opens up incredible opportunities to discover this underwater world. Submarine : This is not a real submarine. The ship has a lower deck, which is equipped with windows. San andres nightlife passengers therefore have a clear view of the entire underwater world while sitting safely in the dry. Bus island tour: Various tourist spots on the island are visited. The tour lasts 4 hours and costs 25, COP. Underwater Walk : This walk is a very interesting experience.

San andres nightlife

You put on a helmet, which ensures the oxygen supply with a hose to the surface. Pontoon Party : These motorized and floating platforms can be rented by groups.

San andres nightlife

Excellent music and drinks are included. Parasailing : Parasailing is the perfect activity to see the 7 colors of the sea. From a height of meters you can enjoy a wonderful view over the bay, the coral reef and to the northern tip of the island. Ibiza day trip : The floating Ibiza bar is a place to relax all day long with music surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.

The bar offers food and alcoholic beverages as well as sunbathing areas. Wakeboard : a fishing boat and a board. This is the definition of wakeboard in San Andres. Certainly not an offer for experienced athletes, but great fun for beginners. Subwing : I only got to know this activity a few weeks ago. You are underwater and being pulled by a boat. You hold on to a wing, San andres nightlife consists San andres nightlife movable elements. By changing the angle of attack, all kinds of underwater maneuvers are possible, you can turn like a dolphin.

The museum was deed by locals to introduce visitors to the culture and customs of the islanders. The English colonists used to store their cotton and coconut crops there. At the southern tip of the island there is a natural hole a few meters from the sea.

San andres nightlife

The underground consists of several coral reefs and underground tunnels through which the water moves. As soon as the tide rises or the wind blows, air and sometimes water is pushed up through this hole. The distance is around meters and you can cover the distance without any difficulties.

However, one should watch out for jellyfish. We mentioned earlier that the famous pirate Henry Morgan used this island to hide the treasures he plundered. One of his favorite places was this cave. Today there is a theme park with a backdrop and exhibitions and dance shows and of course the cave.

However, no one San andres nightlife ever found treasure in it. The Baptist Church, built inis not only the first on the island, but in all of Latin America.

San andres nightlife

It is made of wood and is beautiful. You can also climb the inside of the bell tower, from where you have a view of the whole island. This path consists of a wooden walkway over a mangrove area. To reach the boardwalk, you have to leave your vehicle on the main road. The path is overgrown and you San andres nightlife to expect insects. In the heart of the island is this small lagoon with small alligators.

San andres nightlife

You can go around the laguna in a short walk. La Loma is home to the largest population group and is located on the highest part of the island. If you are looking for an ideal panoramic view, here we have it. At these two points on the island you will find crystal clear water and perfect conditions for snorkeling.

San andres nightlife

There is no sandy beach there, but rock and a kind of beach club with loungers. Sandy beaches and also suitable for swimming can be found on the east side of the island. The west coast, on the other hand, is rockier. However, there are also excellent spots to jump into the sea or take fantastic panoramic photos. The beach in the neighborhood of San Luis is a popular place for tourists because of its shallow depth, San andres nightlife sand and blue-green sea.

Cayo Rocoso is a small coral island about two hundred meters from the island that can be reached on foot. One of the quietest beaches on the island is on the southern tip. We recommend these families with children, seniors and travelers in general who want to enjoy the sea in peace. This is the islanders main beach and it is mostly crowded. The city beach is quite long and you should therefore find a place despite its popularity. Adjacent to the beach is the promenade with many shops and restaurants.

This beach is further south and has rocks and a stronger current. These locations are on the west coast of the island and are perfect for snorkeling and jumping off the rocks straight into the sea. There are also bars with music in West View and La Piscinita. Traditional fishing tour : tours with different techniques are offered. Cost:—COP. Visit Johnny Cay Island first. At p. On the ecological tour you will learn why the sea around San Andres has 7 colors.

You usually see a variety of marine animals on the tour. During the tour there are two stops at different fish and coral banks. The tour takes place with a sailboat San andres nightlife an additional 20 minutes with a kayak. Transparent kayaks give you a clear view of all the animals and plants that are in the water. Led by bilingual San andres nightlife, there are snorkel masks, snacks consisting of typical local foods and plastic boxes to store cell phones. This tour includes dinner, drinks, music, and live entertainment.

Be very careful when swimming with manta rays or visiting a starfish area. Interaction with animals always involves a risk of injury.

San andres nightlife

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