Santa monica massage spa

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Santa monica massage spa

Hear our news on-air at our partner site:. Live Stream Schedule In Person. If the rigors of life have you feeling a bit tense, perhaps a day spent at the spa will help you reset. Whether you're looking to have the kinks worked out of your back or wanting to relax in soothing baths, Los Angeles probably has a spa to fit both your whims and your budget.

Here are 13 of our favorites. Feel free to leave your own, as always, in the comments.

Santa monica massage spa

Photo via Facebook. Amy Rae Aesthetics on Beverly Boulevard opened Santa monica massage spa past spring, with a mind for holistic, organic treatments. It's a peaceful space with a lovely assortment of products, which are selected based on your individual skin and body concerns. Owner Amy Rae says this treatment is most favored by people with a looming special occasion in the next 72 hours or so--a wedding, or a stroll down a red carpet, perhaps. Santa monica massage spa treatments include massage, acupuncture, allergy testing, and the spa also has an infrared sauna.

You can't make a spa list without Wi Spa, the longstanding, 48,square-foot, hour Korean day spa located on Wilshire Boulevard. You could probably live in this spa. It's got a gym, a restaurant, locker rooms, saunas and rooms where you can hang out and answer your s while lying on a warm onyx floor or a room full of small clay be. They also have a wide variety of treatments, including their famed body scrub, during which you will be efficiently relieved of your dead skin and emerge as smooth as a baby. Wi Spa is located at Wilshire Boulevard in Koreatown, Burke Williams is an obvious choice, and we'd be remiss not to include them.

They have nine locations in California, but the one you're least likely to have visited is their new Hollywood location, which replaces their West Hollywood spot with a much larger spa. Guests may linger in the Conservatory, decorated with peacock feathers and skylights that show a tropical scene, where mini-treatments are performed.

For guests in between services, there's also a whirlpool, which can be found behind a shimmering curtain just inside the entrance to the locker rooms. Their Custom Blend Alchemy Bar allows guests to mix up their own lotions and scrubs using a variety of criteria, including health concerns, numerology and simple preferences. Treatments at all Burke Williams spas include the usual massages, pedicures and facials, though their new Ayurvedic treatments may be new to Americans: for instance, the Shirodhara involves continually pouring oil on the body for the duration of a light relaxation massage.

It concludes with a steady oil flow on the forehead, which is believed to have a calming effect. For those suffering a bout of winter dryness, it's a warm and indulgent service that can be finished with a relaxing shower to rinse the oil from their hair and a blowout via the spa's blow-dry bar available at the Hollywood and Woodland Hills locations.

At each, their many regulars enjoy their soothing massages, facials and body treatments. Departing from the more clinical decor of the hotel spas, Raven chooses to decorate with mismatched vintage furniture, chandeliers, mirrors and statues. The Silver Lake spot has a beautiful lounge area and pretty tilework, and both are tranquil without feeling too uptight. The Rock Star is a ature treatment and includes a lavender salt scrub, a traditional Thai massage and an organic yogurt oat mask. The Raven Spa is located at Rowena Ave. This breezy, clean spot is an uncomplicated way to get a reasonably priced massage.

You can book online or they take walk-ins. The desert-chic decor was inspired by a resort in Tulum, according to Vogue. The Now is located at Beverly Blvd. The Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles has an 8,square-foot spa containing a tranquil lounge called the Sanctuary for all to use, plus eucalyptus steam rooms and cold plunge showers in the locker rooms. Treatments begin with a glass of champagne, and tea and snacks are Santa monica massage spa in the Sanctuary. In addition to your usual massages, facials and body treatments, they also offer a variety of seasonal treatments, and you can also get your nails or hair done here as well.

They also offer quarterly wellness retreats and, depending on the season, you could follow up your spa day with a poolside cocktail at WP24's rooftop bar for one of the best views in L. Olympic Santa monica massage spa. Tikkun is a popular Korean spa in Santa Monica where you, if you are so inclined, can get the infamous v-steam. Other treatments include traditional Korean body scrubs, massage, acupuncture, facials and more, which include access to the spa's relaxing saunas, Hwangto clay room, ice room, heated Himalayan salt and jade rooms, and other amenities.

The name Tikkun is derived from the Hebrew phrase tikkun olamwhich means to heal the world.

Santa monica massage spa

Tikkun Holistic Spa is located at 4th St. Photo via Voda Spa. If being lightly beaten with sticks sounds like your idea of a chill time, head to Voda Spa, a 15,square-foot Russian-style oasis in West Hollywood. The platza is when the guest is tapped using a bundle of oak and birch branches soaked in warm water. This is done in the hottest of the facility's saunas, and is believed to improve circulation and metabolism, as well as "refresh the spirit.

Note, the saunas are banyaswhich are both warmer and drier than American saunas. Voda Spa is located at Santa Monica Blvd. Get a couples package for a romantic evening. Or if you have a really, really good friend. Santa monica massage spa via Larchmont Sanctuary Spa. This Larchmont Village spa is a casual neighborhood refuge. Their common area is decorated like a pleasant living room, with a fireplace and fountain, giving a more hospitable feel than some of the more luxurious hotel spas.

They are particularly known for offering couples packages, which may include a private champagne bath in their custom copper jacuzzi followed by massages performed in tandem.

Santa monica massage spa

This could be an ideal gift for a partner--or a friend with whom you are extremely comfortable. Recently, they began offering a series of Himalayan salt therapies including a hot stone massage and a scrub. Larchmont Sanctuary Santa monica massage spa is located at N. Larchmont Blvd. Located inside the posh Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, this sumptuous spa is for those who really want to splurge.

It has a minimal of treatment rooms, making this a more private spa experience than one of the big day spas. Guests will find a charming Serenity Lounge to unwind, eucalyptus steam rooms, and a fitness center. Unique treatments at this Beverly Hills spa include their gem stone series, which, yes, incorporate precious stones including rubies, emeralds and diamonds during massages and scrubs. They're also known for facials, each of which will be specifically tailored to the guest's individual skin needs. The spa is located next to the hotel's rooftop garden, where one might also enjoy lunch of a glass of wine.

It's odd to think that one of the most popular places to relax would be on Highland, just south of Sunset, but it's true. Blossom Spa is a cute and calming spa where treatments include a variety of massages, including prenatal and couples, facials, waxing and scrubs. Blossom Spa is located at Highland Ave. This 4,square-foot spa can be found in downtown Burbank. They use products from Eminence Organics in their holistic treatments, including massages, facials, waxing, scrubs, and baths. Their baths are just that, though the water will be mixed with a variety of oils, flowers, milks and salts.

Guests may enjoy fruit and tea in the serene waiting area, as well as the use of the spa's saunas and showers. DTox Day Spa in Atwater Village offers guests a variety of soothing treatments in their serene, candlelit treatment rooms, which can be followed or preceded by an unwind session in their relaxation room. It's quite pretty, with the ever-important white noise via twin waterfalls, and offers tea and snacks.

Spa use is free with anyor minute treatment, so plan extra time to use the sauna and steam rooms. Locker rooms come fully stocked with robes, slippers and everything you need Santa monica massage spa get ready and return to the world. Support for LAist comes from. Become a sponsor. LAist logo.

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Santa monica massage spa

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