Seeking a short sweet music lover

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The tears, the joy, and the laughter are all s of our humanness in all its beauty. Attraction starts between the ears, when the brain processes genetic or physical traits one might find alluring in a potential mate — an appealing scenta sharp sense of humoror physical attributes such as a strong jaw, delicate eyes, or symmetrical face. Science shows that we consciously and subconsciously select potential mates based on a combination of evolutionary traits, social roles, character, and proximity.

Madison, a Chicago native and devoted fan of Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, and Run the Jewels, says anyone with a passion for music, no matter the genre, is a positive in her book. If they love their music and want to share it with me, I accept almost any genre. Drew Newkirk — a d psychotherapist who, along with brother Chris, an Seeking a short sweet music lover creative director for major brands, developed a Sony Music show about the intersection of life and music called The Songs That Saved Your Life — agrees.

Seeking a short sweet music lover

When someone is evaluating a possible relationship, he says they are using all of the tools at their disposal to get a sense of how close someone is to this emotional equity. For many music lovers, this evaluation is critical. A Spotify playlist or finely curated record collection represents more than mere personal preference. As such, overlapping music tastes can help bridge the gap between our past and present as we meet new people.

Seeking a short sweet music lover

Our innate need to be known by a potential mate is at the heart of this desire. She believes musical expression not only soundtracks love, but expresses it too. For him, a question of sensibilities and appreciation.

Seeking a short sweet music lover

There is art, especially music, that I just find easy and not fought for — it skims the surface and only gets a few layers deep. There are some artists who just seem to fight for their songs a bit more than others — they dig, dig, dig. And maybe if you don't fight to be a good listener and challenge Seeking a short sweet music lover, then perhaps you won't challenge yourself in many areas of life, like our relationship. Pandemic or no pandemic, a ificant slice of modern dating happens via apps. Pew Research Center found that 48 percent of to year olds have used a dating app and that 54 percent of Americans now believe relationships that start via dating apps are just as successful as those with origins in real life.

On those platforms, music tends to be a vital element in connecting and selecting dates. We want it to do the same for our romantic story. If we can add some great music to our love we can use it as glue to keep us sticking together. Rachel Van Nortwick is the founder of Vinylly, a new dating app that matches users based on music compatibility.

She says music is an integral match-point because it triggers an emotional response in humans, ranging from nostalgia to pleasure to excitement. Grindr, a dating app for gay, bi, trans, and queer users, also allows members to connect their Spotify s to the app to show off their music taste to potential connections.

Opening up your musical taste for inspection, says Van Nortwick, allows daters to find someone who might better understand their essence.

Seeking a short sweet music lover

Your best and hardest moments are defined by the music you listened to during those dark or most triumphant times. Not everyone agrees that music — or any taste-based preference — should be weighted quite so heavily. Natalie Luerelationship expert and creator of the podcast The Baggage Reclaim Sessions with Natalie Luesays people often mistake taste with values. Lue also believes that as a society, we've been socialized into believing that we can tell a lot about how compatible we are with somebody by the crossover of interests.

Things like musical taste are what Lue calls secondary values. More important, she says, are the core values of a person, which are what actually determine whether or not two people are compatible. Focus on what type of relationships you want to have and lean more heavily on your social values, your relationship values, and your economic values.

Despite her penchant for certain genres and bands, Madison says that some of the most annoying music-based dating interactions have been with people who have the exact same taste. Her acceptance of all music lovers, however, has its limits. People who only Seeking a short sweet music lover top 40 music are usually boring, too. And then marry her. And then have that music feature in our wedding. Of course, her shout out to Enigma left me scratching my head, but it was clearly not a deal-breaker. At the end of the day, says Chris Newkirk, bonds over music become less sticky than the fundamentals in a synchronous partnership.

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Seeking a short sweet music lover

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