Sex sw in Edison New Jersey az

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Research Interests: Intimate partner violence and sexual violence in the LGBTQ community, community resiliency and response to violence, immigration policy, and evaluation research. E-mail address: rsa94 ssw. Research Interests: Gender-based violence among college students and the LGBTQ community; bystander intervention and prevention programs, evaluation of university sexual misconduct response services; quantitative research. Sarah McMahon. Address: ajb ssw. Education: Ph.

Research Interests: Post-colonial social work; reproductive justice; intersectionality and methodology; international social work; obstetric violence and violence in the reproductive health care system. Address: cbuttner ssw. Research Interests: Gender-based violence, help-seeking behaviors, culture and race, mental health, social policy. Research Interests: Work and family; stress; immigrants and refugees; small business and self-employment; informal and ethnic economies Research Experience: Research Assistant, Dr. Address : charles.

Research Interests: child maltreatment; child exposure to intimate partner violence; child mental and behavioral health; childhood trauma and resilience; developmental psychopathology; quantitative research. Chien-Chung Huang. Projects: exposure to intimate partner violence and child outcomes, mindfulness-based intervention research, and adverse childhood experiences among Chinese college students. Address: yafan. Research Experience: Research Assistant, Dr. Chien-Chung Huang: effects of childhood exposure to domestic violence; improving child development and well-being; poverty alleviation.

: scheung ssw. Address: ac rutgers. Olaf College, Research Interests: Hospital based housing interventions for people experiencing homelessness; mobile medical services for rough sleepers; neighborhood social cohesion and adolescent health; substance misuse prevention and harm reduction services. Kristen Gilmore Powell: effects Sex sw in Edison New Jersey az a provider-based naloxone distribution program; and process evaluation of substance misuse prevention work of regional coalitions.

Robin Petering: deed homeless youth intervention program evaluation tools including survey and qualitative interview guides. Education: PhD. Research Interests: Intervention and prevention science targeting the neurobiological ramifications of post-traumatic stress; evaluation of interventions deed to prevent violence against women and children; prevention of perpetration of intimate partner and family violence. Sarah McMahon: studying prevention and intervention strategies to address all forms of violence and abuse, campus sexual assault, and the neurobiological ramifications of PTSD; Clinical Sex sw in Edison New Jersey az Coordinator, University of Texas at Austinwith Dr.

Richard Gracely: studying the evaluation and treatment of chronic pain. Address: ejg ssw. Research Interests: Housing and homelessness, maternal substance use, mental health interventions, health disparities, trauma, and the integration of behavioral health. Allison Zippay and Dr. Belle Liang, Adolescent development of purpose, Boston College. Address : jordan. Cassandra Simmel ; Research assistant for Dr.

Research Interests: Racial and community trauma; intersection of addictions and neuroscience; adolescent Sex sw in Edison New Jersey az young adult development; culturally competent social work practice; translational research. After-School Program project. Address: lhoward rutgers. E-mail Address: Courtney. Hutchison rutgers. Lenna Nepomnyaschy, Dr. Research Interests: Her research focuses broadly on the well-being of children living in poverty, with a particular interest in studying employment and work-life policies and programs. Honors: Cum Laude Fudan University. Research Experience: Research Assistant, with Dr.

Research Assistant, with Dr. Jeoung-hee Kim, investigating the New Jersey child care market price study. Chien-Chung Huang, studying Chinese social policy and adolescent well-being, and social innovation and poverty alleviation. Stephen Baker, studying the effects of social and emotional learning to support academic achievement, and the evaluation of the Elev8 Chicago program. Address : hy. Address : hasjohnson gmail. Research Interests: Substance use disorder intervention; Cross section between substance and behavioral additions; Harm reduction policy and implementation; Impact of the criminal justice approach on addiction; Reentry after criminal justice involvement; Policy analysis related to addiction and treatment; Recovery in substance use and related disorders; Micro and macro factors related to relapse; Social use after active addiction.

David Wilder, Social Psych Lab Address: ahjkim92 ssw. Research Interests: Intervention and prevention on violence against women and children; the impacts of domestic violence on mental health and financial well-being; economic empowerment for survivors of intimate partner violence; financial social work; policy analysis; intervention research; qualitative research; clinical social work practice; cultural competence in social work practice; diversity and women's study.

Research experience: Graduate Assistant, Dr. Chien-Chung Huang, studying multiple imputations using a longitudinal data of female survivors of intimate partner violence. Teaching Interests: Policy analysis; research method; violence against women and children; social work practice; human behavior in the social environment; Financial Social Work; Diversity and Oppression Teaching Experience: Part-time lecturer, Rutgers University MSW program for courses in policy analysis: violence against women and children and research methods traditional classroom and online.

Address : hlin ssw. Research Interests: Early childhood education and care policy, Immigration policy, Immigrant child well-being, Child poverty, Comparative analysis of social welfare policies, Computational social science. E-mail Address : ak ssw.

Sex sw in Edison New Jersey az

: rebecca. Research experience: Project Coordinator, Dr. Barry Gordon: New York Education Project a study of behavioral interventions and vocational education for young adults with Autism. : emankopf ssw. Research Interests: Othering, belonging, and bridging, with particular focus on: post-secondary education of students with disabilities; cross-discipline problem solving; coalition-building; religiously affiliated social service provision; intersections of age and disability-friendly communities; and how personal identity evolves over time.

Research methodology including quantitative analysis techniques for work with intersectional marginalized identities and evolving best practices in demographic data collection. Andrew Peterson and Dr. Research Assistant for Dr. Research Experience: Graduate Assistant, Dr. E-mail Address : camille. Research interests: childhood sexual abuse, intergenerational trauma, child welfare, trauma, and first-generation college students.

McNair Program. Address : alicia.

Sex sw in Edison New Jersey az

Lena Moraa Obara. Research Interests: Sexual violence prevention and response; gender-based violence GBVand unaccompanied minors; evaluation research; GBV and trauma; International social welfare, access to and distribution of health services for women and girls who have experienced abuse in informal settings such as internally displaced persons IDP and refugee camps in East Africa. Victoria Banyard and Dr.

Address: lo ssw. Research Interests: Age-friendly communities and social policy; organizations and social impact; community-based practice; longitudinal data analysis; mixed-methods policy analysis. Emily A. Greenfield — present : developmental evaluation of age-friendly initiatives in northern New Jersey. : natalie. Education : Ph. Research Interests : Community participation among minority older adults; the impact of immigration, chronic illness, and cumulative disadvantage on aging in place among ethnic minorities; access to community resources among non-English speaking older adults; qualitative research; community-based research; building bridges between research, practice, and policy.

Research Experience : Graduate Assistant, Dr. Collaboration with Dr. Rocio Calvo: Understanding how immigrant Latinx older adults overcome barriers to access community resources. Emily Greenfield, project; how childhood adversity effects late life cognition in older African Americans. Graduate Assistant, Dr. Lia Nower, project: the predictors of older adult gamblers. Research specialist at Princeton University, Dr. Margot Putukian, project: the natural history of concussion in college athletes. Mark Gluck, project: how exercise affects learning and memory in older African American adults.

Strohl Thesis Grant, Lehigh University, Research Interests: Mental health and well-being of individuals living with dementia and their caregivers. Emily Greenfield studying the development and implementation of age- and dementia-friendly community initiatives. Research Interests: Nutrition and food systems; climate change and sustainability; health disparities; program de and evaluation; non-profit management; and the intersection of social work and public health. Research Interests : Risk factors for problem gambling; screening, assessment, and intervention for problem gambling and gambling disorder; Sex sw in Edison New Jersey az wagering; sports wagering among athletes and former athletes; behavioral and substance addiction.

Sex sw in Edison New Jersey az

Lia Nower Sept. Address : jstanmyre ssw. Research Interests: child and family mental health, community based participatory research, cultural adaptation of evidence-based practices.

Sex sw in Edison New Jersey az

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