Sexy vietnamese guy

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in. As far as drinking beer goes, we are n o t talking here about regular Friday nights at the pub or the occasional weekend-long heave-ho. We are talking about large s of Vietnamese men whose entire lives consist of sitting round with their mates flipping stubby lids and chicken bones on to the floor, confident in the knowledge that some graceful abject female the waitress will clean up the mess.

Sexy vietnamese guy

We are also talking about dark warm nights throughout the week when Vietnamese men pack into private karaoke studios in order to chug Heinekens, howl along to various slow, sad tunes and dare each other to grope the waitress. From a Western point of view, Vietnamese men can seem pretty awful at such points. They seem to have a magic power to make women submit to their debauchery. And submit is exactly what a lot of Vietnamese women do.

In doing so, they are models of dignified self-control. See this kind of service industry scene repeat itself Sexy vietnamese guy few times in the wider public arena and you will find yourself thinking that women exist in Vietnam to watch men enjoy themselves, to be the paid or unpaid objects of their sexual attention, and to clean up their mess.

However, try to see the other side of the scene as well. They are also one of the few forms in which male friendship is expressed. In the context of a slosh-up, and well beyond too, Vietnamese men Sexy vietnamese guy be generous to a fault. Generous in fact to the point of bankrupting themselves.

Sexy vietnamese guy

To your average male Saigoner, for example, his riotous financial incompetence is a of what a big heart he has. It is no exaggeration to say that he will want to cover for you at a slosh-up and in most other situations as well — even if it means going to beg his little brother for a tenner so he can buy petrol for the trip home at the end of the night.

Sexy vietnamese guy

Among groups of Vietnamese friends, splitting the bill is virtually unheard of. At more sober events coffee and chain-smokingthe bill just gets paid. It gets handed quietly to whomever had the idea of convening the event. The convenor takes it, takes Sexy vietnamese guy his wallet and smiles inwardly to himself about the wholesome joys of mateship and the overall ok-ness of the world. Then he drives home, smiling all the way. Moreover the same sort of gather-round approach applies to guests in general, especially in the warm-hearted south of Vietnam.

Vietnamese normally consider it an honour to play the host. And they consider it a special honour nowadays to host long-nosed Westerners who are genuinely interested in Vietnam. They will happily have you to stay — not for a few days or a week, but for six months, as long Sexy vietnamese guy you shoot them a bit of rent to cover expenses after a while. In fact, they will seriously inconvenience themselves to help you stay with them, including going down to the local police station to bribe the local police chief because officially foreigners are only allowed to stay in hotels.

In fact, unless you quickly work out how to operate in the wider Vietnamese world by yourself, they will never leave you alone. One thing that is totally foreign to most Vietnamese men are the pleasures of solitude.

Sexy vietnamese guy

Male splurging and male gallantry are flipsides of the same coin in Vietnam. And many Vietnamese girls, as you know alreadyexpect to be paid for too. Something like the same situation often continues after marriage. Deep in their hearts, Vietnamese men acknowledge that their women are more virtuous and more self-sacrificing than they are themselves.

Getting on with Vietnamese men can be a tricky business for Western women, given the mildly chauvinist approach Vietnamese men tend to take to a variety of issues. As a Western guy though, there are various easy ways of getting on the good side of Vietnamese men.

On the other hand, being able to sing one or two sloppy karaoke s will make you a whole lot Sexy vietnamese guy friends. Alternatively, should your Vietnamese ever get quite decent, try sitting around making large, ballsy pronouncements and sawing the air with your hands while you drink coffee and chain smoke in the soft, feminine breeze of a tropical morning.

Hot Sexy vietnamese guy Among Vietnamese city-dwellers, being tech-savvy is considered just about as impressive as it is in the West. Bring your Ipad to morning coffee. And give it a really good fiddle every now and then.

Sexy vietnamese guy

Or, if your male Vietnamese friends are of a more rural disposition, ask if you can go fishing with them. The sight of any body of water, no matter how toxic, is normally enough to make an amateur fisherman want to try his luck, dozing in the afternoon sun with his favourite bamboo rod.

What your friend the amateur fisherman pulls out of the local canal on such occasions will be deep-fried by his wife. Death sets in at some stage between 12 hours and 20 years later. Dinner, as the Vietnamese proverb has it, is no further away Sexy vietnamese guy an afternoon snooze by the canal. Remember, realistically, so is lead poisoning. Be prepared to answer a range of questions from Vietnamese men. Feel free to lie here. Also, Vietnamese men will regularly ask you what your income is, how much rent you pay, how much any property you own is worth, etc. In Vietnam, this is just part of the way people take an interest in other people, rather than the special of a truly vulgar soul that it is among the wreckage of middle class life in the US and Australia.

Vietnamese men will not ask you — though the question might seem to belong in the same bracket — how long your penis is. Vietnamese men tend to assume that all Western men are hung like horses. Take an interest in soccer the English Premier League, not the Vietnamese league. When you arrive for Saturday morning coffee with the boys, open any newspaper that comes to hand to the sport section and stare at it meaningfully.

Laugh at the poor standards of Vietnamese sports commentary. And if you can actually play soccer or basketball or swim Sexy vietnamese guy just float and move your arms in the water at the same time make a great display of these skills. The efforts of most Vietnamese men at exercise are genuinely pathetic. In the mornings, the brightest and best can be seen displaying their prowess on public exercise equipment in local parks:. They will be standing around with their hands on their hips and their t-shirts pulled up over their bellies — cooling their lower torsos. Sexy vietnamese guy, in some cases, deliberately displaying their blubber: a beer gut in Vietnam ifying to the rest of the world that you have, in some sense, made it.

Romantic Footnote: Men and Dating. Remember: having a date with a Vietnamese girl is the ultimate excuse for opting out of a heavy drinking session in Vietnam. It is the universal get out of jail free card. Beer and cigarettes with buddies are nothing in comparison to a date with a Vietnamese girl. However much they love their beer and cigarettes, Vietnamese men understand that. Vietnamese men will never pinch your titties if you announce that you have to opt out of the slosh-up because you have a date with a Vietnamese girl.

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Sexy vietnamese guy

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Sexy vietnamese guy

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Sexy vietnamese guy

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