Sind club membership

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The road is dusty and wide, sprinkled with rickshaws and cyclists and occasionally broken up by potholes. Posters of a baby-faced Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari flanked by his mother Benazir and grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto sprinkle the low walls on either side. This is a pretty oasis of serenity and privilege amidst the teeming chaos of Karachi, with its smooth patios, swimming pool, Sind club membership and exclusive parties. I have a plan. As a woman I cannot be a member. I can, however, qualify for the privileges of this exclusive society by marrying a member.

So I will conduct an exhaustive search of the lists and check if anyone is available. This husband has to die in order for me, the grieving widow, to have sole use of his privileges. Poison is too incriminating, so I am working on phase Sind club membership. So what? You may say, who needs the approval of a bunch of relics? Fighting for a Sind Club membership is no real achievement for feminism.

Sind club membership

I should just give up on my plan as a matter of principle. The problem, however, runs Sind club membership deeper. Before you react in indignation, let me clarify. I believe that men must support women in the fight for Sind club membership.

I also know there are countless women across the economic religious and ethnic spectrum Sind club membership Pakistan who are movers and shakers, fighting hard against the odds. Women, wealthy or poor, face domestic violence. Working women, mothers and single women fought hard alongside men to create institutions where girls like me were able to grow and thrive.

But women of means and privilege who oftentimes have the freedom to choose are not encouraged to strive as much as their male peers. Many women drop out during their studies, resulting in a severe shortage of doctors.

This alarming trend is largely due to the pressures faced by women to go on to marry, lack of safety in the workplace, etc. It is also the tacit acceptance that men will step up to take care of them and ultimately become the primary breadwinners.

The coercion each woman faces is of varying degrees but the staggering s suggest that even women with the drive to continue their careers are eventually discouraged and acquiesce to social pressures. My parents encouraged me to follow my heart, study literature, on the condition that I would focus on building a career.

Sounds wonderful, right? My brother, on the other hand, was told to get a proper engineering degree that was strictly marketable. He was under considerable pressure to build a more lucrative career because, eventually, he is going to be a breadwinner. I may continue working if I want but the notion that I may give it up, or play second fiddle to a future partner is perfectly conceivable in this world. My brother does not have that option. Even when a woman rises to prominence, taking on the alpha role, she succumbs to the imperfections of the system. InBenazir Bhutto fought a successful election campaign, spurred by the love of supporters still mourning the brutal suppression and hanging of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

No one is a "perfect" feminist. Feminism as a label started in the west, ironically, is still finding a footing here in structures developed by colonial overlords mixed in with growing intolerance and inflexibility. Many women who are related to Sind Club members oppose the rules. But "traditions" must be upheld. The Sind Club Sind club membership room is filled with families. Men in suits sit with women in elegant shalwar kameez. The dress code here is strict; no jeans, men must wear pants. Yet, even here, the definition of business casual for a woman is flexible.

Sind club membership

Those of us who eschew the Benazir hecarf make do with a variety of shirt sizes Sind club membership straight cloth pants. What if one kameez is too casual? What fabric print is suitable for a job interview? Does a dupatta have to be Sind club membership Are long earrings unprofessional? The standards vary and highlight just how far women with means and marketable skills have to go in a system that is not geared for them. I remained in a casual shalwar kameez but the men in my party had carefully picked out their trousers before dinner in the formal dining hall.

I was not scrutinised as much upon entry. Perhaps because I, like the women dining here, am just an accompaniment, a footnote in a long history of men who take themselves very seriously. It is time for those women with means at their disposal to do the same. Print Story. The upper class feminist Nur Nasreen Ibrahim.

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Sind club membership

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Sind club membership

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