Singapore massage parlour review

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Singaporeans are really experts at enjoying life. We are always on the hunt for shopping deals, good food and for many of us, cheap massages. In fact, the authorities are already cracking down on such vice-related activities Singapore massage parlour review the Massage Establishments Act effective 1 Mar now restricts massage operations and services to until Disclaimer: The best way to gauge the expertise of a masseuse without actually going for the massage is to ask around and read reviews — which is exactly what I did.

Massage Master has two outlets — one in Bedok and one in Alexandra. They offer both foot and full body massage services, but the latter, do not specify what techniques are used.

Singapore massage parlour review

There is only one option, and 60 minutes is the minimum duration. Many customers seem to recommend Cindy and Mandy. Type of massage: General full body massage. Ancient Dynasty Spa has a great menu of different massage services, and most of them use essential oils. Oil is only optional for the Shiatsu massage.

Singapore massage parlour review

Healing Touch is perhaps the biggest affordable massage chain in Singapore. The award-winning chain is more a wholistic spa than massage parlour, and offers slimming and facial treatments too. For the best prices, you can consider getting a membership package of credits. If you dread the hard-selling at the end of almost every massage session, you might want to give Le Spa a shot. They have exclusive trial discounts from time to time. Despite its name, Feet Haven offers more than just foot massages — they have full body massages on their menu too.

Heal Spa has one of the more comprehensive menus, offering Shiatsu, Swedish, hot stone, aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage massages. The hot stone massage is one of their popular services, and uses hot Japanese volcanic stones to relieve tension and help ease fatigue. Type of massage : Shiatsu, Swedish, hot stone, aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage massage. Imperial Spa offers 3 types of massages — Shiatsu, Swedish, Javanese massage. The decor is very oriental think gold walls and wooden furniture and fancy.

The online massage reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor are also quite good. Just as there are dining reservation apps, there are Singapore massage parlour review apps to help you book affordable Singapore massage parlour review and wellness-related services which include massages. Both platforms have a transparent review system, so you can read honest feedback by customers. Not all of these are spas, though.

You might have some luck trawling the dirty depths of local forums though…. Here are some other popular types of massage in Singapore clean ones. The prices for these are similar, and depends more on the establishment than the massage type. The most popular is probably the Swedish massage, which typically uses relative gentle massage techniques to relieve tension and improve circulation. The difference between Swedish massage and deep tissue massage is that the latter generally uses a lot more pressure, so get ready for some initial post-massage soreness.

Singapore massage parlour review

Next is the full body massage, Thai style. Expect lots of pressing, rocking and stretching, including some super shiok cracking of your knuckles and other ts. Shiatsu uses the thumbs and fingers to press and knead away muscle knots.

Singapore massage parlour review

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Singapore massage parlour review

Popular types of full body massages in Singapore Which type of massage should you go for? You might have some luck trawling the dirty depths of local forums though… Here are some other popular types of massage in Singapore clean ones. Thai Massage Next is the full body massage, Thai style. Shiatsu, Swedish, hot stone, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage.

Singapore massage parlour review Singapore massage parlour review

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