Single doctor looking for her Winslow

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Kevin Winslow, one of the pioneers in the science of cryopreservation. Winslow is director of the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine. The following is an excerpt from that interview. It is very difficult to freeze an egg without damaging it because of large water content in the egg. Is Juliette Goetz the perfect example of what your single clientele is? So there are an enormous of women in our society in that same situation.

Single doctor looking for her Winslow

We do a whole range of infertility treatments. But in terms of the women seeking this technology, the cryo preservation eggs, I would say about 70, 75 percent are women who are concerned about delayed child bearing. Let's use Juliette Goetz, or someone her age and her background, as an example. It really kind of follows, mimics the costs of IVF [in-vitro fertilization].

I would expect wherever this technology is being offered, it should be very close in terms of cost, to what an average IVF cycle is costing. The average patient, 35 years or less, who is going through hyperstimulation to do IVF, for example, will get about 14 or 15 eggs in our clinic. So they only have to go through the hormone drugs and have the eggs extracted just once. Do you recommend more than once for your patients, the single women?

Single doctor looking for her Winslow

Winslow: Some patients are going to produce fewer than that 14 of eggs. Some patients may produce only five or six eggs in which case you may have to do it more than once. Sometimes the quality of those eggs is not so good in which case you may have to do it more than once. So we feel that this technology is to the point now where it is a reasonable clinical tool, considering the costs of in-vitro fertilization. Winslow: I think it is just tremendously exciting in the sense that it has so much to offer women in our society.

Primarily women, I think, benefiting were most exciting with ladies faced with potentially sterilizing therapies. Chemotherapy, radiation. All too often now, we are doing very very well with the blood borne leukemias, lymphomas. These young ladies now could go through a single stimulation cycle and have a very reasonable chance of being able to have children in the future, Single doctor looking for her Winslow they, indeed, become sterile from their therapies. If a young woman in her 20s walks in your door with leukemia, and she has two weeks or so before she has to start with a very serious life altering regimen to try to save her life.

Single doctor looking for her Winslow

How viable is it that she would come in and say, "I need to start this process right now, and be able to go forward with it? But what I generally do is consult with her oncologist and we see, again, how pressing the time issue is. But if they can give us approximately two weeks, then we have a reasonable shot of getting through this and being able to cryopreserve at least one group of eggs prior to her starting her therapy.

I want to ask you some of the questions about long term effects and research. Any abnormalities? We think it is very prudent and we keep a registry on all the babies that are born. The oldest children that you have from this program are 5 year old twins.

Let me then ask about some ethical questions, because this whole IVF issue has a lot of ethical questions surrounding it. Ethically speaking, does this address the frozen embryo issue - that there are too many in this country. What do you do with them? And again, another, we think very valuable, use for this technology. Winslow: In the sense that I think we are offering women a Single doctor looking for her Winslow better chance to establish a pregnancy with a younger, healthier egg, Single doctor looking for her Winslow think of this in a positive way. That we may eliminate, you know, suffering, miscarriages, more children born with congenital genetic anomalies.

Winslow: Well, potentially, again, if we did see that you know genetic congenital anomalies were coming about because of this, then obviously that would be the main risk that we would worry about. Winslow: No, the risk with cryo-egg would be analogous to that associated with going through an IVF cycle, mainly, hyperstimulating her ovaries.

There can be risk of that. Have you had clients in the last—three to five years that were single women who froze their eggs, like Juliette, who came back after they found Mr. Perfect, Mr. Winslow: Certainly not. Certainly not. Or the individual who, you know, is doing this because of delayed child bearing.

Single doctor looking for her Winslow

Winslow: Well, I think those critics should talk to some of the cancer patients that we see every day who again are almost more frightened about losing their fertility potential than they are from their cancer. But I think having that hope is a great benefit to many of the patients who are faced with potentially sterilizing therapies. Is there a fear that that might happen as more clinics had this technology available to them? That there will be year-old women coming in saying I want to have my eggs frozen on the off chance that in sometime in the next five years I might want to have my own baby?

Winslow: We think that would be a bad use of this technology. In that, I think again we are going, unless you have a reasonable chance of getting what you want, i. Again, there will be exceptions where you get 39 year old perhaps, who may have gone through a prior ovarian stimulation Single doctor looking for her Winslow, who you know stimulates and gets a large of eggs, more than the average for her age.

How long do you think it will be before this research and therapy is available to every woman across the country, and affordable? Winslow: Well, the real hope of all this would be for insurance companies to cover this one day.

Clearly now this technology is very new. Which is curious, because some of these same insurance companies will cryo-preserve sperm for men faced with the same situation. But because this technology is so new, a lot of them are not really giving it serious consideration. What is the cryo-egg process? What are Single doctor looking for her Winslow doing here at your labs?

How exciting is this for you and your industry? But medically speaking, no risks to the women? Winslow: Yes, yes, we have. Winslow: It has, yeah. Photos Clues in the murder of Kevin Harris. The disappearance of Jennifer Kesse. Evidence photos: Pelley family quadruple murder. The life and near death of prizefighter Christy Salters-Martin.

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Single doctor looking for her Winslow

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