Social networking sites similar to facebook

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As socially inclined creatures, human beings have embraced technology that connects us with others. Every year, there is an increasing of people ing up for and using social media. Inthere were around 2. And, with smartphones and internet connectivity becoming cheaper and easier to access, we should expect to see these s grow even higher. Inmore than 3 billion people are using social media. Social media company revenues also reflect the rising popularity:. Below is a real time visualization by second, from some of the world's most successful companies, strongly represented by social media sites and platforms.

Some of these platforms could even help you build valuable connections in your areas of interest. Triller's hit more than 23 million downlo and while it has a way to go to make TikTok shake in its trendy boots, Triller is definitely up and coming. This AI-driven music video app lets users create professional-level videos in seconds and offers features Social networking sites similar to facebook to what you'll find on TikTok.

Social networking sites similar to facebook

Like TikTok, Triller users create music and lipsync videos they can share with their followers. Periscope is a live streaming app that focuses on discovering the world through the eyes of its users. The app has more than 10 million registered users and hosts 9. While it's not a huge platform, there are still more thanhours of video streamed on Periscope every day.

Social networking sites similar to facebook

This is a video-sharing social media platform like Twitch or YouTube. You can create and share videos or go live, just like you can on any other video platform. Valence is a social network built to connect Black professionals. It highlights and emphasizes the Black professional community around the world and aims to create meaningful connections that result in new enterprises and career opportunities for members. Untappd gives beer drinkers a platform where they can rate beer, share pictures of beer, earn badges, review tap lists from venues nearby, and see what beers their friends on drinking.

They can also comment on logged beers and even ask the app to suggest similar beers.

Social networking sites similar to facebook

With Untappd, users can share check-ins on Twitter and Facebook and get locations from Foursquare. Elpha is a social network for women looking to build their careers. Basically, it's LinkedIn for women.

Social networking sites similar to facebook

Pretty rad. Elpha users can find both personal and professional support, find jobs and business opportunities, and expand their personal and professional networks. Yubo is a newer social networking platform that has the lofty goal of reinventing online friendships by creating a safe environment for everyone online. Yubo users can create a profile, add friends, and chat in groups or one-on-one. You can use the platform to live stream and both friends and potential friends can comment.

Peanut is a social network for mothers and potential mothers that is meant to help them make friends and establish strong networks to support them from fertility through motherhood. There are tons of useful resources, forums, and groups. They now offer a new community area for people who are trying to conceive. Houseparty is a face-to-face social network. Users create digital rooms where they can video chat with up to eight people at a time.

Users can create unlimited rooms, and users can move from room to room, video chatting with different people, just like at a real house party. Caffeine is similar to Periscope. Users can the platform as viewers or broadcasters. If you're a viewer, you get access to live streamers around the world. Broadcasters include big names in gaming, sports, and entertainment. Caffeine doesn't have or subscription levels. You're free to browse the streams, a live chat, upvote streams, and donate to your favorite broadcasters.

Steemit is a blockchain-based platform. Users can create posts on tons of topics and other users then add comments or upvote similar to Reddit. Baidu Tieba Postbar is offered by China's Baidu and is a social network based on keyword searches from the Baidu search engine. It's a discussion forum format that lets users create a social network around a specific topic or an existing group.

Users can then share the images with whomever they wish, keeping them away from prying eyes. The social app includes visual effects like 4D Magic and Dynamic Stickers, along with video recording and editing features. There is also a subscription service, 8tracks Plus, available in the US and Canada.

Academia is a Social networking sites similar to facebook for academics and researchers to share academic research. Users have ed more than 22 million papers and the platform has million active users Social networking sites similar to facebook month. It started as a free and open repository of academic journal articles but now charges fees to get authors in contact with those who want to read their research. Amikumu is a cross-platform app that can be used to find people nearby who speak or are learning certain languages.

Social networking sites similar to facebook

The app was originally created for Esperanto speakers but quickly expanded to include speakers of all languages. The app has members in more than countries speaking nearly languages. Amikumu's purpose is to create a social network where speakers and ers can find and share relevant information locally. Users can add their books as well as rate, review, and discuss them with other readers. Users have to apply for membership and membership usually requires an invitation from an existing member or approval by a membership committee.

Athlinks is a free social networking site targeting competitive endurance athletes. So niche, right?

Social networking sites similar to facebook

The platform mostly focuses on competitive for running, swimming, cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, and adventure racing. Athlinks members can connect to their competitors and fellow athletes. BAND is a social network that focuses on group communication. Users can create their own space for communication with others for a specific purpose. These groups range from sports teams, friends, family, interest-based groups, teams, and pretty much anything you can think of.

It was created to help people market themselves to employers, clients, vendors, and the media, sharing their personal brand. Users can also network with one another through personal and professional interests. Blind is another professional network where verified professionals Social networking sites similar to facebook come together to anonymously communicate in private company channels. More than 3. Diaspora is a nonprofit, user-owned, distributed social media network consisting of independently owned nodes pods that interoperate to form the network.

Since the network isn't owned by a single person or enterprise, it's safe from advertising and corporate mergers or takeovers. Fark is Social networking sites similar to facebook community website that lets users comment on news articles and other content from around the web. Out of all of the story submissions the site receives each day only about of them are displayed on the main s. All of the links have associated thre where users can comment on the link.

MeWe is an alt-tech social media network that seeks to be an alternative to Facebook. It has a relatively "hands-off" approach to content moderation. This has made the site popular with anti-vaxxers, US conservatives, and conspiracy theorists. Facebook is currently the largest social media site in the world. With 2. Users can share text posts, links, images, and videos with their Facebook friends.

Brands can also promote their products using paid on Facebook. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networking platforms. While it is mostly app-based, users can also access their feed through the website version. In Juneit finally reached 1 billion monthly active users. Instagram is a highly visual platform, where users share videos and images. You can also use Instagram Stories and Live features.

It is very popular among the younger generations. Twitter is a platform that lets users stay on top of trending topics and engage in relevant conversations. Inthe platform had over million monthly active users.

Social networking sites similar to facebook Social networking sites similar to facebook

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