Stooges pie fight

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In. In the Sweet Pie and Pie Hide Spoilers.

Stooges pie fight

Who had better pie fights than the Three Stooges? If you want to see one of their best, this is the film to see as the last three minutes are nothing but people throwing and mashing pies into each other's faces. No matter how many times I see Animal House-scenes like this over many years - and I've seen this more times and for more years than I want to admit - I still laugh. This theme was used Stooges pie fight several Three Stooges films and the greedy people always got what was coming to them! Anyway, when the guys the women lined up for matrimony - Tom, Dick and Harry - are shipped out to Honolulu, the women are in desperate straits.

Their lawyer, however, has an idea: marry these three convicts Curly, Larry and Moe, shown on the front of the day's newspaper today before they are going to be hanged tomorrow and then collect and be rid Stooges pie fight them when they die! So, the girls head out to Stooges pie fight jail where the boys, of course, marry them instantly. If all of the above sounds like a corny and weird, well, that's our beloved Three Stooges, many times corny and stupid but almost always funny and entertaining. The humor was mostly slapstick with poor Curly and Larry gets hammered by merciless Moe.

You also get a lot of puns and outrageous things like a saw losing all its teeth after meeting up with Curly's noggin. Curly can be honest, though. Then he looks in a mirror, says "Yuck!!! It is incredible dark humor, even for the Stooges. There is an announcer gleefully giving us the details, a necktie company sponsoring the radio broadcast, guys selling programs, peanuts and popcorn to the rest of the inmates, etc. All of this le to the Stooges getting back with those woman and the girls deciding that to get a good reason for a divorce, they'd throw a high-society party and let their husbands make fools of themselves.

Apparently, that would be grounds for divorce! This is a true classic Three Stooges film, complete with all the sight gags, slapstick and corny lines you'd ever want to hear. Was this review helpful? Here's the plot not that plot matters much for the Stooges : Three wealthy sisters can only receive their inheritance if they get married by a certain night. With their boyfriends out of town, they decide to marry some convicts who are about to be hanged the next day.

Enter Moe, Larry, and Curley. And enter big laughs. I daresay this is one of the funniest Stooges shorts I've ever seen. It has it all: silly one-liners, plenty of slapping and poking, and of course, a magnificent pie-throwing battle. If you're a fan of the Three Stooges, you will certainly enjoy this insane work Stooges pie fight comedic art.

A convoluted Stooges pie fight and an excellent pie fight! In fact, it marks the first appearance of a pie-throwing free-for-all in a Stooge film. There had been a few Stooge melees involving clay "Pop Goes the Easel" [] and cream puffs "Slippery Silks" [] and "Three Sappy People" []but never a bona fide pie fight, until the making of "In the Sweet Pie and Pie. The Stooges' "hanging" is nothing more than a jolly spectator sport, complete with a radio commentator and a refreshment vendor Lynton Brent passing out programs. During the pie fight, one of the party guests Eddie Laughton talks about his bravery in a lion fight while he gets plastered with pies.

As usual, the Stooges are pretty darn funny! Moe and Larry attempted another pie fight with Curly in "Half-Wits Holiday"but poor Curly suffered a stroke and had to be taken home before the pie fight was filmed. Movie Nuttball 3 July The Three Stooges has always been some of the many actors that I have loved. I love just about every one of the shorts that they have made.

Stooges pie fight

All of the shorts are hilarious and also star many other great actors and actresses which a lot of them was in many of the shorts! In My opinion The Three Stooges is some of the greatest actors ever and is the all time funniest comedy team! This is one of My favorite Three Stooges shorts of all time!

Stooges pie fight

The Stooges are extremely funny! I was Stooges pie fight how Mary Ainslee and Ethelreda Leopold really looked like sisters and how Richard Fiske acted so differently. I saw some of this at one of My large theaters which has a huge screen and it was something else to see this one on the big screen!

There are so many hilarious scenes! This is a great Three Stooges short! SnoopyStyle 12 May Larry, Curly, and Moe are innocent convicts facing execution in 24 hours. Tiska, Taska, and Baska are society girls who have to marry soon for their inheritance but their boyfriends are stuck at sea. Their lawyer comes up with a foolproof plan to marry the Stooges before their executions.

Stooges pie fight

After Stooges pie fight quickie marriage, the real Mushroom Murder Mob is found and the Stooges are pardoned. Now the girls are stuck with the idiots and they scheme to get rid of them. I really don't like the Curly stunt double but I must admit that he's too old to do that. There is also a bit of recycling as often happens with the Stooges.

The pie fight is pretty standard although the Stooges make it fun. All in all, this is ridiculous fun from the Stooges and it's rather standard. StrictlyConfidential 12 May Can you believe it!? Everyone's favorite stooges that's Curly, Stooges pie fight and Moe are actually in prison waiting execution for their apparent involvement with the notoriously ruthless Mushroom Murder Gang. Well, before you go and shed any tears for these boys, you can be rest assured that their wrongful accusation has promptly been given a full pardon from Stooges pie fight governor.

And, so now our guilt-free guys can fly to the open arms of their newly wedded wives, Tiska, Taska, and Baska Jones where before the night is over you can be certain that some real zany, over-the-top shenanigans is gonna get well underway when the stooges try to toe-the-line and transform themselves into proper gentlemen of high-society living. A lawyer learns about their hanging and talks his three female clients into marrying the boys so that they can collect an inheritance but sure enough after the marriage the boys are set free.

The first portion of the movie packs quite a few laughs as the boys are trying to figure out a way to get out of prison not knowing that Curly has had saws the entire time. The second portion of the film is much better as the boys find themselves trying to fit into society and this includes a very funny dance sequence as well as the before mentioned pie fight.

Speaking of the pie fight, I will admit that when they happen I usually don't laugh and it seems like this is something that the Stooges used every few shorts. Even though I normally don't laugh that certainly wasn't the case here because I thought the entire fight was hilarious and especially all of the reactions given by Moe.

Just look at his covered up face when he first gets hit with the cake as it's very funny. While watching this rather long sequence I wondered how many takes they would have to do just to make sure all of the pies hit their targets perfectly. It is a black-and-white film and if you take a closer look at the people who made this White, Bruckmanand also at the supporting cast who worked with the lead trio on several occasions, you will realize quickly that this is another Three Stooges short film, not one of their most known, not one of their least known I would.

It is from the days of WWII and that means of course that Curly was still on board, but it is not one of the gang's political films. Early on it was a somewhat okay watch still with the three living Stooges pie fight dream of the man on Owl Creek Bridge before Stooges pie fight film moves on to greed, romance and most of all comedy stuff. Sadly the longer it goes, the weaker it becomes and the final pie fight sequence is really when the film hits rock-bottom. Truly forgettable stuff. A bit of a shame as before that I definitely planned on giving this one perhaps a higher rating, but the overall absurdity and strong and quick decrease in quality mean for me that I give the watch a thumbs-down here.

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Stooges pie fight

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