Straight friends hook up tumblr

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Make sure to check out more stories about New You Industries over on their ! Malcolm Ryder strutted down the street with an obnoxious bounce in his step. The young man had his lightly-muscled body on full display underneath his basic white tank-top and running shorts. With a fresh business degree and a starting position at a local marketing company, Malcolm had set off smoothly into the adult world. He worked, neither not enough or hard, and in most of his downtime he was spending all the money he earned partying.

Straight friends hook up tumblr

Luckily, his parents helped him out every time he reached a financial crisis, but it had given Malcolm a false promise of security, allowing him to believe there would always be someone to help pick him up. With that aside however, he was smart, attractive, and had a mostly promising future ahead of him. About a Straight friends hook up tumblr ago, Malcolm had been invited by a college buddy to a massive blowout in the city later that evening. His friend had been told by another source that it was supposedly held by a social media mogul, hopefully meaning a colossal turnout.

While Malcolm was grateful for the invite and excited for the party, he also hoped to hook up with someone—or a few someones—by the end of the night. He sat there dwelling with multiple different emotions of confusion and anger. He had thought all hope was lost when a desperate idea popped into his head. Let me know if it works out, and if not we can think of something else. You can always go Greek, dude. Talk to you soon.

The last thing he wanted to do was wear another bed sheet toga. Quickly, he typed in the for an old family friend and prayed that his crazy idea would work. Malcolm had parked on the road and was just now merrily Straight friends hook up tumblr himself up the driveway, passing by a police car parked in the dirt driveway. Smirking, he noticed a tall, brutish looking man approaching him. Great to see ya again, bud. Barrow brought his huge arms around Malcolm and squeezed him into a good old fashioned bear hug.

Sure, Malcolm had a well-developed body, but nothing as powerful as the beast of a man in front of him. He felt the bristles of an unshaved stubble scrape across his cheek before Mr. Barrow let go. Barrow had even stuck around to help with Malcolm and his siblings when they popped up. He was kind of like an uncle to Malcolm; an older, stricter, and enforcing uncle. Being the chief of the local police force, Mr.

Barrow had always installed some of his work life into his at-home regimes. Although Malcolm had now grown to appreciate Mr. Barrow a little more, he had originally been a lot harder on him as a. Still though, Malcolm liked Mr. Barrow, probably because the man could no longer boss him around.

Straight friends hook up tumblr

Barrow responded. Barrow stuttered before making his way around the police car and popping open the back end. Barrow said.

Straight friends hook up tumblr

Malcolm eagerly responded as Mr. Barrow tossed a small metallic object at him. Reacting instinctively, Malcolm caught it in his hands. It was a badge, just a regular old police badge. However, Malcolm shuddered as his hand suddenly tensed around the badge. Incredible energy surged up his arm and spread through him.

The feeling of the enchanted object was both Straight friends hook up tumblr and exhilarating. Barrow sneered, his kind demeanor suddenly evaporating. Before Malcolm could question the comment, his legs gave out and he fell to his knees with his fingers still firmly grasping the badge. Malcolm was immediately terrified by the developing situation but at the same time engrossed in the power rapidly bubbling throughout his body. Finally after what seemed like hours, his fingers unclenched and dropped the badge to the floor, but the damage had been done.

Malcolm collapsed and let out a long moan as his body began to change. Barrow looked down on the young man as his body began to writhe. Likewise, his arms pulled back into his body while his entire torso was compacted inwards, stripping Malcolm of his lanky appearance. Tendons and ligaments grew across his arms, bulging from his biceps and triceps as his shoulders grew wider, becoming wider and broad and destroying the straps that just barely held his tank top up.

Straight friends hook up tumblr

His defined pecs slowly protruded further from his bony chest, growing larger and dense. His legs surged with strength, allowing copious amounts of muscle growth in his thighs and calves. The sudden spurt caused his running shorts to split at the seam and fall to the ground, revealing a wet, hard, bulging jockstrap underneath.

Behind him, his flat butt began to press outward, growing bigger and rounder to match his thick, muscular thighs. Barrow growled. Much to his surprise, he soon found himself grabbing at fabric.

Straight friends hook up tumblr

His bulging arms and defined chest easily strained the new shirt, while his quadriceps, bulge, and rear did the same to his pants. His jockstrap bloomed into a pair of worn boxers, leaving room for his schlong and balls to breathe. Even a bulky, heavy belt complete with a radio and utilities now pulled down on his waist, not only adding to his uniform but pulling up his legs another half of an inch.

Straight friends hook up tumblr

How can…there be…more! Throwing his head back, he moaned as soles stretched against the rubber of his slides. Hairs erupted along the tops of his toes as they fell over the ends of his sandals, yet the problem was quickly fixed when the streetwear rapidly bloated outward into a pair of heavy Size 14 leather boots.

A pair of generic, starch white socks quickly enveloped his feet as well, climbing up to the mid-calf. However, by the time they had reached their destination, their white color had been replaced with a buttery yellow due to overuse, allowing for a sweaty, potent stench to slowly crawl out from within the boots. Malcolm clambered to his feet slowly but surely, clutching his head from the sheer amount of pain.

In agony, he felt as his curly mane was rapidly yanked away from his scalp, leaving his hair short and tidy. His fingers cracked as Straight friends hook up tumblr began to slide longer across his scalp, pushing through the neat, handsome cut of hair.

Still in shock, Malcolm held the stretching, trembling hands in front of him, gasping as he watched them swell into huge and meaty sausages. A Straight friends hook up tumblr chin and sharp jaw pressed out of his face and light stubble sprouted from the skin. Malcolm frantically scanned his surroundings, looking around to see if somewhere, anywhere, there was someone to help him stop this. Not only did he look easily 20 or more years older, but he looked completely different.

He looked more like a friend of Chief Barrow than the son of one. It stretched down the leg of his pants while his balls swelled larger. The python continued to slither south, thickening and lengthening against his muscular leg. Although Malcolm was reluctant to do so in front of the Chief, he was unable to resist as he gripped the sausage in his hand and pumped, growling loudly with every stroke. He was too busy relishing his increased size and virility to realize his mind was being stuffed with policing skills and years of experience. Before he knew it, Malcolm had a nine-inch weapon in his hand, and the knowledge of how to use it among other things in his head.

Seeing things were about to wrap up, the Chief decided to make his final move. Malcolm was an energetic, lanky yet toned young adult. Instantly, Malcolm screamed in ecstasy as an explosion of semen erupted from his cock. Once the post-orgasmic fog lifted, he blinked his empty eyes rapidly and brushed a large hand through his shorter hair, dazed and bewildered. All he could think about were his policing skills, authoritarian desires, and traditionalized traits. The muscular officer slowly regathered himself and tuned back into reality, discovering Chief Barrow standing right in front of him.

He was a man who believed he always had to be in command of the situation. He contained his emotions, believing that men were better suited to appear calm and in control at all times in order to gain obedience. And as a police officer, obedience was one of his strongest demands. The Chief grinned, overjoyed that the once annoying, rebellious brat had become a straight-laced, rule-following gentleman—and a still rather fine looking one at that. Happy July everyone! Leaning back in his chair, he was surprised to have made it this far. His home state had always been a little…well…old-fashioned, so the landslide victory had come as a shock.

The compliment was nice and all, but the reporter was kind of cute too. He was a tallish, lean man dressed in a dark grey vest and brown slacks. A cigarette hung from his Straight friends hook up tumblr while an old-fashioned press pass rested in the band of the fedora atop his slicked back-do.

Straight friends hook up tumblr

Even the cig—which would usually have disgusted him—aroused him. Looking over himself, Jensen decided he could shoot his shot after the interview. He was fairly tall and had an average build, but his new title added prestige. Dressed in a pair of white loafers and beige khaki shorts, Jensen knew he was rocking a solid outfit today. He also wore a light blue buttoned polo underneath a pink checkered sweater vest with a rainbow flag pinned over his right breast.

His ginger, wavy locks were lying gently along his rectangular half-frame specs, looking as poignant as ever against his freckles. Yeah, he was a catch alright.

Straight friends hook up tumblr

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