Swedish womens names

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Looking for Swedish girl names? Sweden and the whole of Scandinavia are so in fashion. Everywhere you look, people are turning to Sweden for insights on how to live a more balanced life, embrace minimalism, or rediscover happiness. Here are plenty of amazing Swedish girl names, to bring more Swedish culture into your home. Sweden, like the rest of Scandinavia, is packed full of wonderful names to explore. The unique spelling and word formats Swedes use can make Swedish womens names moniker sound more lyrical than the last.

Swedish womens names

The perfect example of one of the top Swedish girl names with a melodic sound, Amalia Swedish womens names amazing to say, and it looks great written down too. Some people believe this name links to Adal, or Adalia — two German names common in the Nordic area. Astrid is a complex name which pulls components from various words, meaning both God, peace and beautiful. When Swedish womens names for a Swedish or Norwegian girl, Astrid means divinely beautiful. Agnes is a name with both Nordic and Greek origins, making it a fantastic choice for Swedish baby girls.

Ebba is a feminine version of the popular name Ebbe. Elsa is a name of Scandinavian originand it comes with a lot of variant forms to consider, such as Elisabet, Elisabeth, Elise, and Ella. Among Swedish baby girl names, Elsa rose Swedish womens names fame quickly in recent years, thanks to the movie, Frozen. Maja Swedish womens names a complex name with a lot of roots in different parts of the world.

Scandinavian, German, and Arabic at the same time, this title is sure to bring a lot of culture into your life. Purely Scandinavian and Swedish in origin, the name translates to mean linden or lime tree. This Swedish female name has a variety of alternative spelling options in other parts of Scandinavia, including Freyja, and Freya. This title denotes nobility. A delightful alternative to Anna, or Amelie, the name Anneli, also commonly spelled Annelie, is originally a nickname for Anna or Anne-Louise.

This beautiful title sounds soft but looks strong. Almost every popular Swedish girl name in Scandinavia right now has a unique meaning behind it. However, there are some female names in Sweden with a more interesting background than others. If you love Swedish culture, from Lagom to Hygge, then these names will appeal to you.

Taken from the wonderful world of Swedish mythology and fantasy, which is packed full of fairies and pixies, Tindra is ideal for a little girl. This relatively new name in Sweden means to sparkle or twinkle, just like the stars. Juni is the compelling Swedish version of the name June. This unique name comes with a lot of meaning beyond its reference to the Summer months. Juni can Swedish womens names to Juniper, and often means things like light, youth, and desirability. Though it might sound like a traditional Swedish name for girls, Ronja is quite new. Aside from its religious connotations, Ronja is also the name of a famous book by Astrid Lindgren, a popular Swedish writer.

One of the top Swedish girl names for those who want a touch of heritage for their daughter, Sigrid comes from the Old Norse language. There are many beautiful meanings attached to this title, including wisdom, and victory. Annika has connections to both Sweden and Russia. Natalie has both Swedish and Hebrew origins.

A common name around the world, Cecilia is the female version of Cecil, and it translates to mean blind. The name Frideborg in Sweden means peaceful, or calm. Traditional Swedish girl names date back dozens, even hundreds of years. Some come from Old Norse and the Vikings, while others seem to be passed down throughout the world. Here are some of the traditional options for Swedish girl names you might just fall in love with…. This name has been popular in Sweden since the 17 th century, and it even has its own place on the Swedish calendar. The name obviously links back to the beautiful and romantic rose flower.

Saga is the goddess of storytelling. Ulla has links to Scandinavian history, but also German, Norse, and other regions of the world too. The old fashioned name Blenda is quite a fun Swedish name for girls. Similar in some ways to Brenda, the title translates to mean either glory, or Heroine in Swedish. According to an old legend, Blenda was actually the leader of the women who organised a defense against the Danes attacking the country.

This name refers to feelings of strife and struggle. This Scandinavian name is unlikely to appear anywhere else in the world. Ing is one of the primary gods in Old Norse mythology. See also Articles Sweden What is Sweden known for? Interesting facts about Sweden.

Swedish womens names

Lotta is a name with both Scandinavian and German origins. Similar in some ways to Lotte, you might not realise Lotta is actually a shorter form of the name Charlotta taken from Charlotte.

Swedish womens names

Maj might look like quite a blunt name written down, but it has a nice and soft pronounciation. It means May and is short for Maja. Petronella is a deeply Swedish name which is actually fairly common in Norway and Sweden. Ragnhild is perfect. Rigmor is a fantastic Swedish name for girls ready to grow up and rule the world. Solveig is another female name in Sweden with Old Norse origins. Hopefully, Swedish womens names list of female names in Sweden has given you an insight into how diverse the landscape can be.

To learn more about the fantastic culture and heritage of Sweden, check out some of our other amazing lists of Swedish names. Alternatively, check out some of the common names throughout Norway, Denmark, Finland, Swedish womens names beyond! Scandification explores and celebrates the magic of Scandinavia. To advertise your brand to a global audience, contact our advertising team below.

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Swedish womens names

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Swedish womens names

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Swedish womens names

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