Thailand email address

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By david96December 4, in IT and Computers. Even companies and businessess use these addys. It would appear that Thai ISPs do not have provision for an. Would you do business on the internet with a customer with a web based address? Thai ISP's do have the provision, [ protected] as an example.

Thailand email address

No I would not do business with a company that Thailand email address a web based mail addy. Correct me if I am wrong but does not. Thailand would be. I regularly see multi million USD villa projects being advertized with a hotmail type contact point. Its like advertising your business with a 'meet me in the pub' or send mail 'care of the Kings Arms' etc.

So unprofessional. To be honest on a business deal I would also cringe almost equally at using a thaiISP. Even for my private non business dealings I use [ protected]. This domain has grown very large and there is concern about the administrative load and system performance if the current growth pattern is continued. Consideration is being taken to subdivide the COM domain and only allow future commercial registrations in the subdomains. A non-commercial address that doesn't have its own TLD name, e. The ''.

Thailand email address

XX'' construct now seems to be referred to as an ''error'', but it used to be termed an ''abuse''. GOV and. Some or all of Thailand email address this may have changed recently or not so recently. I sit at the back and don't pay much attention. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. By webfact Started 1 hour ago. By webfact Started 6 hours ago. By snoop Started 12 hours ago. By webfact Started Thursday at PM. By webfact Started January By snoop Started 16 hours ago. By Thailand email address Started Thursday at PM. By webfact Started 15 minutes ago.

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Thailand email address Thailand email address

email: [email protected] - phone:(562) 553-8515 x 7045

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