Thailand mobile sim card price

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Purchase of a new SIM card is easy, and can be done at operators' shops in major malls or at the airports or at any 7-Eleven, Family Mart and many mini markets. Thailand does, however, have a strictly enforced mandatory SIM card registration and you will need to provide your ID or passport at the point of purchase see below.

Arriving at BKK Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok, the 3 major players have their flagship stores in the big arrivals hall just past the customs check almost side by side. There you can compare prices and promotions. At DMK Don Mueang Bangkok's budget airport you can now find the stores of the three major providers located next to each other facing exit gate 6.

At Phuket's internatl. Alternatively, you can go to a flagship store of the provider found in Thailand mobile sim card price shopping malls. Some users argue that local SIM cards bought in a mini store are cheaper. That's right, but tourist plans sold only in branded operator Thailand mobile sim card price at the airport or in malls have other advantages.

If you want to call IDD, they give you the lowest rates ask for the prefix. In these stores you will get English-speaking service and they will install the SIM in your device with all the configurations. You clearly understand your plan and the included services print out in English. They are not a rip-off like in some other SE Asian countries and a valid option for not so experienced users. In addition, for late-night arrivals generally the operator desks at the airport selling tourist SIMs are the only ones active the registration system mini-markets use for registering local SIMs shuts down at night so even if the store is open, they can not complete activation for youso if you want a local rate plan you will have to wait until the next day.

On the other hand local SIM cards are somewhat cheaper for data, have speed-limited but true unlimited usage options available, and they support international roaming if you plan on going to other countries in the region later. In addition, the big providers are now willing to provide support in English for visitors using these local SIMs if you go to one of the flagship locations or call the customer service line. You will, however, need to know what plan you want and which strings are attached. The cheapest plans are severely throttled in max.

In the list below we show some of the local prices as an indicative because there are many more options and promotions around. These plans are separate from the Tourist and Roaming SIM cards that you need to buy in a branded store and both lines can't be mixed. All major operators allow tethering and they treat all data going through their network equally. If you are using an iPhone, you may need to perform a network reset or a carrier update for the mobile tethering option to appear. Tethering provides, most of the time, excellent quality.

If you work remote and are a heavy user, you will have a trouble free experience. For voice calling overseas heavily reduced rates even below VoIP providers are offered by the three major operators using special IDD prefix codes on Tourist Plans only. Let them give you the cheapest option for your destination which has to be dialed before the country code see below. Adding credit or airtime is quite easy as long as you stay in Thailand. Loading airtime gives you ability to make calls or subscribe to data packages and also extends the lifetime of the SIM card.

A few physical places where you can top-up are 7-Eleven, Family Mart, BigC, Tesco, phone kiosks and the outlets of the operators. Note that 7-Eleven can only sell top ups for cash and not for AIS. There are a lot more resellers found on the internet, all using the same API and provider.

If one of them does not work with your Thailand mobile sim card price payment option, trying another one will most likely give you the same error. You have to top-up a Thai SIM card every 45 days or pay more to add validity in order to keep it alive as well as make at least one call or outgoing SMS activity every 6 months. Many Thai SIM cards expire in 45 days after the last top-up, unless you are able to add extra validity.

Thailand mobile sim card price

The bare minimum to maintain validity is 10 THB every month. Additionally, True and DTAC allow you to extend validity for a price, check this site on how to extend. Before you purchase any SIM card, make sure that the network you are choosing is compatible with your devices see below. The big three providers have different networks operating on more than one set of frequencies that are combined through domestic roaming.

Thailand mobile sim card price

So you should better enable roaming on your device, even for domestic use. Most old networks mainly on 2G are about to decommissioned soon. AIS has sealed a roaming agreement with dtac for 2G on their MHz band, which dtac is going to use until However, all providers and the NBTC have agreed in late to indefinitely postpone the shutdown date, so the networks remain in place for now, but be aware that the shutdown plans can at any time. The leading trio is very much on par. Sometimes there is congestion in city areas.

In addition, all providers have mmWave n spectrum and are deploying it. Thailand is one of the few countries where some international calls are charged lower than domestic or even Thailand mobile sim card price calls.

For this you have to use certain IDD prefixes. So the correct order to dial abroad is:. The prefixes differ between operators and are added at the end of each section. The major providers give out special discounted prefixes on which major landlines in Europe, America, Asia and Australia can be called for as low as 1 THB per min. Under the law all SIM cards have to be registered from You will need to show an ID at the point of purchase. This is now enforced in all providers stores and outlets very strictly and from the end of a new biometric system is introduced.

Thailand mobile sim card price

You will now additionally have your face scanned or fingerprints taken. The new system is mandatory from to the registration of both new prepaid and postpaid SIM cards, but not to existing SIM card holders. It's to be used across Thailand in all 55, customer service shops and outlets.

Operators can choose to use either the face or fingerprint recognition verification system.

Thailand mobile sim card price

The of new SIM cards sold by all three major mobile phone operators that are ordered to introduce this new biometric registration system is around 4. Under the method, the registration locations copied only the ID cards of the SIM card buyer together with a barcode of the purchased SIM card.

Thailand mobile sim card price

Under this new method, new SIM card subscribers will have to insert their ID cards into the fingerprint reader or the face recognition card reader at the registration locations. The card readers are connected to the mobile phones or PC of the registration locations. Then the app will see, if the captured face matches with the face stored in the ID card database. Foreigners buying SIM Thailand mobile sim card price in Thailand will have their faces scanned and matched against their passport photographs.

In new restrictions on the of SIM cards have been implemented. Thailand has a very strong network of public WiFi hotspots all over the country. Some of them e. Others in hotels and restaurants are for customers only. There are many hotspots of AIS, True and dtac throughout the country.

WiFi plans can be purchased separately as well, and paid from your phone balance. It's part of the SingTel Corp. Optus in Australia and SingTel in Singapore. AIS' prepaid brand is often dubbed Call. Top-ups can be done in many ways, but ATMs and internet banking require Thai bank s.

So topping up by an electronic top-up or cash card is recommended.

Thailand mobile sim card price

A small fee will be deducted. Every AIS store has a "payment kiosk" that is an automated top-up machine as well. International credit cards are a mixed bag, most of them do not work. In case there is no usage or no recharge for 90 days, with no remaining validity, the will be automatically terminated.

To maximize validity extension, top up in small increments e. They offer a huge array of SIM cards:. AIS has a rather large and confusing range of data add-on packages in addition to their many SIM card types, some of which already come with data. For activation use their app or go to thisphone and you will get the activation Thailand mobile sim card price by SMS. Subscribers will be able to use the package allowance after receiving SMS confirmation. If any internet usage allowance has not been used after the package validity ends, the remaining internet allowance will be forfeited.

Thailand mobile sim card price

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