Thailand soapy massage parlors

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You might know that Thailand is a traditional country in many ways — well reputed for oil, aromatic and foot massages. In contrast, the infamous soapy massage has nothing to do with therapy, but only pleasure for men enjoying water sports with a beautiful lady…. So you know what to expect and how to behave. All the shenanigans happen in the privacy of an appointed room where there is a bathtub to bath you, a plastic mattress to ride you, and a bed to finish off with sex….

So, to keep your mind free from worries, below I provide the main steps for a soapy massage…. Every girl has a color tag that indicates her price. If you have any requests, fantasies or simply you would like to know more about a girl, just ask the manager for help. She will slip up and down her Thailand soapy massage parlors body all over you.

The girls have different prices depending on their attractiveness. Usually, fair skin girls cost more than darker skin girls. So, the price for a soapy massage in Bangkok starts at 2.

Thailand soapy massage parlors

But in average, you should budget 3. The price includes a body to body massage in a private room and a happy ending at the end of the section. Below I only review the three best soapy massage parlors in Bangkok at the moment. There are two lobbies. ly, Poseidon used to have a lot of sideline girls students who take part-time jobsbut the s have been ificantly cut down.

INFO: The parlor charges a surcharge baht extra for foreigners if fishbowl girls and 1. Once inside, you will be impressed by the size and luxury of this place. It looks like a five stars hotel. The girls are sitting in a huge lobby on sofas and couches all over the place. Thailand soapy massage parlors is what makes Emmanuelle different from the other soapy massage parlors, you can see the girls close up and talk to them.

This t has a wide selection of girls, the widest price range in Bangkok and the facilities are top-notch. Emmanuelle Massage Parlor also offers membership to those who are interested.

Thailand soapy massage parlors

The member registration is usually for 10 individuals and includes alcohol and use of suite rooms. The alcohol bottles and using the suite rooms depend on the membership package that you opt for. The package starts at Emmanuelle Prices: Anything between 2. If you would like a soapy massage, you must pay another Baht on top. Address: 55 Ratchadapisek Rd. INFO: Thailand soapy massage parlors parlor charges a surcharge of baht from its foreign customers. There are 3 of girls. The best looking part-time girls are sitting on an exclusive location next to the bar.

I recommend that you stay away from fishbowl girls, the reason being they are a bit older and rough in their behavior. LaBelle Prices: From 3. They have 6 types of girls with different tag prices. It all started in the afternoon on my second day trip to Bangkok. I was shocked to see forty girls line up, eager to get my attention.

Thailand soapy massage parlors

They looked all pretty hot and wondered which one would please me the most. So I asked the floor manager for help. He suggested a girl with huge tits.

Thailand soapy massage parlors

There I was, naked in a jacuzzi waiting for the girl to clean me up hopefully from my sins. She got naked too to my surprise. Her breast was huge!

Thailand soapy massage parlors

She splashed with me in the Jacuzzi, cleaned my body with attention and love as a good girlfriend would do. Finally, I could unload on her big breast. However, I still enjoy soapy massage experiences. But I do them in private, instead of visiting a soapy massage parlor. That way, you can play with the girls for hours at a fraction of the price…. Just hire a freelancer in Bangkok from a dating site or if you prefer a face to face interaction walk down Sukhumvit Road near Nana Plaza. In conclusion, you can get a soapy massage in a parlor or in your room.

In the parlors, you pay more for a rather mechanical experience. Instead, you can make a deal with girls freelancing in Bangkok at a fraction of the cost. They have a Deluxe Suite room with a hot tub on the balcony. I wish you a great time in Bangkok. Basically is a body to body massage where the masseur can ride you thanks to the soapy water.

All the shenanigans happen in the privacy of an appointed room where there is a bathtub to bath you, a plastic mattress to ride you, and a bed to finish off with sex… Massage girl preparing the bathtub in a soapy massage Thailand soapy massage parlors in Bangkok. About Post Author. Rocco Hi, my name is Rocco. If you want to learn how to meet Asian women and plan unforgettable holidays, then stick around. I've helped thousands of travelers with their journey. We use cookies to ensure that we give you Thailand soapy massage parlors best experience on our website.

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Thailand soapy massage parlors

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