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You have all benefits of the Swiss national health insurance scheme KVG-LAMal without having to submit any medical history or medical questionnaire. What is an exemption and why do I need one?

The swiss care

After filling out the exemption form you will receive one after completing your online application and sending all requested documents to SWISSCARE as pdf files and in good quality, our team will stamp, and send these documents directly to the responsible cantonal authorities. Upon reception of the documents, the cantonal authority will verify whether you are eligible for exemption according to article 2 paragraph 4 of the Swiss Ordinance on Health Insurance KVV, OaMal. Depending on the authority concerned, the verification process can take a few weeks or even several months.

Once the concerned authorities have rendered a decision, it will be sent directly to the insured. Unfortunately, Swisscare is not informed and can not obtain The swiss care information concerning this process. Does this mean that I can be exempted from paying for my health insurance? Answer: No. The premiums are due and the exemption procedure has no impact on the The swiss care to pay for the insurance premiums. According to Swiss law, it is mandatory for every resident in Switzerland to obtain health insurance coverage in accordance with the regulations set in the Swiss Health Insurance Act.

However, for certain individuals such as foreign students, or interns, there is an option to waive this obligation and to obtain private health insurance coverage, as long as the benefits are equivalent to those required by the Swiss Health Insurance Act. During the exemption procedure, this is what the authorities verify. Do I need to pay for my health insurance during the exemption procedure? Answer: Yes The reason the premiums are still owed during the time the exemption request is being processed is that should a client not pay and thus lose coverage, Swisscare is obligated to notify the authorities and the exemption process is then automatically stopped and the individual can be ased to a Swiss national health insurance scheme by the authorities.

Additionally, Swiss law requires compliant insurance coverage from the day of arrival on. For this reason, it is very important to respect the payment delays. In the case of non-payment, coverage can be suspended and a notification to the authorities may become necessary. Is it possible that the exemption application is refused by the competent authorities?

The cantonal authorities can refuse an application for exemption based on a lack The swiss care eligibility - meaning that the individual does not fulfill the conditions set out in the applicable laws.

The swiss care

The refusal decision always states the reasons for refusal, as well as a deadline for an appeal. Should the application be denied, a national Swiss health insurance provider must be found for the concerned individual and Swisscare should be contacted and the termination process initiated. What is an exemption confirmation? This is the document you will receive from the competent authorities cantonal or communalusually by post, which confirms that they have accepted that you are exempt from the State Health Insurance Scheme because The swiss care have equivalent coverage with the Swisscare Studentpass Switzerland insurance product.

Please take The swiss care care when you receive this document, because you must submit a scan or copy when you file a claim for reimbursement. You can change your address by logging into your customer or using the MySwisscare app on iOS or Android. If you are in need of medical treatment, it is important the treatment is undertaken by a doctor whose certification is officially recognized in the country you receive your treatment. Depending on the insurance coverage you have chosen, certain exclusions may be applicable. We recommend that the General Insurance Conditions are consulted and if it is not clear, to ask questions concerning reimbursement and claims directly to the concerned claim service.

In the case of hospital admission for inpatient treatment meaning an overnight stayyou can present your digital insurance card saved on your MySwisscare or on the iOS or Android app. If the inpatient facility requires further information, you can simply click or tap share - and then enter the address given by the hospital.

They will then receive the complete insurance policy with all the details. Most of the time, inpatient treatments will be billed directly to the concerned insurer, however, they may request a security deposit.

The swiss care

Dentists are usually not covered unless there is an accident. The insurance deductible is a fixed sum that is at the expense of the insured in the case of a claim covered by the chosen insurance policy. The general insurance conditions define the amount and the scope of application. The deductible can be calculated per contractual The swiss care, per calendar year, for a specific duration, for a specific treatment or for a specific insurance cover. The insurance deductible is also stated on the insurance policy. Not all insurance products are submitted to a deductible.

Please note that coverage is only provided for the benefits stated in the General Insurance Conditions. At times exclusions are also applicable and they vary depending on the insurance product. It is recommendable to verify the coverage of the chosen product in advance.

The swiss care

To ensure you are refunded quickly, it is recommendable to follow the claim procedure via your customer or by using the MySwissare iOS or Android App. How long does it take for a refund to be made? Once the concerned claim service has received all required documentation the insurer will initiate the refund procedure. In most instances, a refund is effected within 30 days of submission of the complete documentation. During peak seasons for example The swiss care it is possible that a refund will take longer.

If within 45 days you have not been refunded by the insurer, we recommend that you contact them directly via or our contact form. Instantly if you pay by credit card If you pay your insurance by credit card, you can download your insurance policy immediately.

The swiss care

You will receive an confirming reception. As soon as we have received them, you will receive an confirming reception. You can pay by credit card at any time to receive your insurance policy instantly. Just log into your MySwisscare and under the tab "finance" you can choose to pay your insurance premium by credit card.

After a few seconds, you will be able to download your insurance policy. Leaving Switzerland If you are leaving Switzerland permanently, meaning that you will be returning your residence permit or it is no longer valid, The swiss care can cancel your insurance on the day following your departure if you leave on the 25th, then that is the last day of validity and the cancelation takes effect on the 26th.

To do so please us a scanned copy of your official attestation of departure from the city hall. Premiums for the time after departure according to the policy you present will be refunded. Please send us along with your attestation of departure your bank coordinates for a refund.

Once we have all the required information, the refund will be made. As we are not necessarily informed of such changes, you are required to to initiate the cancelation procedure and the switch to a Swiss national health insurance scheme KVG-LAMal.

We are happy to support you with the switch. You marry a Swiss national Once you marry a Swiss national, your residence status changes and the main reason for your stay in Switzerland is no longer of a temporary nature - which means you are no longer The swiss care for an exemption to have student health insurance.

You must inform Swisscare of these changes as well as the concerned authorities and you will have to switch to a Swiss national health insurance scheme KVG-LAMal. We are happy to guide you during this transition. Change to a different insurer If you wish to change to another insurer and none of the reasons above are applicable, then you can cancel at the end of the calendar year December 31st and must hand in the notice until September 30th of the current year.

To validate your cancellation, we need a confirmation from your new insurance that coverage will begin on January 1st of the following year. Please note, that an offer is insufficient to validate a cancelation, it must be an insurance policy. A cancellation is only possible if your insurance policy was active for at least 12 months.

But please note that PCR tests are not covered by the government or any insurance if you need a negative test result for travel. From 24 June From 7 April From The swiss care March All the costs of rapid tests requested by individuals, regardless of whether you have symptoms, will be covered by the federal government. From 2 November Rapid-tests The swiss care been carried out and are covered by the Swiss authorities, without taking into the deductible and co-participation, in the case of those with specific symptoms or as a result of close contact with a person who has tested positive.

Before 25 June Tests and treatments are covered by the health insurance for those with severe symptoms or possible risk of complication, but deductible and co-participation are applied. Registration procedure:. A copayment is an amount per calendar year at the expense of the insured for covered insurance benefits.

The Swiss health insurance act requires that there is a copayment as well as a franchise for medical costs at the expense of the insured. Expatriate medical Essential medical. Customer The swiss care Customer Downlo. What is the international student health insurance Switzerland plan?

Who can apply? Scholars and students Interns Au pairs Doctoral students. Country-specific information Select country Austria. Czech Republic. .

The swiss care

Claim Form EN Download. Frequently Asked Questions What is an exemption procedure? Important Please note that coverage is only provided for the The swiss care stated in the General Insurance Conditions. The costs for the Coronavirus tests and treatments are covered.

From 24 June The antigen self-test kits from pharmacies are free of charge only if: You have not been fully vaccinated; You have not been infected with the coronavirus. From 15 March All the costs of rapid tests requested by individuals, regardless of whether you have symptoms, will be covered by the federal government.

The swiss care

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