Things u need to know

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This piece originally appeared on Quora : What are some of the most important things that we should be informed about in life? When I was growing up, the friends I hung out with were trash talkers. The books I read was trash fiction. I was stupid and followed what each of them said blindly. So I got all my life lessons from doing stupid stuff, and falling flat on my face. My friends and I made plans like robbing a video store genius, right?

Thankfully we never got Things u need to know serious trouble, since most of our plans died before the end of the night. By analyzing the things I screwed up in my own life. By observing other people falling on their face. I learned these things like someone going to the carnival and seeing other people play the games.

Things u need to know

Observing them on a deep level and then picking up the things that they do wrong and the things they do right. You will gain more friends than you ever imagined. If you follow these, you will walk and talk without fear or doubt in your life.

Things u need to know

Your friends will follow you to the ends of the world. They will think of you as the leader that you were always born to be. You will live large, be bold and confident, and get the things that you want in your life. You will live a small life. Your friends will forget you.

You may disagree with some of them. In fact, some of these will probably rub you the wrong way. You can disagree with it.

Things u need to know

But before you do, try it out in your life, see if it works for you and makes your life easier, simpler, better. See if make you happier. Then decide if you want to keep it in Things u need to know life. So here are the 10 things, like promised… Compounding is the most powerful force on earth. Consider this; If you gave me a single grain of sand when I was born. Then doubled that grain of sand for every year of my life. By the time I retire at 65 years of age, I would own all the grains of sand in the world.

I would own all the sand on the beaches of the world. Even the Australian outback. Suppose you have an apple. You can eat it, make apple pie out of it, or sow it to get an apple tree.

Things u need to know

If you eat it. If you make apple pie out of it, maybe you can share it with your family maybe even invite a few of your friends. But as time passes, as the seeds comes out, you will start seeing it grow in your life. After what seems like a long time you will see a tree. And still after what appears to be a longer time will it start giving fruit. Once it Things u need to know it will keep giving you fruit for a eons. You can now take the fruit and use it.

You can now eat an apple for as long as you want. You can even give apples to your family and friends. You can make an apple pie every day for the rest Things u need to know your life. And give away this apple pie to your family and friends so they can share it with their family and friends. BUT this is still just simple interest. How Will It Compound? When you take the fruit from the tree and start sowing that. You had one Things u need to know and you planted it. Each year it produces 5 bushels. Each bushel has about apples. So each year the tree produces about apples.

You can take those apples and plant them. Getting another trees in the second year. For simplicity. Then you will start harvesting but not immediately. So you will only harvest when the fruit you planted in the 10th year mature, which will be in the 15th year. How many apple would you be harvesting now?

More than you can imagine. You planted trees for 5 years. Plus the original tree, so trees giving you apples. Each tree is now giving you apples. In the 15th year. You could keep planting these apples also. And in another year this will become astronomical. To the tune of 1, X in 5 years will be… More than I can multiply in my mind. The point is to understand how big compounding can get from simple interest. Plus you can keep sowing the apples each year and they will keep multiplying the output at the end. If you buy something on a credit card. Lets say you max out a credit card.

Then you only pay the minimum payment on it. It will take you 17 years to pay back the entire amount. Not because the minimum payment is so low, but because you keep paying the interest. Plus every month that you accrue interest, the bank charges you interest on that also. But there is a silver lining to this. You can use it to your benefit also. Is it too late to invest? That is the power of compounding. It applies to everything that you do in life.

Compounding In Your Life It applies to your health. Try running a marathon today. But if you spend focused time and energy of practicing running, you will run your first marathon in less than 6 months. Your strength will compound. But by the end of the 6 months you will be running 26 miles. The same applies to your mind. If you try to learn a subject on day 1. You will fail. But if you keep trying everyday. Little by little.

Things u need to know

Your mind will make the connections and in a year or two you will become the foremost expert. Or relationships. If you propose to a girl the first day you meet, she will shoot you down. But if you court her over a period of time… She will say yes. This rule or compounding effort applies to everything in life. Good or bad. If you listen to gossip every day, you will eventually become a gossiper.

So keep your eyes open to this. Use it for your benefit, and protect yourself from it if necessary. Never Buy Money One of the most shocking phenomenon in the modern age is buying money. You buy money all the time. You buy money even when it is very expensive for you to buy money. This is such an excellent guise that we quickly fool ourselves without ever thinking about this.

In fact the more you talk about not buying money, the greater opposition you will get. It really drives people crazy. Try it the next time you meet your friends. We buy money in the form of credit cards, mortgages, loans, car leases etc. The truth is that there is a huge industry with tested methods to get you and me to buy money.

So understand that their job is to sell you the credit. In the form of a credit card, in the form of a mortgage, in the Things u need to know of a car lease, in the form of a student loan, or in the form of anything else Things u need to know want to finance.

New furniture? Why not. You can keep coming up with new ways to buy money and the bank will keep saying yes. The first thing that will happen is you will feel a little pinch in your finances for the first few months that you do this. But once you get over the hump an interesting thing will happen. Then another shocking thing will happen.

Your financial stress will start going down.

Things u need to know

This creates a vicious feedback look within you. This sucks. But then when you have more knowledge and experience, you realize you are still inadequate. You have all the knowledge and experience you will ever need. Resourcefulness is the feeling and confidence within you, that you can take care of things, that you can do things, that no matter how bad the situation is, you will overcome it. Our generation is the most over-parented generation EVER. This is a serious problem. This act of developing the courage to take care of yourself is what I mean by Things u need to know.

You can do things today to develop your resourcefulness. How Do You Develop Resourcefulness? Go do things that you are uncomfortable doing. Do them alone, without telling your friends or family. Strike up a conversation, see if you can find something common with them.

Things u need to know Things u need to know

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