Thursday nightlooking for in shape 1935

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Thursday nightlooking for in shape 1935

Louis, and as far r. Uncle Sam gnt valuable property when he acquired that territory. The Ewing newspapers. H wever, man is small, na; ture Ls big. What an earthquake suddenly dropping from the clouds. Grimly determined to erase what they considered a civic blot, householders flooded the police and sheriffs departments with hits of information theories and suggestions.

Sheriff J J. The prisoner is J F. Varnelle was arrested following an investigation conducted by postal author:! Sunday VA raid across the border from Man- choukuo, to cut the railroad line to Vladivostok failed when a Soviet hor- der patrol fought the raiders, killing two and wounding three, official Russian advices from Kh abarovsk said today. The official Tass news agency charged that the raid, which occurred October 26, was organized by army officials in Manchoukuo.

It is another in a series of border incidents which have kept Soviet- Japanese relations tense. Delayed Soviet s said six men, described as "Korean bandits. Associat'd Press Photo. Students of politics watched these contests especially for auguries of Roosevelt fortunes at the polls next year. The New Deal has figured to a lesser extrnt in electioneering for state offices in New Jersey, and hardly at all in Virginia and Mississippi. Because New York, Pennsylvania md New Jersey have 97 electoral votes, or more than a fifth of the nation's total, sentiment as between Democratic and Republican state tickets in those states could have a bearing on future party strategy.

If this contention is not dearly demonstrated Tuesday, with allowance for the prominence of state and local issues in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, observers believe the New Deal may feel less concerned about what may happen next year in New England The administration leadership might feel that either New York or Pennsylvania would counter balance any New Deal losses in New England.

The Republican leadership has frankly based its New York campaign on a national plane while Governor Herbert Lehman emphasized state issues. The assembly is now Democratic by a margin of four votes. Whichever way it goes, the victors probably w ill hail the result as a forerunner of Some Democratic forecasters have sai'i Roosevelt's reelection would he assured if either New York or Illinois stands by him.

Their assumption is that the south will stay solid and his western and mid-western strength 'Continued on Fifth i LI l. Seven convicted as kidnapers have assailed that law. Another sentenced to death for assaulting kidnaped officers called that act unconstitutional in an appeal for reprieve Still a third group indicted for possessing a machine gun challenged the firearms law with the same contention.

In this, they believe millions of dollars in tribute have been collected from helpless tradesmen and citizens by- gangsters in exchange for a promise not to molest their business. The attacks against the constitutionality of the crime laws will present to the supreme court in new form some of the thorny questions that have been asked it before. The kidnaping and stolen property laws rest upon the power of the government to regulate interstate commerce It is like NRA in that respect. The firearms Thursday nightlooking for in shape 1935 law. Laws against killing federal agents and escaping from federal custody rely upon the general powers of the government.

In their first attacks upon the laws, the gangsters have lost. D C, Nov. Said Dr. Marvin; "The News-Star and World may indeed be proud of their record-breaking advertising achievement. I wish also to congratulate Monroe upon its th Thursday nightlooking for in shape 1935 and trust that it will prosper in years to come as it has in the past. The Particularly interesting is the cooperation given by the neighboring communities m this achievement. Mont, Nov. Tins capital city, shaken by more than tremors in throe weeks, felt a sho.

Still, the weary residents eyed falling mercury with more apprehension than earthquake charts. The temperature dropped steadily toward zero. Thursday nightlooking for in shape 1935 sc res of homes unhabitable relief workers huddled charges in relief shelters and heated railway cars Icy blasts swept down the east slope of the Rockies Cutbank, border of the Glacier National park, reported 30 degrees below.

Associated Press Photo. Next Tuesday when Kentuckians elect a governor and other state officers they will vote on repeal of the state prohibition amendment. Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidates are taking no sides but a prohibi'ion party candidate is battling against repeal.

Carry Nation, who went from Kentucky to wield hatchets in Kansas saloons. A few survived under government permit to manufacture m dicinal liquor.

Thursday nightlooking for in shape 1935

Kentucky adopted state constitutional prohibition in November of by a margin of Shushan was not charged in the case in any way. Tie proceedings today were brought by Rufus W Fontenot, acting collector of internal revenue for Louisiana who said they were authorized by Guy T. Federal agents said Shushan could pay the tax under protest or post a bond for twice the amount of the as- -essnmnt and appeal to the United States board of tax appeals and the federal courts.

About a Thursday nightlooking for in shape 1935 ago Mr Shushan lc ft New Orleans with his attorney for Chicago presumably on a business trip. The postoffice began moving into its new location Saturday and expected to dispatch and receive mail in its new quarters by Sunday. Plans for the formal dedication of the postoffice are rapidly being formulated by a special committee named j recently by the Bastrop Knvan. According to present plans, the dedication will take place Saturday, November 9. Congressman Riley J. Wil- ; son and probably S W. The committee in charge of arrangements for the dedication is composed of Isaac Chapman, chairman, J.

Ludlum and R. Holladay, Jr. The demand is expected at the London naval conference one month from today, which the United States will attend. II D ice is expected to offer to scrap two 35,ton battleships, placed in construction last year, as an evidence of good faith. Blackshirts and native F. At the same time, the correspondents reported Italian airmen on the southern front had launched a blasting attack on Ethiopian caravans.

No general troop movement on the southern front was reported, however. Income taxes and miscellaneous internal revenue were both running substantially. OOo higher than in the initial four months of the last fiscal year, which ended last June The works progress administration said the new program had transferred t.

The of relief cases receiving work program earnings in October last vear was 1, It disclosed, too, that WPA faced the tremendous task of providing an average of The latest statisti- a showed further that in the week between October 19 and 26 a total ofThursday nightlooking for in shape 1935 ans- fers were made from direct rebcf to! This was an average of More than a third c.

Thursday nightlooking for in shape 1935

Officials have asserted they expect a sharp pick-up in the job-giving j rate, and have reported plans for spurring the drive as much as possible. Six states already have ; been cut off.

Thursday nightlooking for in shape 1935

The employment given persons on relief last year was provided by proj- Cont! Regent George Kondylis told the populace today. The country, which has seen kings, dictators and presidents come and go, will vote tomorrow on the question of recalling the monarchical Englishman to the Greek throne from which he was ousted in HOME, Nov. Santini s main bodv of troops started moving forward front Edaga Hamus.

The referendum will bear upon whether the board should be named by the general electorate or by the attorneys of the state. Another resolution adopted called for a referendum on whether the educational requirement for law school entry should be raised to two years of college training.

Thursday nightlooking for in shape 1935

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