Top 10 christian bands 2014

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Lambesis is also at the beginning of a six-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to hiring a hitman to kill his ex-wife, which means he has very little to lose at this point. And he just froze up and let one of the guys who was still a Christian answer the question. We laughed about it afterward, but we were only laughing because it was so awkward. It was cowardly, looking back. But did I really want to get into a huge explanation?

Before my arrest, my plan was to tour for as many really good years that we actually had left—four, five. Top 10 christian bands 2014 wanted to save up that money and then stop doing it altogether, stay home with my kids, have the money we needed. If I had to work at McDonalds, it would easily pay the bills. Good Luck to ANY muslim kids that want to start a band, probably will get blown off the stage before they finish the first show! I know stacks of Muslim musicians and have been several times to a festival in Morocco that is based on the Muslim Gnawa musical tradition.

Top 10 christian bands 2014

I know Muslim rock, dub, dubstep, hiphop and electronica musicians. A lot of it is just hate-speak and very factually incorrect. Makes it much easier to persuade you to go and kill them and take their oil. Wise up. Enjoy the Top 10 christian bands 2014 down there! My family lost some loved ones on September 11 But I love all Muslims, I have Muslim cousins, but they are simply wrong in their thinking and if they believe their bible they want to kill ALL Christians, that means you, and me. As God said in the bible, love the sinner, hate the sin, or in this case love the Muslim, hate the Islam.

I pray that all Muslims will one day turn to the true God, but their is a time to love them and a time to kick their asses and send them to hell. Enough said. You need to wake up and wise up and quit believing all the lies your Muslim friends tell you.

Top 10 christian bands 2014

Learn to speak their language and then speak to them in it. Europe is practically Eurabia right now, and that is what Muslims call it. Look at the predicament England is in right now, which is soon to be the case for America. Not all Muslims are bad. Muslims are not good at getting along with non-Muslims. Especially when they reach critical mass in a population.

Muslims almost remind me of Klingons, except that Muslims seem to have no honor like Klingons do. You must be kidding! Did you know that in the koran, it mentions allah taking a six year old girl as bride? Now, is that really socially correct? Would you take a six year old as a spouse? Admit it, muslim ideas are centered around hate, perversion, and violence. It is ridiculous to say that their teachings are anywhere near being good.

Yes, go murder your wife for oversalting your food. Listen Im from India and in Kashmir a pre-dominantly muslim area there was an all girl muslim rock band that got death threats and abuse, even their families were threatened, and over here its the real deal, so to equate poor musicians with terrorists is not funny at all. At least the rockers over in your side of the world have got a stage. Tho I must say the rest of India isnt like that all. Black metal is actually an offshoot of trash Top 10 christian bands 2014 death metal, not another term for death metal.

Just being in the music business does not automatically make Top 10 christian bands 2014 Satanic. I think you may need to rethink your idea of Christian. If someone is doing that on stage to audience and thanking Jesus off stage, are they violating the second amendment by creating a Jesus of their own invention? Amy, why in the world would the second ammendment even come into play here???

Top 10 christian bands 2014

The United States has nothing to do with any of this! If so, you need to get out more. Reference Hunter S Thompson for an accurate quote about the music biz. Did you ready the gospel? The devil offered Christ all the kingdoms of the world becomes they had been given to him the devil. Or maybe they started a band when they were young and grew into new opinions about the world. So they continued the absurd charade, and tricked their fans. I manage Undeorath one of the biggest Christian metal bands of the past decade and several members faith changed over their career.

Top 10 christian bands 2014

As members belief system changed they chose to no longer refer to themselves as a Christian band even though the majority of them were still practicing Christians. Top 10 christian bands 2014 felt it was sacrilegious to claim to be Christian when they all were not. There is some truth to what Tim said in his interview but it gets tricky because most people tend to think for themselves and wont all share the identical feelings on any issue including faith.

I can not attest to every other band out there, but I have never made any money playing Christian music after expenses… Their are bands that do it for ministry…. Word, man…this dude is a joke. I play metal that glorifies God. Sheep in wolves clothing searching whom they shall devour. Why are you only reporting on a tiny part of what he said? He explained the breakdown of his faith, and has also explained the rebuilding of his faith.

Certainly from what he has said, some Christian bands may not be following Jesus as they used to, but to take his opinions and paint all of Christian Music as liars is not right. Each individual band needs to be judged on its own walk, and not judged Top 10 christian bands 2014 the basis of hearsay.

The reason is that although his views have shifted — away from Christianity, towards atheism, etc. And, he used all sorts of strange philosophical and moral self-arguments to justify behavior that included infidelity and using his audience for strictly financial reasons. Great comment Alissa, glad to hear he just had a crisis of faith and came back. Yep, what a credible source we have here. Someone who was convicted of trying to have his ex wife killed is VERY trustworthy.

OK, valid point, very valid point. Though you could also argue that this is a person who is in a unique position of, well, not giving a f—k. Which opens the door to extreme honesty. Paul, what validates Tim to be a judge of moral or Christian character?

It sounds to me like a man who has plenty of time on his hands 6 years in fact just looking for some easy targets on which to spew his venom. Tragic also to see where his lost faith got him… heading to jail for hiring a hitman to kill his ex-wife. I mean…theres no god to punish you for doing the devils work. Taking social commentary from this prick is about as useful as using a glove lined with glass to masturbate.

If that is an abroad message, then, country music should change its name as well. Labels labeled the music too narrow to be exact. Christian music never has been labeled correctly, so the message nor the style are exact match to the Top 10 christian bands 2014. My first exposure to the Christian Rock Industry was during the week of the Dove Awards in Nashville back in the early 90s. I was working at a rock venue and the Christian Rock bands were doing their showcases for an entire week. This brings back a lot of bad memories about living in Nashville for 6 years.

You get put up on stage because of your musical talent. We never ask them to fill out a belief statement before we buy their songs. We tend not to worry if their tour schedule inhibits discipleship. If you have musical talent we will love you.

And then we shake our he in shame at those that struggle with their walk. Spending your formative decade from 16 — 26 years old playing in front of churches instead of actually being part of one is going to mess you up. It is amazing that some Christians actually survive the Christian music scene. I never really listened to his band to begin with anyway.

Top 10 christian bands 2014 Top 10 christian bands 2014

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