Top physique bodybuilders

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Soon, Canadian brothers Joe and Ben Weider brought this sport into the mainstream public. Musclemen from all over the globe took part in Mr. With proper training and diet, any amateur with a decent physique used to participate in these competitions as bodybuilding was at its infancy. Professional bodybuilders primarily rely on their workout and diet to improve or maintain their physiques. But the question arises, who was the best overall of all eras? To answer this, we developed a list of the greatest bodybuilders of all time based on their overall physique, muscularity, winning profile, and overall positive influence on the sport.

Here are the top 10 best bodybuilders in the world: Dexter Jackson Dexter Jackson is the oldest and experienced top Olympia won contestant currently competing, starting his streak from At the age of 50, he is planning to compete inMr. Unfortunately for ushe Top physique bodybuilders that it will be his final contest and has planned for retirement. Besides owning a record high of 28 professional bodybuilding titles from the IFBB, Jackson has won Arnold Classic 5 times more than any other bodybuilder. He currently holds the world record for competing in 20 consecutive Mr.

After several years in the top 10s, Jackson finally won his first Sandow trophy as the Mr. Olympia winner. Dexter Jackson, epitomizing the symbol of the time of our fathers, never seems to age. Jackson has won the cover of countless bodybuilding magazines and articles Top physique bodybuildershaving competed in every single Mr. Olympia contest. It is almost impossible for any Olympia-level top bodybuilders to compete for so long as the best physique in the world. Phil Heath Phil Heath made his professional debut in after discovering bodybuilding in Before Shawn Rhoden dethroned him inHeath won seven consecutive Mr.

Olympia wins, from to He played varsity basketball and excelled enough to win a University of Denver basketball scholarship. Although he enjoyed basketball, he was searching for his next challenge and discovered Top physique bodybuilders world of bodybuilding in only after college. Heath won quite the way to start his career.

Top physique bodybuilders

Olympia wins. Lou Ferrigno Without the Incredible Hulk, there would be no list of top 10 bodybuilders complete. Lou Ferrigno had a difficult childhood because of hearing loss which resulted from an ear infection in his youth.

Top physique bodybuilders

He was a gangly kid, reading comic books, fancied to be as strong as the muscular characters inside—and he certainly achieved that goal in fact exceeded it. At the Top physique bodybuilders of 12, Lou first picked up a weight and trained enough over the next decade to become the youngest man to win twice the IFBB Mr. Universe competition. Back then, he was the tallest bodybuilder to do so, and the only one to win two consecutive wins. He was also among the youngest to enter the prestigious contest of Mr.

Olympia, strutting Top physique bodybuilders stage at As seen in the bodybuilding documentary, Pumping ironLou presented a serious threat to Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Mr. Olympia title. Many speculated that Lou would be the one who would dominate Mr. Olympia after Arnold. Inlate Franco Columbu took over the title of Mr. Olympia instead. But Lou eventually achieved his childhood dream, by performing the role of Hulk and entering Hollywood. But he never won the Olympia, finishing a runner-up position 3 times.

Top physique bodybuilders

He was all bodybuilding represented: with very few flawssize, and detail. Flex Wheeler had the best mid-section, and a chiseled yet enormous muscle mass body to accompany. His mass, definition, proportion, and symmetry were unmatched at the time. Flex was often compared to near-perfect legends like Steve Reeves and Bob Paris. Kevin Levrone If Flex Wheeler was recognized for his aesthetic physique, his closest competitive rival, Kevin Levrone, is known for having a muscular physique.

Considered by many to be the most underrated bodybuilder of all time, with his incredible triceps and delts, Kevin Levrone consistently impressed fans along with a chiseled midsection. The Maryland Muscle Machine had just fallen short of securing greatness, placing four times in second place at the Olympia. Lee Haney Haney was able to retire at the remarkably young age of 31 with a record-tying 8 Mr. Olympia titles and foster a career outside Top physique bodybuilders bodybuilding.

Lee Haney is the only famous bodybuilder ever to win Olympia, who never lost his title. He retired after a record of eight victories most Mr. Olympia wins that time beating Arnold. In the s, Haney dominated the world of bodybuilding and has since retired to a much quieter life. Many claim he retired because he knew that he was about defeated by a guy below. Dorian started a Top physique bodybuilders age of bodybuilding, with the size and granite-like conditioning no one Top physique bodybuilders ever seen.

He consecutively won 6 Olympias from to and was runner-up in his first Olympia in Olympia titles but also his special training style. Several professional bodybuilders train six days a week and counter-intuitively, Dorian used to train four days a week. The reason was his high intense training style, and he reached the full muscle recovery with shorter yet intensive four days a week.

We also know him for introducing extremely shredded glutes and hamstrings to the stage before anyone else. Also to be mentioned that this bodybuilding champion still claims the best back in bodybuilding.

Top physique bodybuilders

Besides his accomplishments and some of the most granite-hard bodybuilding conditioning, the work ethic of Yates makes him an icon for many fans. Yates worked days a year with a machine-like focus on training, with intense and brutal routines, which sadly was the primary reason for his early retirement. Jay Cutler Personally speaking, Jay Cutler is my favorite bodybuilder.

The bodybuilding community witnessed the most intense competitive rivalry in the s between Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman. Cutler spent most of his career fighting with Ronnie Coleman as a runner-up, and ultimately beating Coleman in If there was no Big Ron, Jay Cutler could have been the greatest bodybuilder with eight Olympia wins or more.

Jay Cutler won four times in Mr. Olympia,and six Olympia runner-up titles, Also, Jay is the only Mr. Olympia to lose the competition and then come back to win the title. Top physique bodybuilders of the modern-day mass builders, Cutler weighed in on the stage at a solid pounds.

Cutler is considered to have one of the most massive yet aesthetically appealing physiques in the modern era with his massive upper body, feathered qu, and flat midsection. Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger is the greatest bodybuilder of all time. The bodybuilder champion from Top physique bodybuilders earned records in the world of fitness, becoming the youngest person to win the Mr.

Universe at Over the years, he Top physique bodybuilders up countless titles, including four more titles of Mr. Universe and seven prestigious titles of Mr. After an illustrious bodybuilding career, Schwarzenegger who, after migrating to the U. However, Schwarzenegger could not compete with the standards of today in terms of athleticism. Many bodybuilders have shown better strength and mass since the early s when competing with Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has successfully changed bodybuilding for decades with his charismatic personality and never say die mindset, facing all odds. An unknown fact about Arnold is that throughout his career, he also competed and won several powerlifting contests. Ronnie Coleman Ronnie Coleman is the best bodybuilder of all time, winning 8 consecutive Mr. Inbecause of several injuries, Dorian Yates was forced to retire. All of them have been jockeying for years against Dorian for the first place.

Both fans and professionals speculated the title would be held by any of these male bodybuilders, but surprisingly enough, the unexpected happened. The bodybuilding world was in complete shock when Coleman wonMr. His size, conditioning, symmetry, and overall proportion were seriously breathtaking, unmatched by today watch Mr.

Olympia clips. Perhaps Dorian was lucky, despite being the original mass monster, he could have never defeated Ronnie in sheer size. Not only was Top physique bodybuilders Coleman, one of the biggest bodybuilders ever pounds stage weightbut he was also one of the strongest. Coleman impressed judges quickly at his first competition in

Top physique bodybuilders

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