True love with a faithful Franklin endin

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They faithfully observed what Gltone, complaining about the morals of other prime ministers, called the 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Get Caught. The Mercer relationship did not materially alter the Roosevelt presidency. The person it changed was Eleanor Roosevelt. For once, everyone behaved pretty well.

And not just the guilty parties, but even the betrayed spouse gained a little something. In this last respect the Roosevelts may even remind us a bit of a more recent White House marriage. In outline at least, the Mercer story is pretty straightforward. Inon the advice of Anna Roosevelt Cowles, a family elder known as Aunty Bye, Eleanor Roosevelt hired Lucy Mercer, seven years younger, to be her social secretary. Her husband was newly installed as the assistant secretary of the Navy; she was in the early stage of pregnancy and overwhelmed with the demands of Washington society.

True love with a faithful Franklin endin

Attractive and personable, Lucy quickly proved herself so useful and efficient that she became an ancillary member of the family. She and Franklin probably became intimate inand the affair was discovered in Septemberwhen Eleanor, unpacking for her husband, who had just returned from England with the flu, discovered a bundle of incriminating letters. Eleanor offered Franklin a divorce, but Sara Delano, his formidable mother, stepped in and said that if he left his wife she would cut him off without a cent.

Franklin observed the second part of the agreement.

True love with a faithful Franklin endin

How long he kept the first has been a matter of some scholarly debate. While working on his book, Mr. Persico some letters that Franklin wrote to Lucy beginning in on the letterhead of the Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland, where he was then a vice president. The letters are chatty rather than romantic, but as Mr. But Mr. Persico re these letters as possible plans for liaisons. As for Eleanor Roosevelt, Mr.

Persico leaves little doubt not only that she was devastated by the discovery of the affair but that she continued to love her husband to the end.

True love with a faithful Franklin endin

Persico, like other biographers, also suggests that in a way the affair was the making of Eleanor Roosevelt. She started standing up to her tyrannical mother-in-law. She cultivated important friendships of her own, most notably with Earl Miller, her driver and bodyguard, and with the journalist Lorena Hickok.

I knew more about the human heart. Persico gives us a Franklin Roosevelt of almost Clintonian appetite, and suggests that he may also have had affairs with Missy LeHand and with Daisy Suckley, a cousin who was also there when he died. But the evidence suggests that his real idea of pleasure at the end of the day was just to smoke a cigarette, have a couple of drinks and bask in the attention of some admiring females.

That we want to read sex into this probably says more about us than about him. Week in Review No End of the Affair.

True love with a faithful Franklin endin True love with a faithful Franklin endin

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No End of the Affair