Twins dating twins and having babies

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I n Augustmy sister and I met our husbands in a town called Twinsburg in Ohio.

Twins dating twins and having babies

On the Saturday night, the hotel bar was full of attenders socialising, when Mark walked in. Darlene and I were picky daters, but we both liked nice, funny guys with dark features and a sense of humour. She was drawn to Mark; I thought Craig was cuter although to anybody else they would have been indistinguishable. They invited us to Cracker Barrel for brunch the next day, and we exchanged addresses before leaving.

When Darlene and I returned to work we took jobs as legal secretaries, in the same firm, after high school we each received an from our preferred twin.

Twins dating twins and having babies

It felt like destiny. We lived in Illinois, and they were in Texas, where they worked as web deers for the Houston Astros baseball team. They came to visit; we double-dated and took trips together. In Marchwe met in Florida to watch pre-season baseball.

Twins dating twins and having babies

One night on the way to dinner, they detoured to a hotel hospitality room with a great view and proposed, using matching rings cut from the same diamond. There Twins dating twins and having babies never a question that we would have anything other than a double wedding. Our mom dressed us alike which I hated and Darlene loved. At our wedding that November, Dad walked us down the aisle, one twin on each arm, and the priest conducted the vows simultaneously.

We settled in Texas, where we bought neighbouring plots; we had homes built with a t backyard. Darlene and Mark wanted to get pregnant straight away, but Craig and I wanted to wait. In the end, I was the one who got pregnant first, as Darlene had a miscarriage — that was the only time that being so emotionally and physically close has been hard. At my first ultrasound, they found two heartbeats: twins. Brady and Colby were born 11 minutes apart in June By the time our sons were born, Darlene was pregnant with her first daughter, Reagan, now She had another girl, Landry, 17, and we had a third son, Holden, He should have been a twin, too; there was an empty sac when I was scanned at eight weeks.

Biologically, all our kids have the DNA of siblings. They all look alike, with the same brown hair and brown eyes. We even have dogs from the same litter — one in each household. We carpool to and from work every day and meet for lunch. We run errands and get our hair done together, with the same hairdresser. Experience Siblings. My sister and I were picky daters, but we both liked funny guys with dark features. Twins dating twins and having babies Sanders. Fri 6 Nov Experience: I made a friend in Antarctica. .

Twins dating twins and having babies

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Twins dating twins and having babies Twins dating twins and having babies

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Twin sisters married twin brothers. Now they all live together — and breastfeed each other's babies.