Uncle spanking stories

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Mark stared at his coffee, a frown creasing his usually unfurrowed brow. What am I going to do? How can she be like this? How does Jerry live with her? Mark looked up in to the face of his old friend Carl. Oh, hi buddy. Sorry I was off in space somewhere. My niece is driving me crazy. Well she is a total hellion. She sleeps all day, parties all night, and leaves my house a total mess. I mean is it too much to ask that a 16 year old be home by Midnight?

When we were kids it wasshe should be happy. Slaming the door, turning on Uncle spanking stories radio, yelling, how am I suppossed to get any sleep? It is driving me totally off my rocker. How does Jerry put up with her? The two friends sat and talked, and the coffee cups piled up. If you would ever settle down and enjoy the wonders of married life you might learn some of these things.

I would have run off to the foriegn legion years ago if Cathy and I did not properly discipline our. And I think I have Uncle spanking stories of the best kids this side of the Mississippi. Hmmm…maybe there was something to what Carl was saying. Believe me, he will thank you.

Uncle spanking stories

Bidding each other goodnight the friends parted. Mark looked at the clock. He was getting sleepy. Sleepy and irritable. Where the heck is that girl? What does a teenager do at this hour? What does anyone do at this hour?

Uncle spanking stories

Ah, speak of the devil, Mark thought. Uncle Mark, what the hell are you doing up?

Uncle spanking stories

I hear people of your advanced years need plenty of rest. See you later gramps. She flounced into the living room and threw herself in an arm chair. In doing so more of her teenaged thighs were revealed by her short skirt than Mark thought was appropriate. It is difficult to work all Uncle spanking stories with no sleep thanks to your banging around. Not only that, but what do you do at this time of night?

Everything is closed, even the bowling alley. And your clothes, what are you trying to do? I mean your skirt is way to short, and your shirt is…well. I told you when you got here that curfew was midnight. I expect that to be obeyed. Also you need to do some chores around the house. Please wait until I am finished. I expect you to Uncle spanking stories the dishes from now on and to pick-up after yourself.

Is that understood? Good, and now we will discuss how these rules will be enforced. Listen carefully, Heather, this is going to impact Mark had to smile at that your life very soon. If any of these rules are not obeyed I will take you over my knee and spank your bare bottom. Yes, bare bottom. I have it on the best advice that a firm bare bottom spanking will solve all of our little problems.

And I intend to show you how effective it can be right now. Heather was not going to put up with this. She was almost a woman!

Uncle spanking stories

Who did her uncle think he was? Spanked like ? Yet, her struggling was all in vain. When she felt his fingers in the elastic waist band of her panties she found her voice. Really, I will. I am almost an adult. Uncle Mark. Not being in the habit of seeing nude, teenage rear ends he was a little taken a back. This was not how she expected her night of fun to end. Heather was surprised by the sting and Mark by the noise. Heather screwed her eyes up and bit her lip. She was not going to give her Uncle the satisfaction of letting him know her bottom was stinging.

Mark was beginning to get the hang of this spanking thing. MArk spanked on and on in an easy rhythm. Heather was not getting the hang of Uncle spanking stories. She was not happy at all. How could her bottom Uncle spanking stories so much? She would not. She was an adult…but, ow, it hurts. Heather stuffed some of her long, blonde hair into her mouth. That would muffle any cries that slipped out.

Uncle spanking stories

She would show him. Yes, she would. Mark glanced at the clock. He had been spanking Heather for 10 minutes now with no response. Was this working? Her bottom sure was getting red, but he did not seem to be making much of an impression. Heather was besides herself. This really hurt. She bit her lip like her life depended on it. All of a sudden Heather broke. Tears streamed out of her eyes and she began to sob. Really I am. Mark woke up feeling less than rested.

Damn alarm clock he Uncle spanking stories. After a quick shower and shave he felt more human, but still about 5 weeks behind on sleep. As he stumbled towards the kitchen he heard somone else moving around. Entering the kitchen he got a huge surprise.

On the table was eggs, bacon, toast, and a big glass of orange juice. And standing their smiling was Heather! I thought you might Uncle spanking stories to start your day off with some breakfast. I love you very much and will be a model niece from now on.

Heather crossed the room and hugged him tight.

Uncle spanking stories

If I ever act badly again, please see to it that I am soundly corrected. Maybe this spanking thing works after all, Mark mused. January 29, fourteen Spanking Mark stared at his coffee, a frown creasing his usually unfurrowed brow. The End. Share This. Related Posts. I ask myself as I squeeze my eyes tight to stop the tears of pain and humiliation. They were getting off Uncle spanking stories doing this to me and there was no way I was going to give them the extra satisfaction of my breaking dow. Biff and Lorraine alternate ending — Chapter 1 Author's notes: For readers who may be unfamiliar, this scene takes place near the end of the movie, when Marty is sitting in the car with Lorraine.

Marty's plan is to "take advantage" of Lorraine and then have George rescue her, causing them to f. This Post Has One Comment. Copyright Fantasies.

Uncle spanking stories

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