Versatile sew-in weaves

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A partial sew in means that the base of your sew in is partially braided. This method allows you to leave a portion of your natural hair out to cover the wefts. Partial sew ins give you the most natural look if done properly and if the correct type is chosen for your hair type. For a partial sew in, your hair must be long Versatile sew-in weaves to blend into your extensions as well as the right texture to match your own. We own our hair extension company which means that our texture selection is huge.

A full sew in means that the base of your sew in is fully braided. During an installation, either a lace closure or lace frontal is sewn on top of your braids.

Versatile sew-in weaves

With a full sew-in, you have more options when it comes to hair color and hair Versatile sew-in weaves length. There is no blending to be done with your natural hair. We also sell HD Film Lace. Book a consultation today so that we can discuss which method is best for Versatile sew-in weaves Our Blog Menu.

Best Type of Sew Ins. As one of the most popular forms of hair extensions, a sew in has the most versatility. When getting a sew in, the most important thing is making sure your hair stylist knows different installation types. At Hair Extensions Inc, we not only install sew ins, we have several different types options that we offer. One way is with hair left out and the other is with no hair left out. No matter what type of sew in you get, each method falls within these twoa partial sew in or a full sew in.

Each method serves its own purpose. What is a partial sew in? Different Type of Partial Sew Ins. You can get either a middle part sew or a side part sew in.

Versatile sew-in weaves

Flip Over Sew In — Leaves your front hairline out to blend with your hair extensions. Looks more natural More versatile No glues or adhesives Security with the tracks being sewn.

Versatile sew-in weaves

You have to know how to blend your hair extensions Possible heat damage when Versatile sew-in weaves too much heat to blend your extensions. What is a full sew in? Different Type of Full Sew Ins. Low Maintenance Full Protective style so that your hair gets a chance to grow You do not have to blend your hair into the hair extensions.

Closure or Frontal slides back when it grows out Some methods require adhesives or glue which can be high maintenance Requires extra maintenance Less versatility.

Versatile sew-in weaves Versatile sew-in weaves

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