Walther p38 dating

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Produced for a little over a month in in a quantity of aboutthe ac no-date is one of the harder variations to find, especially in a condition that collectors desire. Like any rare pistol or just about anything rare or valuableit becomes the target of deception artists. Below are three ac no-date pistols. One is original, one has been restored refinishedand one is an outright fake.

Serial is in a condition typical of a pistol that saw Walther p38 dating throughout the entire duration of World War II. While its finish is quite worn, the action is still tight and the bore is excellent. It retains its original configuration except for the matching magazines.

Walther p38 dating

All serialized parts match: frame, barrel, slide, locking block, and grips. Serial has been restored but still has all matching serial s less the magazineand all appropriate small parts bear the acceptance marking. Serial is a complete fake. Unfortunately this pistol was passed off as legitimate.

Examining this pistol closely reveals some of the errors made by the unscrupulous individual who produced this fake. The first and most obvious is the fact the right grip is made by Walther p38 dating Posselt, and is over two years too early to appear on a pistol made in this grip would be most appropriate on a pistol manufactured by Spreewerk.

Even more interesting is the fact the Walther p38 dating right grip has a poor attempt at a Walther acceptance marking on the inside. The Julius Posselt grip can be identified by the five "broken lines" around the grip screw, vice the six broken line style used by the other manufacturers.

Walther p38 dating

Next, not all small parts are acceptance marked as they should be, although most are. The finish of the hammer is not the high-gloss blue found on the early Walther pistols - it came from a mid to late-war pistol.

Walther p38 dating

Finally, all of the serial s have been re-stamped to match. It is a felony to deface or change the frame serial. The following pictures allow a comparison of the size and Walther p38 dating of the component serial s. Note that the 7 has a "tail" on the upper left part of the digit in the Times New Roman style font, vice the correct Arial style font.

The frame serial s are seen below click on the thumbnails to enlarge. In addition to the font issue, the s on the faked slide are noticeably smaller than is correct. The same font problem is seen on the barrel serial s. Since an unserialized slide is hard to come by, the old serial on pistol was removed by buffing or grinding. As a result, the left side slide rail is thinner than the right. This can be seen by the naked eye when the slide is removed and viewed upside-down.

Measuring the slide with a micrometer verifies this. Notice the much larger gap on the fake pistol because so much metal was removed from the slide when obliterating the old serial. Another clue is that when the original serial was removed from the fake slide, it produced a sharp edge at the top of the left vertical surface of the slide. The other pistols have a much more rounded contour as does the right side of the fake slide where the side of the slide transitions to the rounded top half.

While un-ed "armorer's spare" barrels are much easier Walther p38 dating come by than un-ed frames or slides, it appears here too a serial was removed as evidenced by the measurements below. The locking block suffered a similar fate - its old was ground off and a new one stamped once again in the wrong front. Note the polished area where the serial is stamped on the right side block. for larger picture of the locking blocks. In summary, while pistol serial is an interesting study in counterfeiting, it is worth no more than "shooter" price for use as a range Walther p38 dating or display piece.

Walther p38 dating

The majority of the s that reveal this pistol to be a fake would be hard to see without a hands-on disassembly inspection there were other s that were not detailed in this article - no need to aid future counterfeiters. Some could be spotted if the pistol were for sale on-line and had excellent, detailed pictures. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When buying a high-end pistol such as this one was alleged to be, the buyer should view the pistol in person if at all possible.

If not, demand an inspection period. Caveat emptor! Here are a few more Walther p38 dating pictures. Serialized and accepted. Wrong manufacturer with a fake Walther acceptance stamp. Spreewerk grip incorrect for this pistol.

Walther p38 dating

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