What do u need to hook up subs

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Installing a subwoofer in your car yourself feels great! Better to plan well or stop and pick back up the next day. A good estimate is perhaps hours or more for adding a subwoofer to an aftermarket stereo and 4. The right tools make all the difference! Most of them are basic tools and are relatively inexpensive. N eed an easy start? This is one of the single best steps. Without a doubt, buying the right amplifier, speaker enclosure, and subwoofer is critical for good bass sound.

Here's an excellent low-priced model I recommend from Amazon. They make your installation MUCH easier and help you avoid paying outrageous prices from local shops. Amplifier wiring kits come in different price ranges and quality levels. Some only contain a fuse holder, fuse, power wire, ground wire, and the remote lead wire typically an 18 gauge wire.

Others also include RCA cables and speaker wire. The best kits include installation accessories like ring terminals, zip ties, and sometimes wiring grommets. I definitely recommend purchasing a kit that is complete. Be sure to check reviews before buying.

What do u need to hook up subs

The main thing to remember is to buy quality wire — preferably a name brand type — with good insulation and good conductors. One wire is marked as the positive lead so you can connect it properly. For an average subwoofer or pair of subwoofers, a small section of 16 or 14 gauge can work well. You can find 25 ft lengths or smaller for a good price. Sometimes the CCA note is in small print. A 50 ft roll should work well for 2 pairs of speaker wire being run. Amp selection.

What do u need to hook up subs

This is very important but the great news is that these days most amps have the basic necessities for working with a subwoofer enclosure and producing good bass. Bridging an amplifier means wiring the speaker connection so that we take advantage of a built-in de feature which allows 2 amplifier channels to drive one speaker or pair of speakers for more power.

What do u need to hook up subs

This typically allows 4 x the power of a single channel to be provided! Always check the specifications to be sure of power available and the required speaker Ohms rating. For the average person, an amplifier capable of producing W for use with a well-matched subwoofer and speaker is adequate.

Modern car amplifiers like the Alpine MRV-F offer high or low-pass crossovers to block bass or upper-range music from being played as desired. The amp shown has adjustable frequency cutoffs to control what sound ranges are sent to speakers. A low-pass crossover is a feature What do u need to hook up subs will filter out upper-range sounds and will allow you to play only clean sounding bass. High pass crossover block bass and allow higher-range sounds like music to play while blocking bass that distorts small speakers.

Crossovers are a simple but incredibly helpful feature for getting the best sound and volume out of your system. This leaves 2 channels to power front speakers and 2 you can use later for more speakers or bridge for driving a subwoofer. I recommend you buy a good quality 4-channel amp with 50W x 4 or 75W x 4 at 4 ohms that is bridgeable to W or more.

There are some excellent choices available today including a wonderful amp I reviewed here as well! Look for a good combination of price, power rating, and features. Good reviews are a must, too. Also, I recommend you buy a sealed enclosure as mismatching a subwoofer with the wrong vented box can result in terrible sound! If the speaker is not matched correctly, the sound produced can be far below what it is cable of. In most cases, a brand name box with speakers is deed specifically to work well with the speakers based on their particular characteristics.

This is the most convenient option for some people. Many amps, both single channel or bridged multi-channel amps, require a minimum speaker impedance Ohm rating of 4 Ohms, so bear this in mind when shopping. You can learn more about that here. A car powered subwoofer is one that is an all-in-one bass system made up of a special enclosure, matching subwoofer, and has What do u need to hook up subs amplifier already built-in.

The total cost for a powered subwoofer vs. A powered subwoofer is an all-in-one solution for subwoofer bass. Typically their overall cost is less or the same as buying the items separately. They do have drawbacks, however: while they offer a more convenient way to install and remove the audio system, they tend to be more likely to have lesser performance than by using a standard amp and box system.

Car powered subwoofers tend to be more oriented to solving the problem of limited space in a vehicle and may be more limited in their speaker size, amplifier power rating, and the bass volume they can produce.

Some models, however, feature larger speakers and high power built-in. Some of these can be bought at stores like Wal-Mart or Harbor Freight for a discount price. Most can be bought for cheap on eBay or Amazon. It was a great deal, and has lasted well! A crimp tool shown with crimp caps is a great tool for a professional-quality installation to avoid having issues with wire connections later. I highly recommend using a cordless drill and drywall screws as they go quickly into the wood material of the box.

Most subwoofers use 8 screws. Subwoofers are heavy and have a lot of vibration when in use. Installing an amplifier consists of several basic steps:. Always be careful, and if necessary, carefully use a flat head screwdriver between gaps to help pry them off.

What do u need to hook up subs

Pull back the carpet to find room to hide your amp wire. With a flashlight, look underneath the dashboard and try to find a plastic filler plug that can be pushed out exposing a free hole you can use or a rubber seal with a factory wiring harness that goes into the engine compartment.

If you need to do this, use a punch, pointed object, or even a very strong and long screwdriver to put a hole in the rubber seal.

What do u need to hook up subs

If by chance you find a plastic hole plug like this pop it out using a screwdriver and use it as a ready-made power cable hole. That makes things MUCH easier! Then push it through the car interior if no easier alternative is available and into the engine compartment, where you can then finally pull it through by hand and remove the power wire from it.

For bestmake a small loop on the end where you want to attach your wire and wrap it well with electrical tape to smooth over sharp edges that may snag.

What do u need to hook up subs

You may find it easier to remove the back seat and find a gap that will allow you to easily run the wire to the back. This is very straightforward. Connect a crimp ring terminal and crimp using vice grip pliers or other strong pliers or a crimp tool. Place the fuse holder near the battery with approx. It happens! Use the ring terminal to fasten to a battery clamp bolt or stud. Use sandpaper or a wire brush to remove corrosion and expose clean metal if necessary.

For the best method, use a crimp ring terminal to attach the positive wire to the battery clamp on a stud or bolt. Be sure to remove the fuse before doing so, and install the fuse holder on the wire before connecting it to the battery.

Hold in place by using zip ties to attach to nearby wiring, hoses, or brackets. Use a crimp ring terminal and secure it to the car body bare metal with a factory screw or bolt. An alternative and faster solution is to use a cordless drill and self-tapping screw to drill into the metal and fasten the ring terminal at the same time.

Otherwise using a self-tapping screw and a cordless drill make the work very quick. If the stereo in use is an aftermarket model a remote lead output wire should be available blue or blue and white. Connect this to your remote on wire included with your kit. If no aftermarket car stereo is installed, it will be slightly harder. In that case you have a few options:. It may take time, but using a good multimeter you can locate one and then connect similar to the speaker wiring connections What do u need to hook up subs below.

On most aftermarket car stereos a blue output wire is for switching an external amp on and off. Connect to this if available. I normally use butt connectors crimp connectors for connecting wire securely. Connect to the RCA jacks if available in the following order of preference:. You need to find wiring information for your vehicle and check at sites like the12volt. To do so, either wrap wire or cut the factory wire and connect to it using crimp connectors while attaching a small gauge wire when doing so. Crimp connectors see the tool list above are reliable and make good electrical contact.

I recommend you use those if possible. Use What do u need to hook up subs cutters to cut off the extra remaining zip tie length. Bundle your power and cable wires together neatly like this. The ties hold wiring in place, make it more manageable, and help keep things from moving around over time. Two amplifier mounting ideas that work for nearly all installations. One of these should work. However, the board mounting idea looks much better and means you can mount your amp out of the way in many cases. You can find some great ones I use here. Car stereo installation straps right are fantastic for custom mounting amplifiers, amplifier boards, and subwoofer boxes to a car.

This is the easy part!

What do u need to hook up subs

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How to Hook Up Car Subwoofers without an Amplifier