What guys want to hear

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One of the 6 basic human needs is connectedness, and we receive our greatest connection from our intimate relationships. We need this connection to feel a part of the world. Without this type of connection, we feel isolated. The best way to improve this type of connection through effective communication.

What guys want to hear is directly tied to their needs. Specifically, what guys like is to feel good by meeting their needs of certainty, ificance, variety, love and connection, growth, and contribution. Men want to know that they are wanted, needed, and loved by you.

Guys want to feel like what they do, say, and feel matters. They need validation and love from you. In this article, we go over the top things guys like to hear from their girlfriends. One of the best ways to boost the self-esteem of your lover is to pay him compliments. According to Tony Robbinstwo of the basic human needs are certainty and ificance. In other words, men need to What guys want to hear they have made a difference and that they matter.

By telling them the reasons you care about them, you are fulfilling their needs. Upon meeting their needs, you will positively influence their feelings, thoughts, actions, and behaviors. What about his looks turns you on and makes other girls drool? What sort of things does he do that makes your day fantastic?

What guys want to hear

What are your favorite things about him? What made you fall head over heels for him?

What guys want to hear

You can express your feelings for your man in What guys want to hear ways. Describe your feelings and how he has made a difference in your life. You have helped me overcome the biggest obstacles in my life. Other basic human needs are growth and contribution. One of the ways that people get these needs is through encouragement from their partners. Encourage your man by being his one fan! Explain to him that you are proud of what he has done.

Tell him you really think he has accomplished something impressive, you care about him, and you believe in him. If you show your lover that you believe in him and think he is doing the right thing, the two of you will probably be closer emotionally because you are on his side. Be his cheerleader, the person who is always on his team, regardless of the circumstances. Instead, try to see his point of view. Basically, you need to respect his opinion even if you disagree with him.

Showing you are grateful for what your partner does is a crucial element of a healthy relationship. Clearly, partners are not experiencing this enough. You may want to tell him you are grateful for everything he does for you, but you forget to bring it up often enough. So, how can you best remember to do this?

What guys want to hear

One way that I think is pretty effective is to just keep a checklist with you in your planner or diary. One thing you could say to your man is how you feel like the luckiest girl in the world, just being with him. He will appreciate your honesty and adoration. Men love spending time with the person they are most intimate with. Some men enjoy doing outdoor events while others are content staying home with a good book.

Men love to share their interests, so learn to love What guys want to hear he is passionate about or find something you can do together! Your man needs to know you love him for being himself. Be a supportive partnerunderstanding and accepting him for who he is. Let him know that you care about him - just as he is. Be a challenge, a mystery, and play hard to get. Every man is different, but generally, men prefer women who take care of themselves.

This means physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What guys want to hear

Pretty yourself up for your boyfriend or husband; show you care about the way you look. Also, be healthy emotionally; make sure you take care of yourself in every way. Men need to be appreciated, loved, and encouraged. Remember, meeting the needs of your man will help him to feel confident, secure, and grounded in your relationship. How do you convey these feelings to your man?

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What guys want to hear

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What guys want to hear

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