What is a christian man

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The biblical identity of the Christian goes deeper than the labels that fall in and out of vogue. At root, we are in Christ. Our old, sinful, hell-deserving self is counted dead with Christ on the cross, and our new selves are counted as righteous before God and raised with him 2 CorinthiansColossians Oceans of ink have been spilled on explicating these concepts alone.

Most of the popular identifiers reflect, together with our romantic praise choruses, the heavily emotive, feminized state of evangelical subculture. This What is a christian man of cognitivist, self-affirming spirituality, by its own nature, appeals only to a certain segment of the population and thus s for the conspicuous statistical underrepresentation of men in the average evangelical congregation. Men in particular must recover a formulation of Christian identity that is not only biblical and practical but sufficiently masculine. Christian men need convenient handles with which to grasp the enormity of their identity in Christ.

Conveniently, the Apostle John gives us three. In 1 Johnbelievers are addressed by three familial terms that carry of ificant application for men. In regeneration, we receive a new nature with godward affections, enabling us to cast ourselves upon Christ and receive forgiveness of sin. Though John is speaking to all believers, the application of these points is particularly relevant to men. You may feel hardened. You have regrets.

What is a christian man

You raise children who reflect all your foibles and sins as a mirror. You recall your upbringing, only to find yourself simultaneously resenting your father and becoming more like him. But in Christyour natural, hereditary record of sin is expunged and your guilt is decisively removed. You are freed to live above the accusing voice of your inner demons.

Now, your father—the figure who shapes you, models manhood, and passes on to you his very own nature—is the supreme, loving, all-powerful God of the universe, not just another flawed male. This Father calls you by his own name, looks you in the eye, and is present. Christian men must begin to build their self-conception on their status as sons of God. In 1 John, the apostle himself fills the role of a spiritual father, passing along his personal testimony of Christ for the joy and maturity of his beloved audience vv.

In our youth, God graciously adopts us into his family and gives us a new name; in our What is a christian man, we call others to receive that same adoption, and we cultivate a new generation as his namesake. In disciple-making, we sacrifice ourselves, taking on a measure of responsibility for the eternal welfare of others.

Spiritual fatherhood is also a and seal of our right standing with God. In making disciples, we prove to the world and ourselves that we indeed possess the faith we profess, shaping others into the image of Christ even as we ourselves are being shaped. We assure ourselves that we are more than idle consumers of spiritual blessings but also real contributors—an investment which, like physical parenting, pays rich dividends. We have something worth giving now because we know God. We draw our identity from Christ, the divine warrior whose crushing victory promised in Eden was fulfilled when he came to destroy the works of the devil Genesis1 John Our victory against our ancient celestial enemy is already a done deal because of Christ note v.

We are victors, not victims. We are more than conquerors, not merely the conquered. Our standing in Christ strengthens us to crucify our tendency to pout, sulk, and bemoan the wrongs done to us. We annihilate self-pity and fight for joy, holiness, and self-discipline with all the grit of one whose very bones are indwelt by God Almighty.

Day by day, we pommel our blood-bought bodies to win the prize 1 Corinthians Note also verse we are strong. We have more to offer the world than dainty Socratic dialogues over What is a christian man in coffee shops, devoid of any real conviction; we preach Christ and him crucified to the dying and damnable.

What is a christian man

We are soldiers drafted into a cosmic battle for truth and honor by the God whose decree writes reality itself. We must lay aside our cultural baggage and recover the biblical foundation on which to build a masculine, Christ-centered self-conception. What is a Christian man? More than a product of his environment, a struggling sojourner, or a religious conversation partner. He is a son of God, a spiritual father, and a fierce fighter. Recent Journal view all Summer Christian Life. Tweet Share. Get Founders in Your Inbox. A weekly brief of our new teaching resources.

What is a christian man

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What is a christian man

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What is a christian man

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3 Identities of the Christian Man