What is the right age to have your first kiss

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What is the right age to have your first kiss

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What is the right age to have your first kiss

Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships. Average age to lose virginity? Confused about Clearing?

What is the right age to have your first kiss

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What is the right age to have your first kiss

This discussion is closed. Le Nombre Badges: Report 7 years ago Original post by thoyub If you came to my school, you wouldn't think it was in the south. But that does mystify me that it's so late. Quite disappointing actually Bassetts Badges: Original post by Le Nombre Average age is apparently exactly 17, 2 months and 2 weeks.

What is the right age to have your first kiss

Being down South logically you'd think you'd be later, as Northeners statistically shag earlier. Original post by Bassetts that is a depressing read. How do you include people that never lose it in an average? Does their age stop when they die?

Because they didn't really lose it then, so it should just keep going. They can never lose it, their virginity is infinite. I know a few people who lost it at 18 when they started uni. People like to make you believe that being a virgin at our age is really unusual, it's seriously not. But I'd still say about as average, that's the age a lot of people start getting into their first serious relationship.

Plus I knew heaps of people at school who lost theirs at about 14, which in hindsight seems so young! WGR Badges: No, btw. Original post by Le Nombre Why's What is the right age to have your first kiss dissapointing? It seems reasonable given where age of consent is. UK average: 16 TSR users average: TurtleberrySoup Badges: 8. Original post by luscious if you are not gay, why the hell you sticking things up your bum?

PeaceTreaty Badges: 8. Original post by TurtleberrySoup Most sodomy occurs within heterosexual relationships. River85 Badges: Original post by thoyub So you're saying that it is higher than 13? Did the people at your school practice some sort of sexual abstinence or did they simply not have any sex drive? Badges: 2. In my social group the average is I know a couple who lost it at 14 or 15 but not many.

EonBlueApocalypse Badges: Original post by thoyub I think it's usually about I would say there are almost no virgins at 17 and beyond, it's basically unheard of. Anonymous 3. Original post by Le Nombre Srsly?! Should have mentioned that mate. You could definitely get kissed, just go into any club, get utterly battered and hit on anything that moves assuming you don't have serious phyiscal deformities. Pulling maybe a bit harder but doable, so long as you have no standards. Swanbow Badges: Out of my friends the youngest to lose it was 14 and the oldest was Majority were aged I've read that the UK average is between which would make sense.

To be honest I would suggest that you rather wait until you meet the right person who you love than rush into it to just to lose the v-card by a certain age. Rum Ham Badges: I'd say between but where I come from, its common to see girls at pregnant and no one bats an eyelid so What is the right age to have your first kiss it varies Posted from TSR Mobile.

Original post by River85 Considering many male 13 year old have barely started puberty if they even have started it is much later than this. It's been a few years now but in my social group I'd say no younger than Nationally I've heard figures ranging from 17 to There still are a considerable of people who don't believe in sex before marriage, or wish to be in a proper relationship before having sex, and this may not happen until their early 20s at the earliest.

What is the right age to have your first kiss

So this will bring the average up. This has to be a record for most resurrected thread

What is the right age to have your first kiss What is the right age to have your first kiss

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What Is The Right Age To Have A First Kiss?