What to expect after three months of dating

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Texting your new boyfriend or girlfriend brings you so much joy that you simply have to re-read everything they send you usually right before falling asleepyou daydream about the moment and their facial expression when you finally tell them those three words: I love you. You laugh at all the funny things that happened last week or on your first dateand you jump into new adventures every couple days.

What to expect after three months of dating

You feel free, rejuvenated, and loved. You were looking for the things that characterize the first three months of a relationship so that you can know where you stand. You see, when you enter a new relationshipyou basically enter the honeymoon phase, which lasts for 90 days — in other words, 3 months of dating. And this phase is critical. After all, how are you supposed to know for sure that what you have now will develop into a healthy relationship or something totally opposite?

The first part consists of a list of changes that are bound to and should happen in every 3-month relationship. The second part covers changes that could be potential red flags you should pay special attention to!

What to expect after three months of dating

As already said above, the honeymoon phase feels like entering a new magical world filled with plenty of fun and excitement, and it lasts for approximately three months. This phase is so addictive that most of us want to stay there forever only to continue feeling that bliss. But, unfortunately, this is not really possible because at some point usually after three monthsthe honeymoon phase will begin to fade.

All of these can be classified as sweet, dating games that every couple goes through. For that, you have to follow your heart and listen to your feelings. You make sure to plan things in advance because you want to keep spending every second with each other.

What to expect after three months of dating

You do all of this because you want everything to be perfect. But, after some time, all of this will begin to change, meaning you will be totally okay with seeing each other in What to expect after three months of dating editions. You will be completely fine with seeing each other unshaved, with no makeup, What to expect after three months of dating pajamas, and on bad hair days.

You were so worried about them liking you that you literally felt like you were on a job interview instead of a hangout. But, around three months, this also changes. By this point, you already know lots of things about their friends and vice versa and spending time with them starts feeling like home. No matter how open you are by nature, you can never be too open on the first day and month, or two after that, because building trust and a worry-free environment where you feel confident and safe enough to open up about things takes time.

You share all of your fears, talk about things that made you the person you are today, and open up about your life-changing events and people who had the strongest impact on your development —your role models. At this stage of relationship, eye-to-eye communication becomes your main tool for bonding and exchanging of ideas.

Since every new relationship needs some time to progress and for two persons to start opening up, there will be little to no fighting at the very beginning. And then, only after some time, you may start to fight a little more often because you will feel more comfortable, relaxed, and not afraid to say what you really mean. Some of us choose to do it earlier, and some save it for later. Again, everything depends on the individual and their intentions.

And you want to hear all those embarrassing childhood stories and juicy details that only parents have the courage to tell. Being honest about who you truly are, accepting all of your quirks and flaws, and being willing to compromise are the basis of every healthy and successful relationship in the future.

These texts are an important part of every relationship because they help to keep the spark alive! And, indeed, it is. Maintaining a relationship means making an effort to still surprise each other with all those little things that mean so much. And if you, at some point, stop doing it, your relationship will gradually start losing its initial charm and become loveless.

Just like cute spontaneous texts and surprising each other, planning fun things is another important aspect of a healthy, long-term relationship. This is probably one of the biggest red flags that your 3-month relationship will not last for much longer. Another potential red flag that could surface in a 3-month relationship is the lack of conversation about future plans. If your relationship lacks this aspect, then you should seriously ask yourself whether you are on the right path or should switch lanes. Relationships are not only about fun dates and Netflix and chill.

They are also about supporting each other and being able to rely on each other. Only mutual respect, appreciation, and effort are able to withstand even the worst of conditions. Only real love is able to live forever without losing its initial charm! And real love demands sacrifice. English literature professor and writer Martha Sullivan decided to speak her truth about life and love through letters and paragraphs. She's particularly interested in modern ways of communicating and gives plenty of amazing ideas for messages and lines for you to use on special or everyday occasions.

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What to expect after three months of dating

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What to expect after three months of dating

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3-Month Relationship: 12 Changes That Are Bound To Happen (And 7 Red Flags)