Where to celebrate valentine day

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Where to celebrate valentine day

We will also call you back in Where to celebrate valentine day hrs. Although the truth behind the festival is murky, there are a few stories you would like to know. Valentine went against this injustice being done to young men and started performing secret marriages for young lovers.

The other tale suggests that the saint may have been killed while helping the Christians escape harsh Roman prisons, where they were tortured. Different countries celebrate it in their own way. Keep scrolling down to know more! Image Source. One can see the beautiful yards, trees, and homes decorated with love cards, roses, and proposals for marriage flakes.

The romantic couples in South Korea celebrate the day of love on the 14th of each month. Yeah, you read it right! Ghana is among the largest cocoa-producing countries in the world. On Feb 14, one can attend performances, music events, and restaurants that have themed menus for the special day. Thus one can reach here via flight easily. Young and old couples celebrate their love with a glass of wonderful local wine. This tradition is being practiced since the 16th century.

The Where to celebrate valentine day of love in Valencia of Spain falls on 9th Oct. This is known as the feast of Saint Dionysus. The figurines are made by men to gift to their female companions. One can also witness colorful parades on the streets of the villages of Spain. The destiny of the lovelies inside the object found in the chosen rice. Two chopsticks mean love and a clove of garlic means the love is over before it has even begun. Friends and lovers exchange handmade cards with pressed white flowers that are called snowdrops.

The day is celebrated on 24th Feb as the day when young couples get engaged. Young men and women go to the forests to pick colorful flowers, while other couples wash their faces with snow as a of good luck.

Where to celebrate valentine day

On 14 Feb, Estonia celebrates friendship day known as Sobrapaev. This amazing festival includes everyone, from couples to singles. So not just couples, but family members and friends also exchange gifts and celebrate love. Japan does it quite differently. It is celebrated on 14th Feb and women buy gifts and chocolates for their male companions or lovers.

The festival Where to celebrate valentine day celebrated on 1st May in the country. On the day, young couples go on a pilgrimage to the statue of the poet Karol Hynek Macha, and kiss under the cherry trees for good luck. Gifting is not reserved for couples during the festival, family dinners are common on the day. Thus one can reach here through air. This was done with an aim to bring dreams of their future husbands. The international airport is connected to majorly all the airports of all the world. Today, Italians celebrate by exchanging gifts between lovers and romantic dinners.

In Slovenia, St Valentine is one of the patron saints of spring.

Where to celebrate valentine day

It is believed that on February 14, plants start to regenerate as this day marks the first day of working in the fields for the New Year. In order to witness this occasion, one must walk barefoot through fields that are often still frozen. So, get packed and plan your international vacay right away! Few other nations like couples in Bulgaria celebrate their love with a glass of local wine while in Where to celebrate valentine day they exchange special handcrafted wooden spoons.

February 14 marks a day of celebrating love in a unique style around the world. February is rightly referred to as the month of romance. Valentine is shrouded in mystery. However, there are few stories associated with its origins. Today, they celebrate by exchanging gifts and going on a romantic date with lovers. A book lover and fun-loving, overtly emotional mom with a wanderlust soul, Sukanya has completed her Master Degree in Geography and currently perusing her passion for writing as a profession.

Nothing detoxes her more than trying new recipes and travelling to offbeat places is ultimate Therapy for her. Thank You! Written by Sukanya Sen. Sukanya Sen. Social Score.

Where to celebrate valentine day

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