White blue eyed persian kitten for sale

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We take pride in raising Beautiful Healthy Kittens in our cageless-no cat enclosures home where the needs of our Kittens are at the forefront of all we do. We have blue eyed white persian, black persian kittens, silver persian kittens and blue persian kittens. We now offer low cost financing!!!

White blue eyed persian kitten for sale

Our Persian Kittens are never isolated in any way and allowed to go anywhere they want to go in our clean stress free, environmentally friendly home. We intentionally limit the amount of breeding cats we have. Our cream points persian himalayans are especially light and look like pure white persian kittens. None of our male persian kittens spray!!!

White blue eyed persian kitten for sale

We at ThePersianKittens. Our Deer Persian Kittens have pleasing round cute kitten faces which they keep as they turn into grown Persian Cats. We are rewarded everyday with the immense love of our Persian Cats and Persian Kittens, and rewarded with the updates on how fulfilled our Proud Owners are with our Persian Kittens. In an effort to maintain the integrity of the breed and health of mother and her kittens, we limit the amount of times actual mating occurs.

Play and interaction increases physical coordination and social skills. Our persian kittens are touched and played with everyday, we sing to them, we include our kittens in all family activities, bathe, groom, massage yes massage—they all love it and it has been found to heal sick and shy kittens! We include comb outs into their daily interaction and play activities.

Which is one of the reasons all White blue eyed persian kitten for sale kittens love to be touched, and never shy away from people. Our persian kittens are well trained by the sixth week, and answer to their names see them answer to names as soon as their eyes open in our persian kittens videos! Our kittens are taught to use their scratchpost as soon as they can walk, which is why they do not to scratch or jump on furniture.

Our persian kittens always USE their scratch post! CH Rocky, and CH Fabian will help groom our newborn persian kittens-which is amazing since they are male persian cats! View the video of our male persian cats nursing our newborn kittens! Persian kittens are introduced to children and other family pets early so they will get along in all family situations.

White blue eyed persian kitten for sale

We have no alpha, or dominant personalities. Our persian kittens are well behaved and make loving, affectionate, devoted loyal family companions. Persian kittens are taken out for rides in the car, and pet stroller for long walks where they encounter many people, children and dogs. We use only local farm raised grass-fed fresh meats not frozen. They only drink purified water, purified water makes their eyes and coat bright and shiny, and reduces tartar buildup. All this makes a solid foundation for a well adjusted, happy, healthy, playful and loyal persian kitten that can easily fit into any new loving home.

Our Persian Kittens are given a health-guaranteeand a Certified Health Certificate ed by a state licenced Veterinarian verifying the perfect health of all our persian kittens. Our Persian Kittens go home at weeks, are Vet checked, de-wormed and are current on shots. We guarantee NO problems. We are often contacted from people White blue eyed persian kitten for sale advice even if they have adopted elsewhere. We want everyone that adopts one of our kittens to feel comfortable with any questions or concerns about their new persian kitten! A Purebred Cat is a cat whose ancestors usually over 3 to 5 generations are the same breed.

A Persian Cat without an established and registered pedigree is classed as a domestic longhair cat. A pedigree is the only way to ensure a kitten is indeed a purebred Persian Kitten, without a pedigree, you may just be getting an expensive long haired domestic kitten. Read our guide on how to choose a Persian Cat Breeder. We strictly follow our Responsible Persian Cat Breeders Statementthat we have developed and refined after many years.

This certification means we have gone far beyond the requirements for a cattery. We take this very seriously. This distinction shows in the health, condition and temperament of our kittens. It would be difficult to find cuter, healthier, and happier kittens! Feel free to to look and visit often Enjoy! Hit Counter.

White blue eyed persian kitten for sale White blue eyed persian kitten for sale

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