Who wants an arrangement

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Newswise — It turns out being Sugar Daddy isn't a one-size-fits-all gig.

Who wants an arrangement

While it occasionally lives up to the stereotype of a wealthy, middle-aged man lavishing gifts and money on a young woman in return for her companionship, there's more to it in the U. Drawing from 48 in-depth interviews, sociologist Maren ScullPhD, assistant professor at University of Colorado Denverhas identified seven types of these "sugar" relationships: sugar prostitution, compensated dating, compensated companionship, sugar dating, sugar friendships, sugar friendships with benefits and pragmatic love.

Sugar relationships are based on companionships, intimacy or other forms of attention in Who wants an arrangement for personal benefit financial support, material goods, professional advancement. These kinds of agreements are hardly new--in the s, Geishas were seen as socially respected entertainers even though they were paid to amuse men, usually without sex.

During the first two World Wars, soldiers paid women to them for a night out of dinner and dancing. But the bulk of modern-day research focuses on transactional and survival sex in Who wants an arrangement Africa, and compensated dating in East and Southeast Asia. There was a black hole of research in the U. To understand how "sugaring" works in the U.

She explored the kind of activities the women were involved in, whether sex was involved and whether their lives were intertwined with their benefactors. She also found that most forms of sugaring aren't a play-for-pay arrangement. Scull labeled the first "sugar prostitution," a form of sugaring absent emotion and purely the exchange of gifts for sex. Neither compensated dating nor compensated companionship involves anything sexual for most people. In this case, most women receive an allowance on a weekly, monthly or as-needed basis.

Who wants an arrangement

In fact, these benefactors are often a part of the women's lives already or soon become a part of it. In some cases, benefactors pay for all living expenses for the women, including rent, cell phone bills, clothing, Who wants an arrangement and vacations. Finally, Scull found that some of these relationships involved two people who hoped to end up together, with the woman taken care of for the rest of her life, in a category she named "pragmatic love. Many of the women didn't intend on having a benefactor.

They just happened to meet someone at work or during a catering gig who wanted to take care of them.

Who wants an arrangement

These relationships can last decades. Sociological Perspectives. The 7 types of sugar daddy relationships. The of her study were published in Sociological Perspectives. The 7 types of sugar relationships Scull labeled the first "sugar prostitution," a form of sugaring absent emotion and purely the exchange of gifts for sex. Request an Expert.

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Who wants an arrangement

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The 7 types of sugar daddy relationships