Who wants to go to glamis for new years

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Log in. Home Forums MaverickForums. Jump to Latest Follow. Quick Survey - How do you like our Forum Software? Let us know in a 30 second survey. The Dude! ed Apr 22, Me and a couple buddies are making the journey down from northern utah to come see the infamous Glamis. We'll be arriving on the 30th and headed out on the 2nd. Wondering who else will be down there for the holiday? We have ridden dunes quite a Who wants to go to glamis for new years but this is our first trip to Glamis. Not sure where were going to make camp yet, any suggestions?

I have heard the washes further down are the more quiet ones. I don't really care to listen to the neighbors until 3 a. I would like to meet as many guys as possible from here and maybe go for a couple rides with some members who are Glamis Veterans. Looking to take it all in while were there: drags, olds, china, and of course some bowls. ed May 21, Yeah, the washes are gonna be you're best bet.

Usually washes 10 thru 15 aren't too bad However, It's going to be busy all over that place for NY's. Either way, you guys are gonna have a blast out there. ed Dec 19, I'm planning on being out there New years weekend. We are waiting to see if we get our new toyhauler in time. We been waiting since the Sand show in September. Attitude is starting to make me have an attitude. We usually camp in the washes. Last trip was Halloween. We were down in 15 with SoCalMav and his wife.

It was nice, fairly quiet, and no dust except for the sand storm that blew thru on Friday.

Who wants to go to glamis for new years

We may be up in 4 with a large group this trip. I would suggest having a GPS. It's a big, and easy to get turned around if your not somewhat familiar with the place, particularly at night. I posted a thread a while back with GPS coordinates for most every location out there. Even though BLM opened up most of the out of bound areas, there are still some closures. Try to get yourself a map from the ranger station. The purple and orange areas are closed to OHV's. ed Dec 8, We will be camping near wash Be there from the 26th to the 2nd.

Only 2 Mavs in a camp full of popo and sand cars. Funny thing is, they always want me to lead and then they tell me to slow down You may not get lost, but it sure is easier. ed Sep 17, This place is HUGE!! The wife and I have always wanted to there. Definitely understand why you want to go with someone who knows the area.

Who wants to go to glamis for new years

Lots of questions to be asked, so I will start some forum searching to see if the answers are already there Maverick4me2 said:. Andy said:. It's only about 80, acres ed Jan 1, I recommend you down load it and put those in a GPS. The washes have lots of room. Wash 12 - 15 are pretty good and have lots of room.

Who wants to go to glamis for new years

The further you go down the quieter it will be, but some of the washes will have some soft sand. It will be busy by the 30th. You and your friends will be in for a fun time. Thanks for the he up on the gps coordinates. We will have some pretty large toy haulers so maybe best to avoid the washes further down if they have the softer sand.

Who wants to go to glamis for new years

If any of you guys are up for showing some newbies the ropes down there pm me your and i'll try to get a hold of you once we get there. How is phone service there? And I'm not against riding with a few popo's, I came from a wildcat and while it Who wants to go to glamis for new years nice on the rocks and in the mtn it doesn't even come close to putting the smile on my face like the turbo mav does at the dunes. Sounds Who wants to go to glamis for new years by the time we get there we'll be lucky to find a spot.

You will find spots most of the wash areas are pretty large. There are several people that leave before the crowds start to show up. This year will be a little more crowded because of the day New Years falls. Cell service can be hit or miss due to the amount of people out there. Usually get service in the Washes. ed Sep 13, I'll be there the 24th to the 1st or 2nd.

We should get some rides together! I'll be in the washes. ed Mar 1, There is a couple of us the will be there the 25th-2nd. Not sure where we'll be camping yet. I'm used to large dune areas, Little Sahara here in utah is about 60, acres and is easy to get turned around in at night if your not familiar with it.

Would be really cool to get a group of forum members together for a ride on one of the days we'll all be there. Maybe an afternoon ride? We need to get one of you locals to lead us on a haul ass, make sure your harnesses are tight ride.

ed Sep 15, I'll be out with a buggy on the 21st at wash 17 is anyone wants to go for a ride. ed Jul 21, We should get as many forum members as possible for a ride, that would be sick! If anyone has any video skills and send it to Can-am maybe we could get a maverick rally like camp rzr!

I'd be down with a group ride. We had a really great one with UTV Underground a couple years ago. Maybe meet up Saturday at Olds south parksay AM. We could hit the dunes big bowls, Flag Pole, China wall for a few hours, then head over to the drags for a while, and make an evening run thru the dunes back to Olds? Two different classes for racing molded tires and skat class! the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google.

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Who wants to go to glamis for new years

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