Why does a man come back to you

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When it comes to the dating world, I strongly believe in two things: Where there is a will, there is a way and In the end, they always come back. Why do they always come back? Let me rephrase that: Why do they always come back when you have moved on?

Does the no contact rule turn them into new species? So that, instead of finding someone else, they work on finding ways to get back into your life for at least one sneaky peek because it means the world to them. In the end, they always come back. It is a phenomenon as old as the world itself. In summary, one of the biggest reasons exes become exes in the first place and why they decide to come back is because they took you for granted. I purposefully put the word art inside quotation marks to both accentuate its sarcastic side and sheer power.

Why does a man come back to you

After a recent breakup, I was left with confusion and disbelief and all I could think was: What have I done wrong? Days, weeks, and months passed before I finally cleaned myself of their toxic presence and decided to start a new chapter. Instead of crying while watching rom-coms on repeat, I decided to regain my power, hang out with my friends, and start dating again for the hell of it.

I no longer thought about my ex not even in my dreams and for me everything that had happened before was a thing of the past. A couple weeks later, when I was getting my daily dose of social media, HE texted me — my EX texted me! The first thing that came to mind was:. So, beware of that one! Another reason why they always come back is testing the waters.

Why does a man come back to you

What does this mean, exactly? Let me try and demonstrate. While you were in pain, they continued to live their life as if nothing had happened. But, not for long. So, re-evaluating your decisions when someone has clearly started living their own life again is lame, miserable, and totally unfair. You could be an 80 year-old legit grandpa or grandma and still feel guilty about something you did in your twenties. But, deep down in their heart they themselves will know that their guilty conscience is interfering with their everyday life.

Some people deal with it well, while some cannot stop thinking about their ex even if they were the one who initiated the breakup in the first place. It takes a real person to reach someone from their past when their blood is not saturated with alcohol. Every single thing reminds them of you. When they see something you used to make fun of, they immediately imagine your funny facial expressions. Sometimes they come back because they truly, genuinely miss you. And the first thing that would probably come to your mind is: Bullshit! Or perhaps they just want to see if you miss them the way they miss you.

Pay attention to the way they text you or talk to you. Do they mention something about your past relationship and remind you of the great moments you had together? They realized that every single person they met had their own flaws Why does a man come back to you that no one is perfect. All of a sudden, they become aware of what they already had and they start whining like little babies. They come back when they realize that all this time they were taking their partner for granted.

When they realize that the grass is the same everywhere, and all they have to do is open their eyes and see it. Sometimes they come back just to test your boundaries. All you have to do is look at Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. They always come back when they see that you might be happy with someone else. They live for the chase, they praise the chase, they die for the chase.

Why does a man come back to you

You slowly, but surely start forming your relationship routine and things are no longer as exciting as before. Believe it or not, many men come back just because their chase button is telling them to do so. They can be influential to the extent of pressuring them to reunite with their ex — you.

I will repeat again: Why? They always come back. Their people help them realize that they made a mistake and they should apologize and seek forgiveness. A little push from the people closest to them to realize the mistake of letting you go. With you, they enjoyed steamy activities more than anything.

When they left, they were hoping to find the same passion and the same fulfillment with others. They finally realize that they were selfish, ignorant, and egocentric, blah blah…They realize that they were only focused on their own happiness. They never truly left you. But, as always:. But, this is still not a valid reason to welcome them back into your life, right?

The decision regarding taking your ex back or not is solely yours to make. Only you know how you feel about them or without them. You should never force them to do so, let alone beg. They need to do it because they WANT to and not because they. English literature Why does a man come back to you and writer Martha Sullivan decided to speak her truth about life and love through letters and paragraphs. She's particularly interested in modern ways of communicating and gives plenty of amazing ideas for messages and lines for you to use on special or everyday occasions.

Amy Nicholson. Martha Sullivan April 12, Share article. And I can tell you that I have more than one reason to believe so. In the end, they always seem to find their way back into your life, your inbox, or your mind. Selma June August 6, Tina Navarro August 15, Related articles. Written by. Amy Nicholson October 4,

Why does a man come back to you

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