Wife wants 3 some

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My wife f25 brought up to me m35 that she was interested in trying to "have a little fun" in our relationship. We've had a very sexually charged relationships in the past until the last child we had, who is now 7 months. Shes off birthcontrol now so apparently her hormones are going crazy. We've talked about it before we were married, and she said she would love it, but only with another woman. She recently started a new job about 3 months ago, loves it and has been Wife wants 3 some dedicated, ie. The other night she brought up that she has been thinking of trying a threesome and that she wants it with another man.

She told me she would be too jealous if it was with another woman. She jokingly mentioned she would have no problem finding a guy. So last night she brings it up again and I mention that I have some concerns that she only wants another man.

Wife wants 3 some

She denies that and says another woman would be okay. She strictly said it would only be physical and just "fun". I understood and we talked about some rules. I'm a bit nervous but okay with it,because I want to make my wife happy, I would do anything for her. Until I bring up that we have a vegas trip upcoming and it might be fun picking up someone random person. At this point she tells me she would rather have someone she knows, a work acquaintance to be specific and actually names two guys she works with.

This blew me away. I asked her, "so you plan on flirting with these guys for sometime to eventually you ask them to have sex with you and me? At this point I was sick to my stomach. My feelings just felt different after that as I was expecting just a random, once in a while, out drinking type of thing. Not this. At this point she got upset and defensive when I mentioned my feeling about it. So like a dickhead, I told her it was fun, we'll do it. Any help or advice, because this woman is the woman of my dreams.

I love her with all of my heart and I feel like complete shit right now. To add, I hate to say this, but I kinda found her doing a search on facebook for one of the guys. I wasn't expecting that. Help please.

She apparently has a "few" to choose from. I truly appreciate everyones comments and advice. Thank you again, reddit. My feeling is if you're willing to compromise on the gender, she needs to Wife wants 3 some willing to compromise on the random part. Hooking up with her coworkers is a recipe for disaster, in my opinion. You're looking at a lot of potential drama headed your way since she sees these people almost every day. They can't act like nothing happened and who's to say that seeing them regularly, coupled with the experience of sex, Wife wants 3 some lead to other things, like infidelity?

These are just the thoughts of a man in a monogamous relationship, so take what you want away from it. But if it were me, I'd be pretty uncomfortable with having people she knows personally sticking a dick in her. I'd be pretty uncomfortable with having people she knows personally sticking a dick in her.

This is the point you have to say to yourself. If you feel this way, tell her. It seems from what I have read that she is uncomfortable with you plugging up some chick with her being Wife wants 3 some by some dude at her work. I think you guys may have to forget the threesome and try something else, how about light bondage? She's proposing the threesome because she basically wants your permission to have sex with someone else. You're completely correct.

In some relationships, that's ok, and in some, it's not. It's not inherently a bad thing to want to have sex with other people as long as you remain committed to your SO, and your SO is okay with it - what is bad is lying and manipulating to get your way. If the OP is not okay with it, then he shouldn't do it. The fact that so many people go for it simply boggles my mind. I appreciate your bluntess and you hit it right on the head. I have a pretty damn high libido and very adventureous in the bedroom and very unselfish, so to see what you wrote really hits home to me.

Wife wants 3 some

I don't know what else to give her, but obviously I'm not making her happy. So tonight, I'll tell her no on the threesomes, but then who knows what the hell she'll do. Thats out of my hands I guess. You need to back out of the threesome thing. It's obvious you're uncomfortable with the idea of your wife sleeping with someone she actually knows, and if you go through with it then you're just going to end up feeling even worse and harboring resentment.

It also seems like she's more interested in banging one of her co-workers than actually having a threesome, since Wife wants 3 some switched from female to male and also flat out no-sirred you for picking up someone random. Tell her you've changed your mind, and put the threesome idea on the back burner for a long while. Find other ways to liven up your sex life and revisit this topic after it's had a while to settle. Or at the very least tell her that if she wants a threesome you insist that it be a random and not someone who is actually a part of her life in any way.

This is what i'm thinking. What caught me off guard is she said Wife wants 3 some would never want to try MMF. Then 3 months into a new job, personallity is changing and bam she drops this on me out of no where. The fact of the matter is that your wife took it upon herself to start pursuing potential threesome partners in the work place and did so completely unknown to you.

I think this is a very important point the OP was missing. And it might just be that her threesome partners weren't just flirting. I'll say it again just to hammer in the point, and yes I am yelling. If you don't want to do it, you're fully within your rights to say no.

Wife wants 3 some

I'm assuming that when you got married, it was with the expectations of a monogamous relationship. Personally, while this is a bit petty and tit-for-tat, I don't think it's "fair" of her to ask you for a MMF threesome especially with guys she knows without being willing to participate in a MFF threesome, potentially with women you know. However, that could get extremely messy, since it sounds like you are both "jealous types". I've had a MMF threesome with my SO but I asked a of times if he was completely sure he was up for it, since the potential for fun was absolutely not worth potentially messing up my relationship for.

My SO and our relationship come first, always have, always will. Wife wants 3 some haven't had one yet, but if he finds a suitable partner for a MFF threesome, I'm fully willing to participate since it's what I agreed to. We are both reasonably good at separating emotions from sex, and he's not the jealous type. Even if you ly agreed that a threesome was okay, you are still completely within your rights to say that you've changed your mind, and you do not want to. You didn't a binding contract saying you would have a threesome. It sounds like you starting having children with her when she was still a young lady - I wouldn't be surprised if this is her trying to experience things she didn't get to do during her college years.

If she's jealous about bringing another woman, say you're jealous about bringing another man. The whole thing about her saying no to you for a mff but then spins it into a mfm is just suspicious as all hell. I read this as. Uh, what? I thought we talked about including another woman But another man's dick is awesome!

So it's super convenient! Also: it makes no sense to make a decision that jeopardizes your relationship by compromising its integrity, all for the sake of pleasing your wife. Makes no fucking sense; it's self-defeating. Keep that in mind! Your wife doesn't Wife wants 3 some a threesome. She wants something else, and is trying to masquerade it as a threesome. Plus, she'd be railing a co-worker. Bad idea, that Wife wants 3 some not thinking this through.

Hey, and I have a guy in mind Sex with co-workers is strings-attached sex no matter how you slice or dice it. You need to go back to the talking board. Be open and let her be honest with how she feels.

Wife wants 3 some

Point out that co-workers have to be off limits because if things don't work out, or if she holds a continuing Wife wants 3 some after, it's going to be a disaster, either at work or at home or both. Just for the gossip chain that exists at most workplaces, it's got to be avoided. And if she's new and hasn't built herself a professional reputation, everything is at stake for her.

There's just no good outcome with that mix. If she wants to choose a random she finds attractive in Vegas for your threesome, great, but not someone from work. This is a bad idea. If she doesn't see that, I'd worry about the soundness of your core relationship, let alone whether or not you can accomodate sexual interaction with others. It's an especially bad idea given that they have multiple young children. Have there been any problems in the relationship recently? Do you feel disconnected Wife wants 3 some your wife lately? The reason I ask is because it seems that she may be interested in sleeping with someone else because things aren't working well.

As other Redditors have suggested, it appears she is hiding this with her suggestion to have a threesome. Have you both talked about your relationship apart from the threesome thing? Do you think she is happy? How is your sex life now? My wife wants to have a threesome, I'm having some concerns. Posted by 9 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. This man speaks the truth. Words to live by I read this as, "Like, oh my god, I want to fuck another dude with you! You're not comfortable.

Wife wants 3 some

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