Wingmaster 12 gauge for sale

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Wingmaster 12 gauge for sale In Box. Part Buds Item : Just received my new Wingmaster a few weeks ago. Remington can definitely still deliver a great product. With it's dark blue finish and walnut wood it's a very nice looking shotgun. Bud's still has everyone beat with low prices and good customer service.

This one's staying in the collection for a long time. Well, I will start with the comment "typical Remington quality". The wingmaster did not function right out of factory sealed box. It did not lock foward would seize up when trying to open it up. Local gunsmith found bent slide not engaging release. Saved me from sending back to factory and waiting months to fix.

Just understand that the WIngmaster is a finely made pump gun. The Remington Express is a very roughly made gun. While they have the same basic action, the Wingmaster is very very smooth, has a better stock fit for most, and is MUCH lighter as it uses walnut vs. So know what you are buying.

Wingmaster 12 gauge for sale

Wingmaster 12 gauge for sale Wingmaster is worth the extra cash. Nice looking shotgun, almost too nice to shootalmost. Purchased an Wing Master. Will certainly keep them in my "preferred" sites to keep a check on for future purchases. Beautiful gun, the Claro Walnut is stunning. I dig the simple unembellished receiver with what appears to be the nicest wood available on a production Wingmaster.

I'm really happy about this impulse buy! The wood was much more beautiful than the picture. This gun also has the screw in bead sight like the wing master. Beautiful gun with silky smooth action. I have a couple of Versamax shotguns and genuinely enjoy shooting them but when I saw this Wingmaster with the Walnut Claro wood, I needed to buy it and I'm glad I did. This one will be a family heirloom.

Wingmaster 12 gauge for sale

The Remington Wingmaster is the greatest pump shotgun ever made. Rugged, reliable and beautiful. As a waterfowl gun it has no match, it keeps shooting when the others can't hang.

Wingmaster 12 gauge for sale

Buy one, you'll be glad you did. Buy American, Buy Remington. I had one in high school in the late 70s and sold it in college I regretted that sale ever since. I found it at Buds at an excellent price, and they shipped it quickly. I have heard that Remington is not as good as they used to be, but the Wingmaster is just as good as I remember!

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Wingmaster 12 gauge for sale Wingmaster 12 gauge for sale

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